Wednesday, 2023-12-13

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ildikovHi All, I have a quick question that I couldn't find the answer for. On the Gerrit dashboard there's a 'Status' column that reports number of missing items. What do those displayed numbers mean? If there's documentation about it somewhere, I'm happy to just read through that, if someone could share a pointer to it.15:19
fungiildikov: that seems to be the number of unmet "submit requirements"15:21
fungiif you expand one of those changes and look at the list votes under the submit requirements heading in the top-left corner, hovering over ones that aren't satisfied will show "Status UNSATISFIED" in the tooltip pop-up15:22
fungialso in the changes list, hovering over the "N missing" message in the status column should list which submit requirements are satisfied (green checkmark) or unsatisfied (grey Ø) in the resulting pop-up tooltip15:23
fungiseems a red X also counts as unsatisfied there15:24
fungi(you'll get that with verified/code-review -2 or workflow -1 votes)15:25
ildikovfungi: ah, ok, that makes sense15:29
ildikovI came to a similar conclusion, but the visuals weren't fully confirming15:29
ildikovI assume for 'Verified', when it has a '+1' and it's marked unsatisfied that means that it's missing a '+2' there?15:31
fungicorrect. gerrit won't let the change merge until it has verified +2, which zuul will add when gating pipeline builds succeed15:31
fungiit's a little misleading with our workflow, because gerrit's submit requirements are all about what's required before a user can click the "submit" button to cause the change to be immediately merged to the branch, but we don't let normal users click (or even see) the "submit" button, we delegate that responsibility to the zuul user15:33
ildikovok, cool, thank you for the clarification!15:39
fungiany time!15:49
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