Saturday, 2023-12-23

fungiNeilHanlon: just keep in mind that your job needs to know to look in that other branch. if you have a change for branch xyzzy in project foo and depends-on a change for branch plugh in project bar, then your job will (assuming bar is in required-projects) have the head of the xyzzy branch in foo set to the triggering change and the head of the plugh branch in bar set to the depended-on change00:42
fungibut bar won't have its plugh branch checked out00:42
opendevreviewMatthew Thode proposed openstack/diskimage-builder master: gentoo: don't uninstall packages that aren't installed
fungibar will have the xyzzy branch checked out (assuming it has a xyzzy branch, otherwise branch override rules for the project/job come into play)00:43
prometheanfireClark[m]: seemed to work, thanks00:43
fungiNeilHanlon: in fact, your change for foo:xyzzy could depends-on changes for bar:xyzzy, bar:plugh and bar:quux... zuul will merge each of those changes to their respective branches and set the heads them accordingly, but will still checkout bar:xyzzy because the foo change was for branch xyzzy00:47
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NeilHanlonfungi, Clark[m]: ok, that makes sense. in my case it's as you were saying, an upgrade path thing where the change needs a fix in the N-1 branch to appease the gates. thank you!!20:07

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