Wednesday, 2024-01-03

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opendevreviewBernhard Berg proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: prepare-workspace-git: Add ability to define synced pojects
opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/project-config master: Remove legacy-tempest-dsvm-nova-libvirt-kvm-apr
fungithe openinfra community mailing list got two spam messages from a user via the webui. i blocked that user and cleaned up the two posts14:19
fungiclarkb: frickler: circling back around on the warning about the expiring cert, the notification actually says 'The SSL certificate for "(CN: subject= /" will expire on Jan 25 02:17:49 2024 GMT' so yes we're telling certcheck to test and the www reference is just mentioning what cn it found inside the cert. i think it's working as14:25
fungiintended there14:25
clarkbfungi: ah that makes sense. I guess we should pass that along to the foundation sysadmins?16:18
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clarkblooks like the vexxhost backup server needs pruning16:27
fungiclarkb: yep, looks like you already have. thanks!16:27
clarkbtonyb: fungi: this should be a quick review to improve our haproxy testing if you have a minute16:27
fungialready have passed it along i mean16:27
clarkbyup just did16:27
clarkbI haven't loaded keys yet, but expect to be around today if we want to upgrade gitea and/or etherpad.16:31
clarkbdoes anyone else want to prune backups and/or refresh the linaro cloud cert?16:36
clarkbtonyb: happy to work with you on either/both of those if you have time16:37
fungii can find time to do either or both, but also perfectly happy to work on other stuff if tonyb is eager to tackle them16:44
fungipretty sure he's already done at least one backup pruning16:45
fungineither is urgent but should probably be done within the next week or two16:45
clarkbthe backups seem semi urgent based on the disk utilization growht16:45
clarkb5% over ~13 days?16:46
clarkbnot necessary to do right this instant but probably needs to be done this week?16:46
clarkbwe have 18 days on the linaro cert16:46
fungiyeah, looks like backup utilization is increasing at a rate of 0.5%/day and will likely fill up in the next 8-10 days16:47
fungiso i agree, more urgent16:47
fungiit's also a few seconds for me to start the command in a screen session if we get tight on time16:47
clarkbif you have time for reviews on and that will help clear my review backlog20:48
fungiall of those lgtm21:57
clarkbthanks maybe we can merge one or both of the upgrade changes tomorrow21:58
clarkbafter second reviews21:58
fungisounds like a plan22:22
tonybyup I'm around and happy to  prune backups and work on upgrades.22:27
tonybclarkb: I'll look at your review backlog once I have reached adequate caffination22:27
opendevreviewMerged opendev/system-config master: Test gitea haproxy maxconn limits
tonybLooking at 897679 I see some differences in the rendered HTML.  I don't know if they're significant?23:46
tonybvs review:
tonybThe fonts are different and prod has an empty "members" box that is missing from the review.23:48
fungitonyb: that looks like an improvement to me, since we don't have user accounts anyway23:53
fungibut good eye23:54
tonybfungi: I agree.  Just wanted to make sure it was "ok"/"expected"23:54
fungiseems like it's adding some icons too23:54
tonybSo it is23:55
fungithe condensed layout is easier on the eyes as well23:56
fungithe amount of whitespace in the older version is mildly distracting23:56
tonybInteresting.  I need to increase the "zoom" from my default of 90% to 100% for the version under review, as opposed to prod.23:59

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