Wednesday, 2021-04-21

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fungiif any moc folks are around, are there any relatively current stats on the scale of the moc/oci systems or workloads? i found some numbers from 2019 with core count, aggregate storage capacity, size of the userbase... i assume things have increased from that point over the past two years?21:10
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> Hi- it’s about to expand :-)21:11
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> Give me a moment and I will see what I can pull together for Current numbers and we cna compare21:12
fungimsd: ooh! thanks. allison price was looking for some additional stats to help hype in press releases and stuff21:20
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> a lot of the hw went to the Open Cloud Test Bed, an affiliated project . . . 1 sec21:20
fungiin 2019 it apparently looked like "3000 cores of commodity Intel compute, 44 Power9 cores, 46 GPUs, and 1.2PB of storage...around 400 active users and over 10,000 users of services deployed by its active users."21:21
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> I think those numbers are actually reasonably accurate - they were generated after a larege donation of went live.  In addition the Open Cloud TestBed, an orci  affiliated service currently has over 3000 cores and I can probalby get the NERC core count later today or early tomorrow.21:29
fungiaha, okay thanks! that's a huge help21:30
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> we are still “digesting” a large donation from two sigma that arrived last friday and expect several thousand additional from that to be part of a shared Pool, but that’s probalby a better announcement for later.21:30
fungiyeah, i think we're looking for what the state was just prior to that? but apparently allison is also in slack so may be able to clarify21:31
fungianyway, even just knowing the 2019 numbers are still valid is useful21:31
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> Hi, I also invited Gina Mantica from BU - side note this may be genearating a lot of irc trafffic, should we move discussion to a different channel ?21:35
fungidoesn't seem like this channel gets a ton of discussion anyway so i don't think discussing here would get in the way of other folks having conversations (there aren't any at the moment)21:53
fungifoundation staff are trying to get some stats around the "size of openinfralabs" but since it's not a clearly defined thing, i think they're looking at moc/o(r)ci as a proxy for some deployment numbers21:56
oilabs-irc-bot1<allison> yeah, i can help clarify @msd. basically we are trying to show the scale of the production deployment. so cores, storage stats - anything of that nature would be awesome22:06
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> So if we can say the MOC has X and the projects affiliated with it include the  NERC which has Y  and is connectd to a 25 PB data lake, and the Open Cloud Testbed which has Z”  would be able to show the scale.  Would that capture what you want?22:12
fungisounds like it!22:19
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> OK - it may be tomrrow before I get numbers and OKs from the projects - details ASAP!22:19
oilabs-irc-bot1<allison> @msd yes!22:20
fungiawesome, thanks so much22:20
oilabs-irc-bot1<allison> thank you so much!!!22:20
oilabs-irc-bot1<allison> and thank you @fungi for helping coordinate122:20

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