Thursday, 2021-04-22

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oilabs-irc-bot1<okrieg> Am doing an interview in a couple of hours with BU Today, can @allison @msd14:21
oilabs-irc-bot1<okrieg> @msd @allison can you point me again to the draft of press statement and web page I can chat about?14:21
oilabs-irc-bot1<allison> @okrieg Yes, I can DM to you since it's still not fully finalized / approved yet14:22
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> From Wayne and Scott;  affiliated projects include the NERC with an initial deployment of 1152 Intel 8268 Cascade Lake cores, 8 NVidia A100s GPU’s and connected to the NESE - a 25PB Ceph data lake.14:36
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> @allison for review cycle can you please include: <>; Yockel, Scott <>; Gilmore, Wayne <>14:37
oilabs-irc-bot1<allison> @msd yep - thank you for pulling this data!14:38
fungiawesome, thanks again!14:38
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