Friday, 2021-04-23

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oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> @jimmy I noticed a few changes for the logos on this page; - should I open tickets in git with links to the right things and if so would you guys be able to assist in fixing?21:15
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> @msd sure that works just fine. Can you elaborate on changes here before opening a ticket21:47
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> actually you asked me to get you the logos in an old ticket so, d’oh21:48
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> (and sorry)21:48
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> I think that there are two UMass ones there now, I’ll include a link to the umass logo page.  Also please add Stony Brook and Ohio State who are participating in caerus/wenju stuff21:50
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> ok - can do21:51
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> The links are   ,   , and
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> can you provide the logos for those?21:51
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> ah perfect21:51
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> each have several logos - I’ll drop that stuf finto the ticket21:52
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> ok - main thing is the preferred logo21:52
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> if any21:52
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> thanks!21:52
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> @jimmy the link for UMass may only have logos for a specific campus - I’m looking22:00
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> sure - let me know on that one :slightly_smiling_face:22:02
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> updated in ticket.22:03
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> hmm - it appears I need a login to grab these assets22:05
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> at least for ohio state22:05
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> hmm.  OK, I will go look at that one.  For Umass the one to the right of the colorful one is a seal and can go22:06
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> i can probably just find it if it's ok to not go through their site22:07
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> ok - so kill this one:22:07
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> Lol, - I was just abotu to cut and paste that :slightly_smiling_face:22:09
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> RO OSU, I thought we had it on old site (_me:pokes at git)_22:10
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> Just responded on github - I think we've got it all set here.22:24
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> might need a ctrl+refresh22:24
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> Thanks!22:25
oilabs-irc-bot1<jimmy> np - just let me know if i can assist on anything else :slightly_smiling_face:22:26
oilabs-irc-bot1<msd> shoot Jimmy, I made a mistake.  this: is state of MA and doe belong there.22:40

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