Wednesday, 2021-06-30

quaidfungi: thanks for posting that here and to the list!20:12
quaidoilabs-irc-bot: looks like you are flapping every 11 minutes buddy, what's up?20:13
quaidfungi: I haven't participated or introduced myself on the list yet (I started working with Operate First at the beginning of May) because I was still getting to the point of understanding the relationship between the efforts and all the things around it.20:14
quaidbut I think my understanding is getting somewhere and I'm prepared to start talking with everyone about stuff.20:15
fungiquaid: awesome! good to have you around20:17
fungias for oilabs-irc-bot, that's the slack bridge i think, i'll inquire as to whether it's got some hosting issues20:17
fungii don't typically notice parts and joins because my irc client hides those completely unless i toggle filters off20:18
fungibut i agree, it's been coming and going a lot20:18
fungilooks like it's something hosted in rackspace's dfw pop20:19
quaidI'm sure I can get irssi to hide those, I just always get distracted by something else before I do20:19
fungiyeah, i too never found time to get irssi to do that, but i switched to weechat almost 10 years ago and it has "smart filters" you can toggle which just do it by default20:20
quaidI'll get things going on the mailing list, I'm happy to have a centralizing location for discussions. One thing I'm wondering about is if there is a different solution people use instead of Google Docs for document collaboration? Is anyone using HackMD?20:30
fungifor real-time collaboration, i help maintain and (that server will get renamed soon i hope) in the opendev collaboratory20:31
quaidoh I love etherpad for sure20:32
fungii think more durable documents are expected to be committed to one of the existing oilabs git repos though20:32
fungii agree google docs is a poor choice for a number of reasons (not even remotely open source, not accessible in china, et cetera)20:33
quaidyeah, and we manage reviews and discussions in the merge request process, that is definitely good20:33
quaidI am absolutely a 100% FLOSS person, both ideally and in terms of what I put on project roadmaps as essential for sustainability. Yet the "use the tool where the people are" argument also sways me, in terms connecting to a wide group of people and being able to bring them along toward more-free.20:35
quaidthe dynamic in OI Labs is the same as Operate First, in terms of Slack segmentizing conversations so there is no one location with a permanent URL you can point to as the start of a discussion where all can see and participate in some way.20:37
fungiyeah, for more synchronous discussion we've been persistently logging this channel (url in the /topic obviously)20:40
fungithere is a general slack channel bridged by that oilabs-irc-bot so what we're saying here should be getting echoed there (and vice versa), but not many people seem to use that channel for discussion either20:41
*** ChanServ changes topic to "OpenInfra Labs: | Channel logs:"20:43
fungirevised /topic to our shiny new url for the channel logs20:43
quaidwhat I'm thinking is simply to start all discussions as mailing list threads, and then be willing to take those conversations anywhere to discuss (and +1 to the integrations here creating transparency), as long as we have the discipine to follow the rule of "decisions don't happen unless they happen on the mailing list."20:43
fungiabsolutely the way to go, yep20:44
quaidoh wait, I need to make that a decision on the mailing list ... I'll include something in my self-intro :)20:44

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