Thursday, 2021-07-01

* quaid tries out /ignore -channels #openinfralabs * JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS19:48
quaidI'll know in a few minutes if that worked and I no longer see oilabs-irc-bot quit/join :)19:49
fungiquaid: also i did mention the constant restarts of the that slack bridge bot to jbryce, he's looking into it19:49
quaidoh good, thanks; yeah, worth fixing because it may be doing more than being annoying.20:11
quaidthe irssi command did work, but I might turn it off later; I sort of like to see when folx are coming and going, it's a kind of health check or heartbeat for "are communications up?"20:12
fungiindeed, in weechat i can simply alt+= to toggle its "smart filters" and see such things, which has been a sufficient compromise for me20:20
quaidI've frankly been in a bit of a bubble around some aspects of community management the last decade, most of my contributing has been in the CentOS Project, which is all IRC, and I didn't have to go learn anything new from that perspective.20:25
quaidflash to now and with work in six projects, it's five different chat protocols :)20:27
fungiyep, one of the reasons i've come to appreciate weechat, it still basically looks like a typical console irc client but has plugins for lots of other protocols20:33
fungii switched to it from irssi (and bitchx before that, and irc2 before that) nearly a decade ago when i hit the point where i was in at least 100 channels and needed something with more features for tracking what i cared about in which channels (all messages vs just nick highlights vs silently lurking...)20:34

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