Wednesday, 2020-08-26

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dtantsurfolks, I'm trying to use and getting "Service baremetal does not exist"13:50
dtantsurI literally create it in the previous task..13:50
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dtantsurno, seriously:
dtantsursshnaidm or gtema__, any ideas?13:59
sshnaidmdtantsur, hmm... wrong tenant/user ?14:00
dtantsursshnaidm: both tasks use the same "auth" parameter14:01
sshnaidmdtantsur, no need any restart or kind of..?14:01
dtantsurI hope not. Trying with service ID instead of name.14:02
sshnaidmreload of whatever14:02
dtantsurthat's purely keystone API, should not involve anything like that14:03
dtantsursshnaidm: a bug report: only works with service IDs, not names14:07
gtema__normally no restart is required. As dtantsur said - pure API14:07
sshnaidmdtantsur, interesting.. can you submit it to storyboard?14:08
sshnaidmwith a few commands to reproduce14:08
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dtantsurwill, after the current meeting14:08
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gtema_oh this combination zuul:ansible:ansible-galaxy:ansible-test - a pure nightmare14:12
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dtantsurgtema, sshnaidm,!/story/200806914:20
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dtantsurfolks, how can I pass session parameters to our modules (e.g. cacert). via auth?16:37
gtema_ should be it16:38
dtantsuranother question: does this feature work with our collection?16:45
gtema_this is a terible feature16:45
gtema_I tried it in scope of other collection and it didn't work16:45
gtema_not sure though, maybe group/os works. It seems something is really deep in the ansible code16:46
gtema_at least I expect group/openstack not to work16:46
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dtantsurgot it16:57
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