Tuesday, 2015-08-04

openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Share model for apps/components views.  https://review.openstack.org/20809600:43
kfox1111still work in progress.00:43
kfox1111but closer.00:43
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openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Share model for apps/components views.  https://review.openstack.org/20809610:04
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Share model for apps/components views.  https://review.openstack.org/20809610:07
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openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Service Type Filters  https://review.openstack.org/20902112:08
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openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Service Type Filters and table tweaks.  https://review.openstack.org/20902114:05
j^2can i get a WF on: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/208657/ so i can announce it in my channels?15:43
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docaedoj^2: on it16:09
docaedoBTW if Jessie Robbins is on any of your channels tell him I said hi :)16:10
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog: Fixed up the formatting for Chef template  https://review.openstack.org/20865716:11
j^2docaedo: nice! Thanks!16:21
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kfox1111nice nice nice...16:34
kfox1111the plugin's in much better shape now. :)16:35
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Service Type Filters and table tweaks.  https://review.openstack.org/20902116:36
kfox1111docaedo, j^2: https://youtu.be/2UQ6xa6uDQY :)17:11
docaedokfox1111: that looks awesome!17:14
kfox1111thx. :)17:14
kfox1111I'm not sure what to call the Service for Murano entries for users.17:23
kfox1111since its orchestration but that name is taken by heat, and its app catalog, which overlaps with the ui in a really bad way.17:23
kfox1111I may just have to call it Murano for now.17:23
docaedo+1 for just calling it Murano17:35
docaedo(btw will probably not be here much today, working with contractors on house stuff all day)17:36
j^2kfox1111: oh hell yes17:45
j^2thanks for the video!17:45
* kfox1111 chuckles18:21
kfox1111np. :)18:21
kfox1111I have client side faceted search almost working too... just gota get a couple things fixed with horizon I think...18:22
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Service Type Filters and table tweaks.  https://review.openstack.org/20902118:30
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rhagarty_hello - me again. Was wondering if anyone had a good definition of what a murano app is? I'm not getting a good feel for it from the docs...21:19
docaedorhagarty_: basically it's a template for deploying software on a VM, uses Heat, but also has it's own agent that runs in the VM so murano can handle post-deployment stuff22:19
docaedothere's more probably, and TBH I'm not certain how best to describe Murano - AFAIK there's a #murano channel you can get more information from22:19
rhagarty_docaedo: thank you22:20
rhagarty_would murano apps be listed under both the Murano panel, and your new panel?22:23
kfox1111rhagarty_: there isn't a really good definition. it seems to overload the term a little.22:37
kfox1111It can be a wrapper around a heat template, or it can be in the murano DSL.22:38
kzaitsev_mbrhagarty_: I guess under app-catalog panel apps available for download would be listed22:39
kzaitsev_mband in murano — you can see the apps, that you can use. The ones, that are already in the catalpog22:40
kzaitsev_mbdamn the terms are hard22:40
kfox1111We've defined the tags=['app'] to be something the user would want to directly launch,22:42
kfox1111(instead of something tehy may want to load as strictly a dependency or a plugin or a language pack, etc)22:43
kfox1111since apps can be used as pieces of larger scaled out apps,22:44
kfox1111everything's a component.22:44
rhagarty_ok, thanks. I'm getting 5% smarter evey time I ask the same question :)22:48
kfox1111or we're just slowly refining the answer to make more sense as we figure it out? :)22:59
rhagarty_you guys are great... I really appreciate you putting up with me.23:04
kfox1111and you, us. :)23:04
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kfox1111gerrit&git rebasing is unplesent. :/23:47

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