Thursday, 2015-08-06

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kzaitsev_mbkfox1111: fiddling with the code right about now.10:51
kfox1111cool. :)13:29
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed stackforge/apps-catalog: Add a test server
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Magic Search, Local server, updates.
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Magic Search, Local server, updates.
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docaedo8 minutes to the weekly meeting! Hope we have decent turnout :)16:53
reeddocaedo, i'll lurk :)18:00
docaedoreed: if you're going to lurk now, you missed it :)18:01
reedat the logs :)18:01
reeddocaedo, I was looking at ways dreamhost could use the app catalog but we have  a hard dependency on RAW format for the images18:01
docaedoreed: makes sense (considering the ceph backend I assume)18:02
reeddo you think there is a way to add multiple formats to the catalog?18:02
docaedoreed: I don't think there's anyting that prevents the app-catalog from having a link to a RAW glance image18:02
reeddocaedo, exactly, it's all ceph's fault :)18:02
reeddocaedo, only bandwidth I guess :)18:03
docaedomultiple formats for glance images is something we've talked about actually18:03
reedwe talked internally about using glance to switch formats but it's hard to do and also seems to be not fully baked in glance itself18:03
docaedono solid solution (one consideration was actually hosting one format, but letting users ask the catalog to send it back in a converted format)18:04
docaedoyeah, doesn't work all the time18:04
docaedoand worse18:04
docaedoyou usually don't know it didn't work until after you've sat around waiting for 15gb to download, import, transfer to the compute node, and then try to launch18:04
reedtypical :)18:04
docaedoBUT it's a great topic to talk about and consider18:04
docaedoif not automated conversion, still useful to have multiple formats for glance images18:05
docaedotechnically it's possible right now just by overloading the name with the image type, but that's not the best18:05
docaedosomething really good to think about though, thanks for bringing this up18:06
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docaedo(and generally, glad to see dreamhost thinking about this, I talked to Simon a little bit when he was up here for OSCON and I think he's definitely interested in supporting the app catalog)18:06
reedi'll add a story to our backlog, maybe besides Simon's interest we can put some dev time on it :)18:07
docaedothat would be excellent18:07
docaedowhen your portland office opens I'll stop by and harass whoever is there :)18:08
kfox1111reed: I personally think the ceph backends alittle broken.19:02
kfox1111it should accept a qcow image, and raw it on ingest.19:02
kfox1111qemu-img can do it, so it should be possible to hook up.19:02
reedkfox1111, looks like Red Hat just released something like that... in PR form, maybe there is code too19:03
kfox1111I really prefer to post qcow2 images because it supports compression. raw images don't. :(19:03
kfox1111awesome. :)19:03
reed"Volume conversion"19:03
reedkfox1111, there are also patches from openstack side... stuck in review queue19:04
kfox1111ah. nice. thanks for the link. :)19:04
reedwe'll upgrade soon, maybe the problem will go away19:05
kfox1111reed: something i'm working on. :)19:06
kfox1111Is dream host using horizon?19:06
reedkfox1111, yes, regrettably at times :)19:07
kfox1111another glance image flag we may want to add is some kind of hypervisor type.19:07
kfox1111you may include the kvm guest agent or vmware one. so you might want to filter by that.19:08
reedkfox1111, looks neat19:08
kfox1111thx. still a long way to go, but its starting to shape up. :)19:08
kfox1111reed: does dreamhost use keystone and/or barbican too?19:29
reedno barbican, yes keystone19:29
reedbbl, lunch19:30
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kfox1111kzaitsev_mb: does the code kind of make sense?20:42
kfox1111Its not very pretty a the moment, I'm afraid. Still trying to get the nag of angular and gettint rough functionality working.20:43
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kfox1111kzaitsev_mb: have you done anything with murano and the plugin yet, or just looking over the code?21:51
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kzaitsev_mbhuh, sorry for not answering =( haven't really done anything significant yet. got really carried away, debugging strange heat behaviour on my lab.. I have several stacks, that hang in Update In Progress like... forever22:06
kfox1111anyone with murano installed awake?22:06
kfox1111good timing. :)22:06
kzaitsev_mbso yep, I'm postponing that heat thing22:06
kfox1111np. just was working on a feature and didn't want to step on your toes.22:06
kfox1111 I got service autodetection working just now.22:06
kfox1111need to know what 'name' murano uses in the service catalog to detect it though.22:06
kzaitsev_mbhm. let me check22:07
kfox1111very strange. I don't do updates very often so don't know how much I can help with that. :/22:07
kzaitsev_mbapplication_catalog it is22:07
kfox1111I tend to just delete/add.22:07
kfox1111so, 'name' = 'application_catalog'? what's type=?22:08
kzaitsev_mbname=murano, service=application_catalog22:08
kfox1111ah. ok. thanks.22:08
kzaitsev_mbreading from system info in horizon panel =)22:09
kzaitsev_mbabout heat — yeah, I m performing a rather unusual, but valid set of actions. make a stack fail, than update and redeploy it22:09
kfox1111strange. :/22:11
kfox1111ok. that took very little tweaks to get the entries to show up in the ui...22:13
kzaitsev_mbhm, with the -ui I'm getting Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: horizon.openstack-service-api.heatProvider <- horizon.openstack-service-api.heat <- appCatalogModel22:14
kzaitsev_mbany idea what I might have done wrong?22:14
kfox1111I'll get that committed, and then most of the rest I can't do. but it should just take a template edit.22:14
kfox1111yeah. that seems to be an older version. are you running trunk?22:14
kzaitsev_mblet me update everything22:16
kfox1111wait just one sec.22:16
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Autodetect services
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Autodetect services
kfox1111ok. now. :)22:18
kzaitsev_mbahh, I wish django would collectstatic automatically, on reload, just as it does with the code... =)22:19
kfox1111that should get all the murano entries into the ui.22:19
kfox1111the last bit, which I can't do,22:19
kfox1111is edit app_catalog/static/dashboard/project/app_catalog/main_panel.html22:19
kfox1111and add a ng-switch-when="murano"22:20
kfox1111oh. and some code in app_catalog/static/dashboard/project/app_catalog/app_catalog.js to detect if its installed or not.22:21
kfox1111so you can swith between install and launch buttons.22:21
kzaitsev_mbok, I've updated horizon and app catalog and get a steady 500 =) wonder if it's horizons fault22:25
kfox1111500? hmm..22:26
kzaitsev_mbyeah TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, __proxy__ found =)22:26
kfox1111wha? odd...22:26
kfox1111your using the runserver stuff? pointed to a local cloud, or a remote one?22:27
kzaitsev_mblocal runserver22:27
kzaitsev_mbpointed to a remote cloud22:27
kfox1111whats the cloud version?22:28
kfox1111I haven't known horizon to are much. but maybe.22:28
kzaitsev_mbkilo, but that's not app-catalog-ui's fault,22:29
kfox1111I'll try and pull a fresh copy too. just double check.22:29
kzaitsev_mbjust removed plugins and the error is still there22:29
kfox1111My test setup here's a kilo cloud too. just local.22:29
kfox1111k. just got a totally fresh checkout. testing...22:35
kzaitsev_mbdamn, I hate it when removing pyc files fixes the problem =(22:36
kfox1111(Just doublechecking since horizon's been refactoring a lot of code recently.22:36
kzaitsev_mbok, but I'm still getting a js error with injector22:36
kfox1111hmm.... doesn't seem to support https...22:38
kfox1111just double checking it isn't a file or something I failed to commit.22:39
kfox1111I'm not seeing an injector error though.22:40
kfox1111can you please pastebin it?22:40
kfox1111did you follow the instructions in the readme with reguards to which branch/patch to apply?22:42
kfox1111I'm working to get those things merged to trunk, but they arn't there yet. :/22:43
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: http, not https
kzaitsev_mboh wait, right22:43
kzaitsev_mbI hadn't applied your custom horizon patches, damn!22:44
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: http, not https
kfox1111ok. with that ^---- in, it works from a fresh checkout.22:48
kzaitsev_mbshame on me22:48
kzaitsev_mbyep, got it working22:49
kfox1111cool. :)22:49
kzaitsev_mbI guess we can make all murano apps just installable for now.22:53
kfox1111yeah. thats probably the easiest thing.22:53
kfox1111that would only take a template change I think.22:54
kzaitsev_mbWell, techically murano has quick-launch button, which we probably might be able to reuse, but I'm not 100% sure22:55
kfox1111yeah. similar to what heat/glance does?22:56
kzaitsev_mbalmost, there's not much value in it though, cause murano aims at more complex setups, and treats apps like bricks to build a house22:57
kzaitsev_mbis there a way to not hardcode the urls, btw?22:58
kfox1111well, there's got to be a way to start a new app workflow?22:58
kfox1111which hardcoded urls are you refering to?22:58
kfox1111you mean in the template ui for the dialogs?22:59
kfox1111yeah. I think those are... more magical then you might think.22:59
kfox1111there's some special classes on the link that make it... do things... :)23:00
kzaitsev_mbthe html is static but I guess, there should be a way to transfer those to some {% url %} templatetags, or does horizon allow to handle it differently?23:00
kfox1111the ajax-model class intercepts the click and pops up the right dialog.23:01
kfox1111all the {? .. ?} is angular.js stuff interpreted on the client side.23:01
kfox1111same with the ng- stuff.23:02
kzaitsev_mbyeah, the file itself is static, so that means, that it's fetched by js and interpreted by js, that's easy23:02
kfox1111this plugin barely touches the horizon server. mostly its just javascript.23:02
kzaitsev_mbI usually did such tricks, by setting some js-variables in the script inside the html, that is rendered by django23:04
kzaitsev_mb(not a separate files)23:04
kfox1111ah. yeah. the angular stuff changes a lot of what horizon use to do.23:05
kzaitsev_mblater any subsequent js is able to access those variables. wonder if horizon has a different approach23:05
kzaitsev_mbalso. (since I'm only good at linting stuff =(()23:05
kfox1111which vars are you trying to push from python to js?23:05
kzaitsev_mbtake a look at jp angular style guid23:05
kfox1111yeah. Like I said before, its horible code. :)23:06
kzaitsev_mb =)23:06
kfox1111we need to finish getting the base functionality roughed in, tests and lint code added, and then clean it way up. :)23:06
kzaitsev_mbhorizon has tons of activity tossing the code around23:06
kfox1111yeah. its biting me every day right now. :(23:06
kzaitsev_mbok =) just glad you're aware.23:07
kzaitsev_mbalthough there's no way you would not be aware23:07
kzaitsev_mbyou've submitted js-patch to horizon +)23:07
kfox1111I had to rebase a patch set like 4 times yesterday. :_(23:07
kfox1111arg. the murano stuff doesn't have any licenses attached. :(23:10
kzaitsev_mbI'm afraid they might be inside the zip files themselves23:12
kfox1111there's source links to some of them....23:12
kfox1111are all mirantis provided wrappings apache2?23:14
kzaitsev_mbI'm pretty sure that's the case. most (if not all) of them come from and they all have apache223:15
kfox1111I've been erroring in the side of caution, and marking most things Multi-licensed OpenSource, since things like vm images and docker containers very rarely contain just one license of stuff.23:26
kfox1111arg... murano's app catalog entries are particuarly bad about putting things all over the yaml file. :/23:33

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