Thursday, 2015-08-13

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kzaitsev_mbkfox1111: hi. I'm still struggling to find the right split between my desire to devote some time to app catalog and my duties to write some other code.10:10
kzaitsev_mbI want to try to have an app-catalog day tomorrow10:11
kzaitsev_mband like finish those small things I started, and meddle with -ui part10:11
kzaitsev_mbwel maybe not whole day, but most of it, anyway )10:12
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kfox1111cool. totally understand.15:23
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openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog: Initial stab at adding some icons to test the new ui with.
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kzaitsev_mbI thought we agreed to skip it today17:05
kzaitsev_mbthere was even a letter to ML17:06
j^2ah i missed that then17:06
j^2opps :P17:06
kfox1111arg.... the lack of api completeness between the various tools is really sucky.... :/18:37
kfox1111horizon lets you set http_cookie persistance, but not what cookie to track...18:38
kfox1111the neutron cli doesn't let you set any of it.18:38
kfox1111the openstack unified cli doesn't support lbaas at all,18:38
kfox1111and the raw api does. :/18:38
kfox1111at least at juno. :/18:39
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docaedothat's a really serious issue, and I know some people have been talking about it (especially the people I'm about to start working with) - do you know if the disparity is being tracked in any one place?19:01
kfox1111no. :(19:01
docaedoI think the unified CLI is expected to address/help that at least19:02
kfox1111I know heat resources api also tends to lag service api's, usually by 6 months. :/19:02
docaedo(but not really sure how effective that's going to be)19:02
kfox1111it sucks bigtime as a heat developer. :/19:02
kfox1111yeah. I'm hoping so.19:02
kfox1111I had to write the heat OS::Nova::ServerGroup resource myself. :/19:03
docaedothat's another thing I feel like we can help with here too (which is why I get excited thinking about the overlap of the app catalog across projects). Even if we're not fixing things, at least starting to identify them and shine a light helps.19:03
kfox1111and that api's like 2 function calls. :/19:03
kfox1111yeah. exactly.19:03
docaedoApp Catalog is going to be highlighted in the next OpenStack Superuser BTW!19:04
kfox1111I've had a problem relaying that its a problem, without having a project to hang it on.19:04
kfox1111sweet. :)19:04
kfox1111thats one of the reasons I want the heat production repo too.19:04
kfox1111so I can say, look at the horible things your making cloud developers do...19:04
kfox1111it really hurts. make xxxx work more smoothly please. :)19:05
kfox1111ah. so you cant create the vip with it, but there's an obscure update setting thta makes it work...19:07
kfox1111neutron lb-vip-update fcd1a99c-e445-42e0-976f-eb08e53d131f --session-persistence type=dict type='APP_COOKIE',cookie_name=JSESSIONID19:08
kfox1111intuitively obvious... ;)19:08
kfox1111oh... that's totally not going to work for this use case though.... arg...19:09
kfox1111its https. :/19:09
kfox1111liberty can't get here soon enough. :/19:09
kfox1111docaedo: when we move apps-catalog, can we also rename it app-catalog or rename launchpad/app-catalog so they all match up?19:17
kfox1111I prefer app-catalog over apps-catalog.19:17
docaedoI too prefer that, but there was some challenge with renaming the repo while it was under stackforge - could probably be resolved while moving to openstack though.  Only slight counterpoint is that the site itself is "" (though app-catalog reads/sounds better)19:19
docaedoSo I'm for it, and at this point, anyone who opposed it is not on this channel, doesn't attend weekly meetings, and has not voiced any opposition :)19:20
* kfox1111 chuckles19:20
kfox1111+1 :)19:20
kfox1111apps without catalog sounds slightly better. app-catalog by itself soudns better. so I'm ok with it that way.19:20
docaedoWhich also reminds me, we're going to do some housekeeping before Tokyo (next month). Need to fix core reviewers list to it reflects those who review and commit, and have an official PTL election.19:21
kfox1111apps.openstack since its plurality of things.19:21
kfox1111app catalog, catalog implies a collection of things already, so plural is not needed.19:21
docaedomy thinking exactly on app/apps and where it fits - and is exactly what I said before Vancouver, but was not able to make a change happen19:21
kfox1111yeah. I can see them not wanting to take the overhead of moving from stackforge to stackforge since a rename is actually a move I think.19:22
kfox1111but if they are paying the management cost to move to openstack namespace anyway, I think thats a good time to clean it up.19:22
kfox1111the only other alternative is to come up with a code name, and name it that.19:23
docaedoagreed - though I'm anti-codename in this case, I feel like the last thing we need is ambiguity around what we are trying to do (and getting super clever with some new name for the effort seems like it wouldn't serve any purpose I can think of)19:24
docaedobut full disclosure:19:24
docaedoI'm also the guy that has in companies past argued against clever names for conference rooms...  Why call the room "Ninja" when it's the room on the NE corner of the 2nd floor?  I have to find some directory somewhere that tells me which floor and where on that floor the Ninja conference room is ...  why the hell not just cut that step out and be direct?? :)19:26
kfox1111I had to walk half a mile one meeting because I crossed the names of a computer scientist and a physicist, and picked the wrong corrisponding building. so  Iget that. :)19:28
docaedohaha yikes19:28
kfox1111so I do get that reasoning. The drawback is, there are very fiew projects in openstack that don't have a code name, so it kind of looks weird.19:29
kfox1111kind of more confuses the multiprojects claiming app catalog thing too. :/19:30
kfox1111when 2 projects claim it, and one project calls itself it.19:30
kfox1111still need to figure that one out. :/19:30
kfox1111and a 3rd one kind of too...19:30
docaedo:) Then I would vote for Project Isildur (short for Isildur's Bane, the One Project to Rule Them All)19:42
kfox1111did you just come up with that, or been thinking about it for a while? :)19:43
docaedoHaha, no just came up with it thinking if we're going to rename the project should probably be at least semi-controversial (and implying our project rules over the others - well I can hardly think of a better way to at least get some attention!)19:44
kfox1111bravo. thats one of the quickst, good names I've heard yet. :)19:45
kfox1111naming things in CS is usually the hardest part. ;)19:45
kfox1111meeting next. bbiab.19:58
docaedottyl - heading out for errands but should be back later on19:58
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kfox1111docaedo: any news on stackforge->openstack?23:19

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