Wednesday, 2015-08-19

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kzaitsev_mbkfox1111: docaedo: hm seems, that we haven't kept up to date in regards of schema files. Are you guys watching the changes on the page? (Just want to be sure, that my changes would get some review)07:56
kzaitsev_mbalso looks like we can safely remove the extra .schema.yaml files, so they would not lie around and confuse folks07:57
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kzaitsev_mbkfox1111: If I were you I would change the 1st line of the commit message to horizon10:58
kzaitsev_mb"A few tweaks to make the App Catalog plugin work." sounds like a hack to me. And most likely Cores would ignore this commit for a long time (and FF is 2 weeks away)10:59
kzaitsev_mbMaybe we should go with something like "Allow passing parameters to forms through GET-parameters"11:04
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kfox1111kzaitsev_mb: sure. not sure what to call it though.12:48
kfox1111open to suggestions.12:48
kzaitsev_mbwell I like to refer to
kzaitsev_mbwhen I'm in doubt12:50
kzaitsev_mbI feel, that something like "Allow passing parameters to forms through request-parameters" mostly explains what's happening12:51
kzaitsev_mbmaybe just "Pass request-parameters to forms initials"12:54
kfox1111it also adds a heat resource too.12:55
kzaitsev_mbyep, and we don't want to split the commit, since it would take another eternity to make it land 012:56
kfox1111Pass request params to initial forms and add initial HeatAPI?12:56
kzaitsev_mbno, If I were a core I would tell you to split, after reading that line )12:57
kfox1111I have at least one core on board.12:58
kfox1111as is.12:58
kzaitsev_mbyeah, the change seems generally good, even not regarding the app-catalog12:58
kfox1111so whats a short enough description that would fit in the short line, but also not imply wanting to split the patch?13:02
kzaitsev_mbWhy do we need heat-service, btw?13:02
kzaitsev_mbto validate templates before launching them, right?13:03
kfox1111it checks the heat templates against the heat engine to see if they will work on the specific cloud. It changes the Launch button to "Unsupported"13:04
kfox1111Could be used to hide the entry entirely too.13:04
kzaitsev_mbdang, yep, does look like 2 unrelated changes in that commit )13:04
kzaitsev_mbWe could go with "Allow passing parameters to forms" and mention Heat inside the commit message itself13:05
kzaitsev_mbI guess13:06
kfox1111I was hoping to get it though quickly, so it would't be an issue. but it seems nothing in openstack goes quickly. :/13:06
kzaitsev_mbnot in horizon anyway, yeah13:06
kfox1111the code refactoring really really slowed things down.13:07
kfox1111I was rebasing several times a day for a while. :/13:07
kzaitsev_mbunless it is aligned with
kzaitsev_mbso maybe splitting is a fine idea then?13:08
kfox1111on the fence on that. Is it easier to attract core reviewers on two seperate reviews? :/13:08
kfox1111or does that make it harder?13:08
kzaitsev_mbnot really sure13:09
kzaitsev_mbwould be away for some time now13:10
kfox1111kzaitsev_mb: I just changed the word tweak to fixes. maybe that's good enough?13:34
kfox1111david-lyle said its probably fine having the two things in one patch.13:34
kfox1111he also just bumped the priority of it. so feeling a little better about it.13:50
kzaitsev_mbkfox1111: great! =) twas smart of you to ask in around in horizon, too! let's hope this would get the patch some traction )14:12
kzaitsev_mbdocaedo: we should configure openstackgerrit to spam this channel with apps-catalog-ui commits +)14:12
kzaitsev_mboh wait it's horizon14:13
kfox1111yeah. we do get notifications for apps-catalog-ui.15:27
kfox1111I've got one more bug in horizon to fix and then I think the new grid view's ready to merge.16:20
kfox1111docaedo: Can you research how to do proper releases in openstack?16:23
kfox1111docaedo: also, :)16:26
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kfox1111rhagarty: I see is alive.17:24
kfox1111probably should submit a patch for your plugin?17:24
kfox1111well, looking more and more like I'll be able to get to Tokyo. :)17:35
rhagartykfox1111: thanks for that link - do you know if I need to move my package into openstack or stackforge (which seems to be the standard)? Mine is currently in hp-storage18:16
kfox1111no clue. depends on how you want to run the project I guess.18:17
rhagartykfox1111: ok - thanks18:17
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docaedokfox1111: will do some learning about releases, I assume for the UI plugin.23:35
docaedogreat news to hear there's a good chance for Tokyo too!23:35
docaedoI'll have .. limited time for probably the next week, but will squeeze in research and such as much as possible23:35
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