Thursday, 2015-08-20

kfox1111docaedo: yeah. thanks.00:28
kfox1111docaedo: I can't remember if I asked, but are you going?00:29
docaedokfox1111: Yes, current plans are to be in tokyo through EOD Thursday, missing out on Friday but family scheduling conflict demands one day early return...00:30
kfox1111cool. so probably see you there. :)00:30
docaedofor sure if we're both there!00:31
kfox1111Last time, Friday was a bit slow. so probably not missing out on much anyway.00:31
docaedoyeah it's hit or miss - sometimes that day has an action packed agenda, other times nearly everyone is off sight-seeing by lunch :)00:32
kfox1111We'll see how jetlagged/exhausted everyone is by Friday afternoon this time around. :)00:34
docaedoprotip for tokyo - arrive late, sleep minimally on plane, sleep at hotel and wake at 8am tokyo time (experience speaking, for some reason tokyo just worked for me, and I rarely had jet lag going either way)00:35
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docaedomost of the time my flight arrived like 11pm, I'd be checked in by midnight, and manage to be heading home 5-6 days later before the jetlag hit :)00:36
kfox1111yeah. usually staying up late is easier then the other way around.00:42
kfox1111thanks for the advice though. sounds good. :)00:43
docaedono prob, yeah, it's obvious stuff :) Funny that trips to asia always mess me up less than trips to NYC00:48
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vernhartpersonally I prefer to arrive early, sleep lots on the plane, then power through a complete day in the new time zone before crashing at night. usually makes it so I don't feel the jet lag much, if at all04:33
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kzaitsev_mbdocaedo: kfox1111: I guess there is no point in marking current code as stable/liberty ond/or releasing app-catalog-ui untill horizon commits land09:31
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kfox1111docaedo: yeah. I think we should wait a bit. at least until the horizon patch.14:47
kfox1111probably a bit longer.14:47
kfox1111I'm almost done with the first pass of the icon grid view.14:47
kfox1111There's a bad interaction with horizon dialogs though I've got to figure out. I think thats also a bug, or lack of feature in horizon.14:48
kfox1111we really should have a stable url for the app catalog too before then too.14:52
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docaedokfox1111: when you say "stable URL for the app catalog", what do you mean?15:26
kfox1111so when we go and update things, we don't break released plugins.15:31
kzaitsev_mbkfox1111: sounds great to have v1 api to rely upon, truly15:33
kfox1111even what we have today would be fine, so long as we start versioning it for the plugins. less then ideal, but its a start.15:34
kfox1111but I do hope we get the merged asset thing finished before then.15:35
kzaitsev_mbkfox1111: btw, I guess we should remove extra schema files, so as to not cause confusion15:35
kzaitsev_mbam I right about that?15:36
kfox1111so on the app-catalog side, we should probably, remove the schema's, and create a new job that yaml loads all the yaml's, merges them, and exports /api/v1/assets.json.15:40
kfox1111we also should come up with a specially formatted json document we can put at /api/v1/assets.json that notifies the horizon plugin that v1 is no longer supported.15:40
kfox1111By liberty, on the app-catalog-ui side, we need to add support for the deprecated api document type, get the grid ui working fully, and hopefully murano support?15:42
kzaitsev_mbare we limited by FF? =)15:42
kzaitsev_mbI guess not yet15:43
kzaitsev_mbby deprecated api you mean current schema/yaml uri's right?15:43
kfox1111the url.15:44
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kfox1111cause some day we'll have to stop supporting it, and we want existing plugins to fail gracefully.15:45
kfox1111I'm guessing that will be sooner rather then later if the elasticsearch stuff & amount of content take off.15:46
kzaitsev_mboh I got what you meant. you want a preliminary support for api deprecation. yeah, sound like a good idea15:46
kfox1111then the app catalog ui can display something like, "This version of the app catalog plugin is no longer supported. Please contact your Cloud administrator for an updated version." or something liek that.15:47
docaedoah got it, and agreed15:58
kfox1111yay! Just figured out the patch to horizon to get the grid nested dialogs to work. :)16:00
kfox1111your going to like this one. :)16:01
kfox1111meeting. bbiab.16:05
kfox1111ok. fresh checkout with the new patch in place works. :)16:42
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Initial stab at a grid layout for apps.
kfox1111I'd like to get paging and magic search working with the grid layout before liberty, but that may be a lot of work. :/16:52
kfox1111we also need icons for all the murano apps.16:53
docaedoseems like the work is appreciated by the horizon people at least, that's great to see16:54
docaedoas for missing icons, we should default to something pretty generic - then people who care will update :)16:54
kfox1111yeah. the've been a big help too.16:54
kfox1111sure. right now, its as generic as a white box. :)16:55
docaedothat works for me16:55
docaedofive minutes 'till IRC meeting!16:55
kfox1111still, looks kind of ugly to have the murano apps enabled in grid view.16:56
docaedoMaybe kzaitsev_mb can rustle up someone from Murano team to gather some icons?16:58
kfox1111that would be good.16:58
kfox1111really anyone can do it though.16:58
kzaitsev_mbI can try =) Actually murano apps include icons inside, but I guess that unzipping is not a nice idea )16:59
docaedoif that doesn't work I will add it to my to-do list16:59
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Initial stab at a grid layout for apps.
docaedoah I have a strong opinion about that zip thing - still would like to see Murano handle a git URL for package def17:00
docaedobut can discuss later, meeting time on openstack-meeting-317:00
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