Saturday, 2015-09-19

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docaedokfox1111: regarding stalled 219809, yeah, I don't think anyone pushed too hard on those dashboard things since it doesn't really impact anyone :)15:11
docaedoI'm traveling next few days so will be here in limited fashion, but wanted to share an idea that might be crazy or dumb, get your opinion15:18
docaedoI was looking at a few different heat templates and see most of the ones targeted at end users (like a "wordpress" heat template) don't use heat for very much, and rely on chef or ansible to actually do anything15:20
docaedoso my crazy idea:15:20
docaedowhat about making a heat template builder that lets you specify roles from Ansible Galaxy, then dynamically makes a heat template based on that?15:21
docaedoI'm thinking this would intentionally be fairly limited, and basically would do little more than launch a VM a populate the user-data with a template that ends up installing and launching ansible15:22
kfox1111that would fit nicely with the heat library I've been making...15:22
docaedo(basically a heat template coupled with a bash script)15:22
kfox1111we modify SimpleServer to support Ansible Galaxy roles or Docker Containers as arguments.15:23
kfox1111and then we can follow the Heat folks recommendation of adding heat env's to the catalog.15:24
kfox1111the env can call SimpleServer template with the role specified.15:24
docaedoThe angle here is that it wouldn't populate the catalog with individual assets, but would be presented as a sort of ansible wizard (and if the idea works, could be extended to docker contianers or something)15:24
docaedoYeah I think that would work15:24
docaedook time to board the airplane and go away for a while - but glad to see the first reaction was not "nah, dumb idea!"15:25
kfox1111let me ponder the wizard...15:25
kfox1111yeah. it has potential.15:25
* docaedo ponders wizards all the time15:26
kfox1111Its not as good as real cloud scaled apps, where there are multiple vm's per single app,15:26
kfox1111but its definatly a big usability win and populates the catalog with a lot of useful things quickly.15:26
kfox1111we still need a more perminant place for the heat lib...15:27
kfox1111have a good flight.15:27
kfox1111I was kind of thinging about something similar earlier but more direct. that once we have flask in place, the entries in the /api/v1/assets can be a superset of whats in /web/static/assets.yaml. So we can put in a module that pulls in ansible glaxy or docker hub containers into the list, so they show up as normal things. If we hook in the lib/SimpleServer thing, it would show up as a regular heat asset to users.15:36
kfox1111so searchable, icons for them, tags and reviews, etc.15:36
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