Sunday, 2015-09-20

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docaedoMy original idea here (with the "wizard") was so we dynamically make the template based on user input so people could end up with a template for whatever app they want...  But if we can extend that and make it even more automated, and make it able to search through other indexes, it would be a lot more useful15:44
docaedoOn one hand I have been reluctant to propose anything that searches remote indexes, but if there's a way to do it that doesn't violate their TOS it could be really cool15:45
docaedoOn top of that, wonder if there's a way to use openshift or cloud foundry similarly? Like a template that spins up a minimal environment for either of those, and launches whatever app you wanted inside it?  That might be getting too far down the road of being complicated, but it helps start to fill that gap between OpenStack as an IaaS and App Catalog as a place for openstack things15:47
kfox1111yeah. I'm ok with entries needing to enter the catalog, because there's a big difference I think between wring a cloud scaled app, and just throwing up an ansible galaxy role or docker container into a single vm.19:27
kfox1111most apps are stateful, so you just created a pet by doing that.19:28
kfox1111what we want to do though is make it as easy as possible to make any kind of app.19:28
kfox1111so, the library of heat templates for example, that may make it as easy as just specifying a galaxy role, and then it takes care of the rest.19:29
kfox1111we also need to discuss further tag types in the future.19:29
kfox1111so, most apps are stateful, but without a cinder volume, its a pet. so there's probably a pet tag needed for those.19:29
kfox1111on the other end is cloud scaled apps. those should be particularly rewarded for ha/fault tollerence/scalability with a tag.19:30
kfox1111I was almost thinking we could come up with a new resource type that is basically a galaxy role, and then have the engine convert that to a heat template on the api/v1/asset side. make it really really easy to contriubte assets that way.19:31
kfox1111a wizard could work similarly to build one of those and contribulte the role name, but that may be the only thing needed to make it work?19:31
kfox1111docaedo: can you please review that? Would help.19:32
docaedoDone, thanks. Please feel free to add me as a reviewer to anything relating to the catalog and I'll try to review and stay on top of that stuff20:17
kfox1111Thanks. Will do. :)20:18
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