Friday, 2015-09-25

kfox1111nice... and got django and flask working together.00:09
kfox1111ok. I think this will be a viable solution.00:09
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kfox1111darn... so close....00:37
kfox1111the x-jquery-tmpl's  in the existing index.html conflict with django's templating.00:38
kfox1111I probably just have to pull those out to their own file to test...00:38
kfox1111yeah... going to be glad to refactor this code...
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abhishekkkzaitsev_mb: hi11:17
kfox1111abhishekk: hi11:46
abhishekkkfox1111: hi11:46
abhishekkkfox1111: ? does not show any apps in browser11:47
abhishekki have tried ie, chrome and mozilla as well11:47
kfox1111for me, that link shows the details of the one package.11:48
kfox1111what do you see? Anything at all?11:48
abhishekkjust 4 menus11:49
abhishekkMurano Packages, Heat Templates, Glance Images and Add new Content11:49
abhishekkEven I click on any of above options it remains on the same page11:50
kfox1111ok... lets see...11:50
kfox1111can you open it up in chrome please, hit f12, and then reload it?11:50
abhishekkit showing 9 erros11:51
abhishekkRefused to execute script from '' because its MIME type ('image/gif') is not executable.11:52
abhishekkUncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined11:53
abhishekkUncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined11:53
kfox1111hmmm. very strange.11:53
abhishekkmy team members are also facing same issue11:54
abhishekklet me dig in to it11:54
kfox1111I wonder if its a corperate firewall blocking something?11:55
abhishekkkfox1111: when I deploy tomcat in murano and start the instance from nova it asks for credentials11:55
abhishekkI think you are right11:55
abhishekkdo you have any idea about creds11:55
kfox1111I don't know much about murano yet. I know heat asks for it if you don't have trusts setup with it.11:56
abhishekkok, thank you :)11:56
kfox1111np. :)11:57
abhishekkkfox1111: its sure that its firewall blocking, link is working on my mobile11:59
kfox1111ok. thanks for checking. :)12:02
kfox1111sorry its being blocked though.12:03
abhishekkno problem :)12:11
abhishekkthank you for your time12:11
kfox1111any time. :)12:11
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openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/app-catalog: WIP - Python Server
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docaedoKfox1111: for the ssl cert,  fungi will get one (so it is purchased by the openstack foundation), then their hiera overrides the settings for the cert15:39
docaedoI don't know where they keep it so that it never ends up in a public repo, but I'm following their instructions here :)15:40
kfox1111ok. that sounds good.15:40
kfox1111just making sure that that was in progress, and we weren't thinking the current review would solve it all.15:40
kfox1111can you please ammend the commit message to change Closes-Bug to Partial-Bug?15:41
kfox1111I'll +1 it then.15:42
kfox1111Did you see this bit of crazyness? --->
kfox1111should be able to drop your flask poc into openstack_catalog/ and update openstack_catalog/ to point to it, and it should all Just Work(TM) ;)15:50
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docaedoI haven't looked yet but should be able to shortly, sounds like good news!16:11
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docaedoI was thinking about murano and app versions, wanted to run something past you guys before I propose anything to murano team to see if you notice any obvious reasons why it might not be a bad idea16:33
docaedoThe way murano works right now is that the operator defines the MURANO_REPO_URL system-wide16:34
docaedothen when a user wants to use murano to fetch something from the app catalog, they only put in the name like com.apcera.Apcera16:34
kfox1111k. with you so far.16:36
docaedothen murano takes the repo URL, adds the app name and .zip to it16:36
docaedoso there's no magic, it's just basically obfuscating where that content is being grabbed from16:37
docaedowhich means the environment is pretty rigidly tied to whatever the operator defined16:37
docaedoand also means it's not really possible to self-host that zip file (though you can download it, and then upload it)16:37
docaedoso my proposal16:37
docaedowould be to augment murano, let it do a regex to see if the package name is a complete URL, and if it is, ignore the murano_repo_url setting and just use the full path as supplied16:38
docaedo(consider that phase 1)16:38
docaedoThen ultimately the app catalog can tell people "here's the full path to the murano asset you are trying to find"16:38
kfox1111(holding off comments until I hear what phase 2 is...)16:39
kfox1111(or is this as far as you've gotten?)16:39
docaedobasically phase 2 is for murano to stop expecting to wrap that app name, and just let the user supply the direct path to it (because honestly, I don't see the value in that)16:39
kfox1111k. the problem is the following:16:39
kfox1111murano packages themselves do versioning/dependencies. :/16:40
kfox1111which means, they need abstract handles to packages16:40
kfox1111ie, their name.16:40
kfox1111if they used whole url's, they would get obsoleted pretty quickly when a new version came out on the site.16:41
kfox1111youd' have to rebuild all the packages to point to the newer dependency. :/16:41
kzaitsev_mbdocaedo: murano is capable of downloading via URL, yep, but versioning/dependencies is the reason it was not based on urls in the 1st place16:41
docaedoah I see what you're saying.16:41
docaedothat's really not sustainable IMO16:42
kfox1111I think part of the solution is to get all the various engines out of the asset loading buisness, and just get them to call the app catalog to do it.16:42
kfox1111then we can fix it in one spot, whith code that knows how to read assets.16:42
kfox1111so murano says "get me", and we call the package import on it and all its dependencies.16:43
docaedoI wouldn't want the app catalog to be the authority on that, I really think the app catalog should be basically a friendly index in front of a big swift store16:43
kfox1111yes, but it also maintains the asset list, and what it means.16:43
kfox1111so either, we distribute out the logic of parsing asset's,16:43
kfox1111or we centeralize it.16:44
kfox1111I think its going to be painful to push that logic to all the other projects.16:44
kfox1111I think there's also a partial other solution.16:44
kfox1111murano's staring to work towards supporting glance artifacts.16:44
docaedoopenstack (for good or bad) is all about distribution, don't really see murano team accepting that logic being removed from their control16:44
kfox1111maybe we encourage the openstack projects to just use glance artifacts for storage,16:45
kfox1111and then we only have one integration point for pulling in depenedencies.16:45
kfox1111the problem is, murano's not unique. solum, heat, and other projects will want to all do package imports of their own but its very hard to get right.16:46
docaedohonestly I think using glance at this point would be a terrible move. It has scaling issues right now, there's no way it's going to stand up as the central component for the app catalog if it starts to get popular16:46
kfox1111no, wait, I don't think I quite got the idea accross.16:47
kfox1111glance artifact api lives on the local cloud.16:47
docaedoWhat's wrong with just providing a place for all the projects to dump their stuff and be able to retrieve it again via URL?16:47
kzaitsev_mbI've thought, that app-catalog would supply something similar to pip in terms of asset (& asset version discovery), therefore I would be able to call some /api/v1/assets?type=murano&version_gte=0.2.5, that would return asset description with url inside, and we would be able to teach murano to understand that api.16:47
kfox1111murano,heat,solum, etc want to consume resources from the local cloud. so pointing them at glance for artifacts makes sense.16:47
kfox1111then we consern ourselves with providing the system to get assets into glance.16:48
kfox1111that does not mean running glance on
kfox1111say, user wants to load murano ''.16:48
kfox1111they select the thing from the app-catalog-ui.16:49
docaedokzaitsev_mb: that is about what I am proposing16:49
kfox1111the app-catalog-ui issues a series of calls to the local glance to check what asets are loaded already, and install the rest.16:49
kfox1111it can load nova, solum, and murano resources then all at once.16:50
docaedokfox1111: OK that scenario makes sense to me, though I argue we shouldn't try to care how different projects store their things locally, we just make the common client issue the command to fetch from app-catalog storage, and import however their project imports16:50
kfox1111docaedo: agreed, but the problem in particular with murano is it doesn't import just a package.16:51
kfox1111it imports a package, and then itself tries to go back and import other stuff from the catalog itself.16:51
kfox1111thats the logic that's tripping things up.16:52
docaedoright, but I don't want to argue with murano about changing how/what they import, would much rather just find an easy way for them to specify which version they want of something, and the catalog gives it back (then on their end, if murano then gets glance images, etc. let it)16:52
docaedoI don't see how that is tripping things up, it's just the way murano works16:52
kfox1111right. and they can do that today, by parsing /api/v1/assets. but is that something we realy want them to do?16:53
docaedofor now I think that's fine, and when we have something like16:55
docaedothen app catalog gives them the liberty version of the package (and they deal with dependencies etc. however they want)16:56
kzaitsev_mba semver-like version would be more preferrable, tbh. So do you suggest, that /api/v1/assets is stable enough to push it to murano guys and filtering/searching would be long somewhere down the road17:00
docaedoI don't think /api/v1/assets is going to change TBH, anything new will have a different endpoint17:01
kfox1111we'd want a way to run the show from our end too though.17:01
kfox1111we'd want a apackage import function from murano that suports loading without its own dependency resolver.17:02
kfox1111so we can bundles that have murano and non murano resourcs.17:02
kfox1111we can add to v1, just cant change it.17:02
kfox1111for example, the adding of murano_repo to the api was just fine.17:02
docaedomurano doesn't need to change anything though for us to do that, we just have to go with what they have, and add extra stuff if that's something the app-catalog really needs to do17:03
kfox1111hmm.... I guess it would work with both resolvers, it would just be much slower then needed. ie,17:05
kfox1111catalog would say install package x into murano, murano would do it.17:05
kfox1111catalog would install package y which depends on x then in murano.17:05
kfox1111murano would then install y, but try and do x first, which would already be installed.17:06
kzaitsev_mbcurrently it would get an already installed response and not do anything, yep17:06
kfox1111ok. so I guess we can deal with that optomization later.17:07
kzaitsev_mbI don't really like the idea of parsing the whole /api/v1/assets on murano-client side, though.17:09
kfox1111well, I'm hoping the /api/v1/murano_repo thing can solve the liberty issue,17:10
kfox1111and we may get to /api/v2/ in mitaka to solve the versioning,17:10
kfox1111and then the api can provide much finer grained searching like docaedo suggested.17:10
kzaitsev_mbyep, it would., I'm thinking more of a mitaka now17:10
kfox1111I'm kind of hoping by then, murano will just use glance, and we just gota get glance pulling from the app catalog.17:12
kfox1111so it may be less of an issue.17:13
kfox1111we realy need someone from the glance artifact team to sit down with us and explain where they are and their short term plans.17:13
kzaitsev_mbon the other hand as soon as there is an api, that let's you grab an asset and then ask for more assets as deps — it shouldn't be hard for murano to use that API.17:18
docaedois artifacts in glance v2 or v3?17:18
docaedook .. interesting, and slightly problematic as there are issues with v2, so not sure how much I would want to rely on v317:19
kzaitsev_mbkfox1111: you going? =)17:19
kzaitsev_mbshouldn't be hard: both in terms of code and in terms of convincing. At least I think so.17:20
kfox1111yup. I'll be there.17:22
kfox1111+1 for using an api not tied to just murano.17:23
kfox1111we're supporting 2 right now. one for murano, one for everyone else.17:23
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kfox1111I think I'm going to merge as is. worst case we're probably not too far out from v2, and we can fix any missteps then.18:01
docaedoI'm good with that18:02
openstackgerritMerged openstack/app-catalog-ui: Handle an asset service schema version
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kfox1111I thought the patch for fixing the murano issue got merged..18:52
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kfox1111oh. yeah, it did... somehow had an old checkout...18:54
kfox1111ok. just gota revert that...18:55
docaedodid something break?18:57
kfox1111no. was starting from trunk again to slide in heat environment support.18:58
kfox1111but there was a merge conflict when I checked it out.18:58
kfox1111all better.18:58
kfox1111arg... no... that wont work...19:04
kfox1111ok... guess I'll have to hack around this a little in the yaml->json converter.19:07
kfox1111ok... I think this will work around the issue.19:26
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/app-catalog: Support Heat Environments with the App Catalog.
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/app-catalog-ui: Support Heat Environments with the App Catalog.
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kfox1111docaedo: get a chance to skim the horizon/flask review?23:47
docaedokfox1111: no sorry, but I'll shoot for it this weekend23:50
kfox1111ok. just curious your take on how crazy an idea it is. :)23:52

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