Thursday, 2015-10-01

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kfox1111fiscal end of year here, so very busy. :/16:26
docaedoI just realized I've been heads down on a few different things and haven't chatted at anyone about the app catalog in like two days :)16:27
docaedoLearning flask-restless, and have spent enough time messing with ramses to decide it's not worth it (loved the idea of the starting point being a YAML definition of the rest api, but too many gaps and issues)16:27
kfox1111time for more badgering? :)16:28
kfox1111yeah, was wondering about that.16:28
kfox1111middleware's work great, up until they don't. then they are a real pain. :/16:28
kfox1111I think for what we're going to do with it, just doing simple rest stuff by hand is easy enough.16:30
kfox1111mostly just ensure stuff is safe, then pass the query right along to elasticsearch.16:31
docaedoAgreed :)  With any luck I'll be able to get at least a simple PoC today, will let you know.  Also I need to catch up on infra, I think fungi got the cert yesterday, so we might be good to go on that16:44
docaedobut I'll let you get back to your fiscal end of year fun times16:45
docaedoI propose we skip the weekly meeting today, I somehow have completely lost track of time/days this week and didn't think to send a reminder or anything.16:54
docaedoI'll be on the meeting channel for the time and see if anyone shows up for the meeting just in case :)  But I think we can safely pass today16:55
kzaitsev_mbyep, looks like16:57
kfox1111k. then we'll have it here? :)17:04
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docaedoI took a first pass at a cross-project meeting session abstract:
docaedoMy intention is to get your feedback on that and then I'll post it at
docaedoWe already have one working session scheduled for Thursday, so this might be redundant, just trying to think about how we can get the word out and get people in Tokyo to come in and talk about the app catalog23:52
docaedoanyway, your edits/additions are appreciated :)23:53
kfox1111k. looking...23:53
kfox1111I think thats a good thing to talk about, but kind of different then what I was thinking.23:55
docaedoNothing on that page is precious to me, so please add what you're thinking23:55
kfox1111I was thinking more about dealing with the elephant in the room.23:55
kfox1111three different projects all claiming "app catalog" :/23:56
kfox1111how do we help giggle around things so that we're all as happy as we can be. :/23:56
docaedoI know there's us and murano, what's the third?23:56
kfox1111and not stepping on each other.23:56
kfox1111their artifact stuff.23:57
kfox1111I think all 3 projects complement each other, but there's some not well defined stuff along the edges that we'll step on each other if we don't talk about it before hand.23:57
docaedoah - well guess my perspective on all of those is to not sweat so much what they're called, and just focus on making app catalog the easiest way to share and find things, and the app-catalog CLI piece should just be the glue between the catalog (bucket of things) and their apps23:58
docaedoi.e. murano can bundle things however they want, app catalog just calls murano libs, same with glance, etc.23:59
docaedoI don't think app catalog should become a dependency resolver or anything like that23:59

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