Friday, 2015-10-02

kfox1111see, I'm the oposite. I think the app catalog's the one place that might be able to handle it propertly. since it knows how to talk to all the other pices.00:00
kfox1111does murano need to be extended to support dep solving when solum language packs are involved?00:00
kfox1111we need to add logic in multiple other projects if we do that sort of thing. :/00:01
kfox1111glance is in a strange position too. they want to store all the catalog entries locally, and be able to fetch them,00:01
kfox1111but also no nothing about the assets versioning and how to launch them.00:02
kfox1111except for nova, which it cares deeply about.00:02
kfox1111kind of a strange landscape.00:02
kfox1111it may be, in the end the dep solver is best placed in glance, if everything starts depending on glance.00:02
kfox1111and then maybe parts of the app-catalog-ui can cover their new artifact ui use cases.00:03
kfox1111so they don't have to write a new ui that overlaps with ours.00:03
kfox1111its still fuzzy in my head. :/00:03
kfox1111too much overlap/undefinedness.00:04
docaedoyeah I hear all of what you're saying00:04
kfox1111what I just don't want to see, is glance reimplementing much of app-catalog-ui from scratch. which it sounded like they would do eventually.00:04
kfox1111and murano's suffered greatly from changing directions a few times, not talking with other projectgs, and then having some of their thunder stollen by the other projects.00:05
docaedoone thing I think we can do successfully is get there first.  We're definitely able to move quicker than glance (or really any of the other projects), with luck we can get more people psyched about helping get things executed via app-catalog in Tokyo00:05
kfox1111totally agree with that one.00:05
docaedoso my method is to just quietly deliver good stuff - also working as many connections as I can to get the proprietary catalogs to stop trying to do their own thing (like HPs) and work with the app catalog.00:06
docaedoOnly need probably two of those of decent size to make a difference quickly - like get HP Helion distro to include the app catalog, and get dreamcompute to include it as well00:07
kfox1111yeah. Not a bad aproach. Just would like to get glance/murano working closer somehow with us rather then doing abunch of stuff of their own.00:08
docaedoI do hear you on that00:08
kfox1111was just thinking, if there's a good time to discuss stuff amungst the projects, the summit's probably the best.00:08
docaedowhen the final schedule for the extra meetings is announced next week we can start regular drum-beating on the ML about it00:09
kfox1111I think a meeting with the glance artifact folks at least would be helpful to know what kind of versioning they already support, and work on aligning ours with theirs.00:12
docaedoAgreed, we can coordinate with them to get a conversation on the agenda for one of their slots00:18
docaedo(I'll push that, just try to remind me :) )00:18
kfox1111k. thx.00:20
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kfox1111sometimes I really wish reviews would be more collaberative. ie, if they have an idea how to fix it, post and update, rather then just trying to relay the idea through english.15:43
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/app-catalog-ui: More cleanup. Reuse actions for deps too.
openstackgerritMerged openstack/app-catalog-ui: Implement Engine Version checking.
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openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/app-catalog-ui: Disable bundles that have deps that are disabled
openstackgerritMerged openstack/app-catalog-ui: More cleanup. Reuse actions for deps too.
openstackgerritMerged openstack/app-catalog-ui: Disable bundles that have deps that are disabled
kfox1111Ok. I think that's the last thing on my list for liberty. :)15:58
kfox1111rc time? :)15:58
kfox1111k. just cut rc1. :)16:22
kfox1111its tagged and on pypi16:22
kfox1111docaedo: you there?17:24
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docaedokfox1111: Hi, will be back in front of the computer in ~2018:31
docaedook that was more than 20 minutes but I'm around for the balance of the day :)19:56
kfox1111not sure if I can do the interview thing. I've had really bad luck with hangouts recently.19:59
kfox1111(and most other video conferencing things)19:59
docaedook understandable, but unfortunate :)20:00
kfox1111yeah. but I have no doubt you've got it well in hand. :)20:00
kfox1111I got a fedora review up for rc1.20:01
kfox1111no idea how long its going to take. I have a feeling the procedure is long and involved. :/20:01
docaedoTBH I think my big goal will be to make sure there's a distinction between the app catalog project and murano :)20:01
docaedogood news at least on the fedora front, maybe it won't be a terribly long process?  I'll keep my fingers crossed20:01
kfox1111yeah. totally. I saw a reference of murano, the "openstack app-catalog" on today.20:02
docaedoI was about to work on a (poorly written) but of python to walk through the assets yaml and throw it into the v1.1 flask-restless API20:02
kfox1111maybe start from the python-server review? should be easy to slide into the flask place.20:03
docaedosure, will see if that's going to be the easiest path, thanks20:06
kfox1111I left in a flasktest example in the file. should be able to extend/replace that as needed.20:08
kfox1111and run the full server ala ./ --runserver20:10
kfox1111should work just like horizon's test server.20:10
docaedosounds like a plan20:11
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kfox1111the https things really dragging out. :/23:04
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docaedoyeah it's stuck in a weird place, guess the old ways don't work or something?  I just copied all that from other sites that worked :)  I'm getting some help at least, hopefully will have it sorted soon23:23
kfox1111a very common faling of openstack. the, we're getting a new review thats basically copy paste from existing code, but we want it all refactored and we haven't decided how to do it so we'll tie up the revew for 4 months thing.23:32
kfox1111not that I'm bitter about that or anything... ;)23:32
docaedowell I modified so it's damn near identical to
docaedoand will see if that changes anything23:36
kfox1111yeah. happend many times to me.23:44
kfox1111Oh, we're not accepting mock tests anymore, though I copied their existing tests and changed like 2 lines. but we don't have any new examples yet, so make something up and we'll tell you how your wrong. :/23:45
kfox1111the openstack-app-catalog-ui spec was copied from tuskar-ui's spec, and the revew changed a lot of things enheritied from tuskar-ui's spec. :/23:45
kfox1111the tests one was especially bad. :/23:46
kfox1111hung up a critical bug fix for us for months, bike shedding the unit tests. :/23:46
docaedoyeah that's the worst23:46
kfox1111the actual fix, that was uncontested. :/23:47
kfox1111hmmm.. I think ha l3 + dvr's mitaka at this point. :/23:49
docaedoon the API front I haven't spent as much time as I hoped today but I feel really good about flask-restless for it23:49
kfox1111no worries. k23:50
docaedoquestion is, what's the best next step?  Just make something that really does nothing more than the v1 api (but serves it through python rather than static JSON)?23:50
kfox1111yeah, I think thats step one. then we can switch over the site to have more of the stuff under our control rather then infra.23:50
kfox1111we can progressively enhance much easier then.23:50
docaedoor map out what we want v2 to look like (especially the data model, if we need any notable changes), implement that, and then work on a translation that reflects that model in a v1-compliant way?23:50
kfox1111I think there's a bunch of stuff that can be done in a v1 compatable way. such as stars, asset last modified, etc.23:51
kfox1111if we have dynamic v1, then we can implement that outside of the versioning discussion, which will take a while.23:52
kfox1111I'd rather not block those features on versioning.23:52
docaedostars and additional info can just be packed in "attributes" easily23:52
docaedowithout breaking v1 I mean23:53
kfox1111or extend the schema, thats ok too.23:53
kfox1111so long as it doesn't change the meaning of existing field's, the old plugins will still work.23:53
docaedotrue, extra fields are ignored by everything as far as I can tell23:54
kfox1111or, we actually can even do that, so long as we bump the engine version of the asset.23:54
kfox1111yeah. I purposfully tried to make it such that we can extend the v1 api quite a bit and still have the horizon plugin work.23:54
kfox1111that was the rush of code the last few weeks.23:54

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