Saturday, 2015-10-03

kfox1111oh. and it will ignore unknown service engine's too. so we also have the option of adding new engine's for old names.00:00
kfox1111so we for example could make service.type=glance2 to replace service.type=glance in a pinch.00:00
kfox1111so all sorts of options. :)00:01
kfox1111I think the one case that will really break v1, is the fact that it is one big download of everything.00:01
kfox1111once we get enough entries in it that it gets huge, we have to do some sort of query to the server to return less data.00:02
kfox1111that'll be the point we must v2.00:02
kfox1111wow.... didn't quite add up 2 + 2 until now.... dvr compute hosts need a fip per compute host seperate from the tenant's fips...00:08
kfox1111this is totally not going to work for our physics cloud. we only have a /25 there for the public net... :/00:08
docaedoI *might* have fixed the SSL thing (giving it one last try before I give up on this stuff and see if CostCo is hiring :D )00:18
docaedoas for the nets, that's kind of crazy, I did not realize dvr needed fip for every host like that00:18
docaedohave you looked at calico, akanda or midokura?00:19
kfox1111no. I've been reluctant to add yet more sdn on top of neutron. its complicated enough. :/00:19
docaedotrue, but might be worth looking at them as the premise is that they're actually simpler00:22
kfox1111could be for some of them. glanced at opendaylight. then ran. :)00:23
docaedooh yeah I don't think ODL would be help there00:24
kfox1111we're doing scary things with infiniband for most of our cloud tenant networks, which throws a big monkey wrench into it too.00:24
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kfox1111hehe. yup. :)   well, heave to head out. have a great weekend.00:26
docaedoyou too00:26
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