Thursday, 2015-10-08

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kfox1111_awaydocaedo: pull the trigger on the enabled move patch whenever your ready. :)15:22
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kfox1111it looks good.15:22
docaedoExcellent thanks, I'll do that now - I don't *think* I can update pypi can I?15:23
openstackgerritMerged openstack/app-catalog-ui: Move enabled directory to app_catalog
kfox1111hmm.... sec....15:24
kfox1111were you able to do testpypi for the app-catalog-ui name?15:25
kfox1111whats your pypi username?15:26
docaedono I called the package app-catalog-ui-test since there was already the one you had15:26
docaedopypi username is docaedo15:26
kfox1111oh. and you'll have to tag a git release.15:26
kfox1111I'll add you to testpypi too.15:26
docaedooh right :)  You did this last time all the way through, was glad to see you take care of it15:27
kfox1111probably better if more then one person knows how to do it anyway. :)15:28
kfox1111I can do it most of the time if you'd like.15:28
kfox1111Thing first is to tag the release:15:28
kfox1111git tag -s
kfox1111(assuming your on trunk and ready to go)15:29
kfox1111(You'll need a private gpg key too. doesn't matter which.)15:29
docaedo(thanks for walking through this)15:29
kfox1111once thats done, do a python sdist15:30
kfox1111and check it out.15:30
kfox1111should be named nicely like the tag you made.15:30
kfox1111no extra devXX things in it.15:31
kfox1111then you should be able to:15:31
kfox1111python sdist upload -r pypitest15:31
kfox1111if that looks good:15:32
kfox1111git push gerrit --tags15:32
kfox1111python sdist upload -r pypi15:32
kfox1111hmm... whats your pypi user? says docaedo doesn't exist.15:37
docaedopypi lies! "Username: docaedo"15:38
kfox1111Doh. space. gotcha.15:38
kfox1111ok. added to pypitest. doing pypi next...15:38
kfox1111k. should be good to go.15:39
docaedoI have to step out really quick, but half way done with this, thanks for the help :)15:45
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kfox1111np. :)16:43
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docaedo  wheeeee16:55
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docaedomeeting time in #openstack-meeting-3 :)17:00
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kfox1111sorry I missed the meeting. Had a spontanious meeting conflict that I had to be at.17:50
kfox1111and have another meeting in 10 min.17:50
docaedokfox1111: no problem, was only half an hour and we voted to have you continue doing all the work while we cheer you on from the sidelines :D17:52
* kfox1111 chuckles17:53
kfox1111k. :)17:53
kfox1111I'l read through the log when I get back. :)17:54
docaedonp, enjoy your next meeting!17:54
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docaedokfox1111: you around?21:25
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rhagarty__kfox1111, ping21:41
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docaedoquick debian package update - it works! Will coordinate next steps with Debian tomorrow (signing off on QA I guess).23:07
docaedoAvailable here if you want to build locally on your own: git clone git://
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