Friday, 2015-10-09

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docaedoApp catalog package is in Debian new!
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kfox1111wow. nice.15:39
kfox1111I wonder if we can use that to shame the rdo folks into action.15:40
kfox1111the thing's been stalled for a long long time. :/15:40
kfox1111how many days from start to end did it take?15:40
kfox1111should that be openstack-app-catalog-ui instead of python-app-catalog-ui?15:41
kfox1111do other horizon plugins get prefixed with python?15:41
docaedoyeah the other ones I saw were prefixed with python16:03
docaedoTook maybe a week from start to finish, probably less than that.  And would have gone WAY quicker if I'd absorbed debian packaging in my head before I started (but I kind of like to learn as I go sometimes)16:04
docaedothe debian openstack packaging team is really committed to helping on that front, and are pretty good mentors16:05
docaedoregarding the RDO thing - is there an open review process or anything like that? I know absolutely nothing about getting a package into RDO - if there's anything you can point me to maybe I know someone who might help nudge things along?16:06
kfox1111sec. I've got some docs...16:32
kfox1111they are somewhat incomplete it turns out...16:32
kfox1111 bug 1268372 in Package Review "Review Request: openstack-app-catalog-ui - openstack horizon plugin for the openstack app-catalog" [Medium,New] - Assigned to mrunge16:34
kfox1111only way I've gotten any progress so far was to beg on #rdo.16:35
kfox1111and its kind of hit and miss.16:35
docaedoLooks good though (the SRPM)...  for some reason RPMs are easier to understand, maybe just because I've had experience back in the day looking at them to figure out why a random RPM didn't work.  But that's like .. 6-8 years since I've spent any time in a RHEL environment :)16:41
docaedo#success App Catalog UI package is in Debian NEW!
docaedo(just caught up on email and saw we can tag things that way, hopefully gerritbot is listening!)16:43
kfox1111interesting. :)16:47
kfox1111we're going to need to start tweaking to have instructions for installing the plugin.16:47
docaedoyeah would be nice to add something about that on the front page, a link like "Include the App Catalog in Horizon" (or something like that)16:49
docaedoand on the topic of the website actually - I think I have someone who will be able to spend some time working on the flask/API effort16:50
docaedoand I'm trying to decide the best way to collaboratively plan that out - blueprints yes, but wondering how granular to get.16:50
docaedoLike we don't want one giant blueprint for "convert website to server asset information via API"16:50
docaedobut also seems like a dozen blueprints for each minor feature/component might not lead to an easily absorbed plan .. but maybe just maybe it would be OK16:51
docaedonow that I think about it I think I have a set of blueprints in my head that would be broken up enough but still tell a cohesive story16:52
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kfox1111+1 and +1. :)17:02
kfox1111I think if we can get the python server review extended enough to support the v1 returning the murano redirect and the assets as just the file, we can get that merged with infra as one blueprint,17:03
kfox1111and then the rest is probably incremental from there.17:03
kfox1111we can start doing javascript dependencies properly, pulling in bits of the horizon ui, adding v2 and extending v1+, etc.17:04
kfox1111so that blueprint would basically be, convert existing webserver to python.17:14
kfox1111then follow up ones to add features?17:14
docaedoprobably (thinking a lot about the transition from pure apache to apache/wsgi)17:18
kfox1111it would be nice if we could do that part in pieces, but because of infra's involvement, I'm thinking one shot, once and for all for that piece might be smoother. :/17:19
kfox1111every time we need infra to do something that relies on one of our patches, it breaks the website for a bit.17:20
docaedoyep thats the transition piece I'm thinking through17:20
kfox1111if we had to do it in lots of little patches, the site might break a lot. :/17:20
kfox1111not to mention how slow the work would go. :/17:20
docaedothe issue/interface is because they are the ones responsible for hosting the site, so they are SUPER particular about the manifest that manages the site :)17:21
kfox1111yeah, no, I totally get it. not ragging on the process. just saying the process adds a lot of wall clock overhead.17:22
docaedobut realistically, once we swap to apache fronting python, we won't be blocked by infra unless we're making a bunch of different endpoints managed through apache vhost or something (which wouldn't make sense)17:22
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kfox1111bleh... contribution reports are draining. :/18:01
kfox1111we may need to fix the bot. not seeing the success there.18:11
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