Friday, 2015-11-20

kfox1111back finally. :/01:20
kfox1111I'll have to review it tomorrow. :/01:20
kfox1111plz help me remember to do so.01:20
docaedonp, I'll remind you every hour on the hour02:35
docaedowon't take you but a moment, due to the awesomeness (as a result of most of it being written by you of course!)02:36
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lifelessdocaedo: I promised to do a review of your app catalog review guidelines with an eye on the concerns I raised at the summit05:34
lifelessdocaedo: I've puled the code and read the wiki page but I can't see any actual catalog review guidelines05:35
lifelessdocaedo: I've got some naive questions as a result; would like to grab some interactive time to bootstrap to usefulness - tomorrows my weekend, but are you around early next week ?05:36
docaedolifeless: I'm around early next week and would be happy to set up some time, you're in NZ right?15:26
docaedolifeless: (and if so, hopefully fast asleep right now!)15:26
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lifelessdocaedo: yes and yes17:05
docaedolifeless: well please enjoy your weekend :) I LOVE NZ. We spent our honeymoon on the south island and speak of returning all the time17:26
docaedokfox1111: ping reminder for reviewing the reviews :)17:28
kfox1111thx... almost at a point I can stop and do it.17:31
kfox1111every couple of years they make us take "Ladder Safety Training" again...17:31
docaedo:) that sounds fun17:33
kfox1111yeah. thats one way of putting it. :)17:33
docaedoMaybe I'll climb a ladder and walk around on the roof today in the spirit of support!17:37
* kfox1111 chuckles17:37
docaedo(odds are good I will not do this safely, so it will only be partial support)17:37
kfox1111don't come crying to me when your not properly trained. ;)17:38
kfox1111damn.... this is the first year the traning didn't work without flash+audio. :/17:41
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kfox1111docaedo: pythonserver looks ready to me.19:45
kfox1111go ahead and workflow it when your ready.19:46
kfox1111I think the infra patch just needs the static apache alias.19:47
docaedostatic alias to change where static stuff is built/kept?  Or something else? As far as I can tell it works as-is right now.19:49
openstackgerritMerged openstack/app-catalog: Python Server
kfox1111it does work as is, but for static files, the call goes in through apache, through wsgi, to python, then to the file system.19:50
kfox1111since its always static, if we setup an alias, it would go through apache, then right to the filesystem.19:50
kfox1111would cut out a lot of processor time.19:50
docaedoah - right yes, please add a comment thusly and I'll make it so19:50
kfox1111I commented on the last review.19:51
kfox1111though not to that level of detail.19:51
kfox1111still want me to?19:51
docaedooh right you did!19:52
docaedono need, I'll add it19:53
kfox1111k. thx.19:53
docaedoLooks like python stuff we merged landed on production server without breaking it -
kfox1111cool. :)20:17
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docaedoa few tiny tweaks and one regression, but it's about to merge!21:41
kfox1111nice. :)21:56
docaedoThat manifest should hit at 2:03 if I'm not mistaken (though I'm not sure what the refresh cycle is on puppet master so maybe it's longer than that?)  WIll be watching puppetboard though and keeping my fingers crossed we didn't miss anything21:59
kfox1111kk. :)22:00
kfox1111is it switched over?23:11
docaedoIt switched over and was a lovely 404 for a bit :(23:12
docaedothe pip install was not triggered because the repo hadn't changed.  jeblair jumped on and manually ran it, but that triggered a discussion23:12
docaedorealized that running things that change files in the repo directory has potential to break later (you might have already pointed that out), so23:13
docaedothrew this together to address it, which seemed to have worked:
docaedo(well, didn't break anything locally, and survived the scrutiny of an infra core at least!)23:14
kfox1111ah... yeah. I forgot about that case.23:20
docaedoand now I realize23:21
docaedobecause I changed where /static/ loads from23:21
docaedothe assets.yaml file will still be there23:21
docaedoah but never mind23:21
docaedobecause that is now served from python wsgi23:22
docaedoso we're good!23:22
kfox1111we're good there.23:25
kfox1111everyone should be reading it through /api.23:26
kfox1111if anyone's using it from /static still, their "not doing it right"23:26
kfox1111thats why we have an /api :)23:29
kfox1111ok. I think the new keystone cluster's pretty much done. :)23:32
kfox1111I was able to recover it out of a full power outage simulation.23:32
kfox1111next up, new production region. :)23:36
docaedohave fun!23:41
kfox1111so, in theory we should be able to remove the static index.html now?23:41
docaedoI have not looked closely at the other python patches you have out there, are they still valid and worth a closer look?23:42
kfox1111there's one that I need to rebase that just pulls out the javascript yaml lib, causing it to access /api directly.23:43
docaedooh nice, I'll look at that and test locally too23:43
kfox1111the other one, is the big, start merging in app-catalog-ui stuff.23:43
kfox1111it probably just needs a rebase.23:43
docaedo(but probably not until tomorrow or next week)23:43
kfox1111the big one's probably mergable in its current state too. it pulls the stuff into /testicons.html so its isolated.23:44
docaedoactually maybe soon, going to relocate to the library with the kids, and they have good wifi - so maybe will poke, test, review23:44
kfox1111k. :)23:44
kfox1111the site's for sure running the templated index.html23:45
kfox1111I can see the <script type="text/javascript" src="/static/CACHE/js/68027a219247.js"></script> line in it.23:45
kfox1111so yeah, the other index can go now.23:46

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