Saturday, 2015-11-21

openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/app-catalog: WIP - Remove js yaml
kfox1111docaedo: we need to fix this:00:24
kfox1111You're seeing this error because you have DEBUG = True in your Django settings file. Change that to False, and Django will display a standard 404 page.00:24
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docaedooops .. easiest fix is to set that false in (and we can modify when testing locally)00:25
docaedoI was just rebasing the unyaml one00:25
docaedounless you want to00:26
kfox1111I'm almost done rebasing.00:26
kfox1111probably better to do it in local_settings.py00:27
kfox1111thought that will take an infra patch.00:27
docaedook go ahead with your rebase00:27
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/app-catalog: Cleanup - Remove js yaml, old index.html
docaedoand yeah, at this point in the day we're not going to get anyone to look at it, but it's not critical so it can get into the queue for next week (or the week after actually, considering the holidays and the backlog)00:27
kfox1111yeah. I don't think having it wait till next week will be a problem.00:28
kfox1111we don't have anything autenticated yet, so its all just read only anyway.00:28
kfox1111k. I think the remove yaml/index one's ready.00:29
docaedoI'll hold off on that debug patch for a little bit, see if we find any new excitement when we merge stuff00:30
* docaedo looks at the yaml patch right now00:30
docaedolooks like it works as expected! "GET /api/v1/assets"00:36
docaedoso once that merges, we can also shut off the "build assets" trigger right?00:37
docaedooh no, not yet - need to update app-catalog-ui to fix that right?00:37
docaedoupdate app-catalog-ui first I mean00:37
kfox1111no, I think its opening the json file and just passing the raw bits through currently?00:38
kfox1111we could parse the yaml and convert to json on the fly, but that woudl take up more processor at each request.00:38
kfox1111I think the current hook is probably the most efficient way.00:39
docaedoagreed, but now I am pretty sure we need to update tools/ then00:40
openstackgerritMerged openstack/app-catalog: Cleanup - Remove js yaml, old index.html
docaedooh no .. hmm,00:41
kfox1111we could get rid of the gzip stuff out of it, or better, we could add support to the api to pass back the gzip'ed files if the headers say its gzip compatible.00:41
kfox1111though as we add v2 support, we may revert gzip support then anyway....00:42
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/app-catalog: WIP - Pythonserver cleanup #1
docaedo[Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/openstack_catalog//web/static/scss00:51
docaedosorry, that was not meaninful ..00:52
docaedoseems like scss did not get copied when pip install ran, will see if I can figure out why00:53
kfox1111on which command?00:54
kfox1111the compress?00:55
docaedoyeah the compress command fails, but the issue is that scss directory exists in the repo as checked out, but when puppet runs pip install . in /opt/apps_site that directory does not get copied, seems like pip believes app_catalog v0.0.1 is already instealled00:56
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kfox1111ah... yeah...00:57
docaedoyeah I think the command in the puppet manifest should be pip install --upgrade .00:57
kfox1111either we need...00:57
kfox1111yeah, that would work.00:57
kfox1111or we can bump the version.00:57
kfox1111but we would have to remember to bump it each time.00:57
kfox1111maybe we do both for now. bump for testing, and in the infra patch for debug=false, we change it to --upgrade too.00:58
docaedowait a minute00:58
docaedoit's totally ignoring that scss directory even when I run pip uninstall openstack_catalog; pip install --upgrade .00:58
docaedothat doesn't make any sense .. will see what happens in venv00:59
kfox1111I don't think I've tried an install of it before... just the testserver...00:59
kfox1111usually that's a issue.00:59
kfox1111but the rest of the files are getting copied I think, so I'm not sure why it would not those.00:59
docaedoyeah exactly, everything underneath that is getting installed so shouldn't need to specify that one diectory01:00
docaedobut confirmed, even in venv it does not grab that directory01:01
docaedohowever, I need to step away probably for the night, will keep looking at it though next opportunity01:01
kfox1111k. thanks. I'll try if I can get a few minutes too.01:01
kfox1111have a good one. :)01:01
docaedonp you too01:01
kfox1111scss is an empty directory on my host...01:02
kfox1111compress is generating it maybe?01:02
docaedooh! that would make sense maybe, if something is trying to create it and doesn't have permission01:04
docaedo(but now I'm really running, will be back later tonight though!)01:04
kfox1111hmm... I guess I've never tried the code with a compress01:05
kfox1111so there may be a bug there.01:05
kfox1111so on my checkout, setting:01:08
kfox1111COMPRESS_ENABLED = True01:08
kfox1111COMPRESS_OFFLINE = True01:08
kfox1111python compress01:08
kfox1111seemes to work.01:08
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