Monday, 2016-09-12

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docaedokzaitsev_ws: I am back to normal now (schedule, and caught up on all the other things)19:02
docaedokzaitsev_ws: I wanted to spin up a devstack with app-catalog-ui and murano, and then try your patches, but hasn't been working for me - are you just using a fuel deployed environment and then checking out those patches?19:03
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kzaitsev_mbdocaedo: yep, that's what I do, but your comment probably means, that my patch is breaking app-catalog-ui devstack installation19:21
docaedono I don't think so, seems like devstack+murano is unhappy19:22
kzaitsev_mblooks like I need to update devstack/ file too.19:23
kzaitsev_mbin tha app-catalog-ui — it copies plugin files from enabled dir, but I moved it deeper 1 directory level19:23
docaedoah ok - well a "vanilla" devstack with app catalog plugin works, next I was going to just try to get plain devstack+murano to go, following readme in devstack dir in murano repo19:24
kzaitsev_mbdocaedo: also, what's the error you're getting (we have dsvm gates, so for most part I'm more or less confident that murano should work with devstack (at least 1 configuration checks out =)))))19:25
docaedoseemed like it was hanging near the end - but i'm kicking it off again right now with only murano, lemme see what I get19:26
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kzaitsev_mbnope, I was wrong about the structure, the config files should still be discovered correctly19:42
kzaitsev_mbdeletion (i.e. unstack) would probably break though19:42
openstackgerritKirill Zaitsev proposed openstack/app-catalog-ui: Move app-catalog's panels to App Catalog dashboard
sskripnickdocaedo: hi19:47
sskripnickdo you want me to split this patch?
docaedosskripnick: yeah that's HUGE, getting it split into a few incremental bits would be useful19:49
docaedokzaitsev_mb: it hangs at19:56
docaedo2016-09-12 19:49:49.056 | Initializing Murano19:56
docaedo++/opt/stack/murano/devstack/  init_murano19:56
docaedo++/opt/stack/murano/devstack/  configure_murano_networking19:56
docaedo++/opt/stack/murano/devstack/  local ext_net=public19:56
docaedo+++/opt/stack/murano/devstack/  openstack --os-cloud devstack-admin19:56
docaedoWARNING: openstackclient.common.utils is deprecated and will be removed after Jun 2017. Please use osc_lib.utils19:56
kzaitsev_mbah yeah I heard that was the problem we managed to introduce last Friday19:57
docaedohahaha oh that's great because last friday was the day I spent thinking "WTF, how could it be that I can't make devstack work any more???19:57
kzaitsev_mbA couple of my teammates complained, that the change hangs their devstacks =(19:58
docaedo(afk for a bit for lunch - but will try specifying review 361779 in local.conf of devstack just for fun)19:59
kzaitsev_mbhere is the potential fix btw
kzaitsev_mb(I was about to revert the change actually ))19:59
docaedoah nice, I'll look at that soon as I get some food :)20:02
kzaitsev_mbthese dsvm jobs give me false sense of safety =( it's 2d time during newton that dsvms are green and I think — hey devstack works. First time it was horizon — they hardcode COMPRESS_ENABLED to True and it took quite some time to convince horizon cores (and myself) that there actually is a bug when compression is disabled20:02
kzaitsev_mbhardcode in devstack horizon I mean20:03
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docaedoah that's frustrating20:30
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