Tuesday, 2016-09-13

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kzaitsev_mbk, probably that was just an error with my long running irssi )17:04
kzaitsev_mb#link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/MuranoAgenda17:05
kzaitsev_mbwe don't have anything specific for todays agenda17:05
kzaitsev_mband we don't have any action items from prev meeting17:05
kzaitsev_mb#topic Open Discussion17:05
kzaitsev_mbwrong window )))17:06
kzaitsev_mbthat's embarassing17:06
docaedoI can pretend to be meeting bot if you want!17:06
docaedoHappens to us all!17:06
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kzaitsev_mbfun thing is that I didn't realise this was the wrong window till I tried to auto-complete a name of my colleague )17:33
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