Saturday, 2016-01-16

stupidnicIs this a recent change?00:00
fzylogicwe put config drive in ceph and it works00:00
fzylogicand yeah, it's only recently supported00:00
stupidnicOkay. I had this working a couple of months ago00:00
fzylogicthat's also why you didn't see that file there. when using ceph, it's only put on the local FS temporarily00:01
adam_gstupidnic, what's in /proc/partitions within the appliance?00:01
stupidnichold on... it rebooted out from under me so I didn't get back in... checking now00:01
adam_gif its in the libvirt domain xml, it *should* be showing up there00:01
stupidnicadam_g: I see sr000:02
stupidnicand it rebooted out from under me again... ugh00:03
adam_gstupidnic, once you have it booted just killed the astara-orchestrator00:04
adam_gstupidnic, are you on liberty or master?00:04
adam_gstupidnic, what are the detalis of the management network you're using?00:04
stupidnicWhat sort of information are you looking for?00:05
stupidnicIt's a vxlan and I put it in the service project00:05
adam_gmanagement_prefix, mainly00:05
stupidnicI can see packets coming from the controller to the compute node that the instance is on... and we have verified that the tap and vxlan interface in the same bridge00:06
adam_gstupidnic, you still have the appliance up?00:07
adam_g$ sudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt00:07
adam_g$ cat /mnt/openstack/latest/user_data | grep manag00:08
adam_gthats the cmd that should be running at boot to bring up the initial management interface00:09
adam_g(assuming you grep something out of user_data)00:09
stupidnicI can confirm that is there00:09
adam_grunning it manually *should* bring up whatever address is passed on the NIC /w the specified mac addr00:10
adam_g(presumably eth0)00:10
stupidnicokay... tried typing in that command00:12
stupidnicnot found00:12
stupidnicI am using the image downloaded from
stupidnicI am guessing that is way too old00:13
adam_gthats the issue00:13
adam_gill build you a disk image for liberty00:14
stupidnicso... rebuild my own00:14
adam_gwe should have liberty images being published there soonish i hope00:14
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stupidnicadam_g: I am glad we got to the bottom of that... I was following your etherpad instructions ;)00:14
adam_gstupidnic, do you need me to build an image for you or are you familiar enough with the process ?00:15
adam_gwe really need a good story for logging in the appliance, where we can debug this type of thing from the outside00:15
stupidnicAs long as the astara-appliance repo has the necessary changes... I should be able to handle it00:15
stupidniclog to the console... that then gets dumped into main console log00:16
stupidnicwhich you can easily access00:16
adam_gstupidnic, yeah, that was the idea i had too00:17
adam_gstupidnic, i think checking out stable/liberty of astara-appliance and running 'tox -e build_image' should be all you need00:21
stupidnichmmm okay... I wasn't aware that there was a liberty branch00:21
stupidnicI might need to update my config00:21
adam_gdoh actually if you're using ceph you'll need to build the image as raw00:24
adam_gor convert the qcow to raw after00:24
adam_gbefore uploading00:24
stupidnicYeah I was aware of that00:24
stupidnicOkay. Have the image building now00:26
stupidnicadam_g: so I can make a note of it, what is the command to build the image as raw instead of qcow2?00:32
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adam_gstupidnic, you need to just pass '-t raw' to disk-image-create, you can pass it through tox00:33
adam_gtox -e build_image -- -t raw00:33
stupidnicgot it thanks.00:42
adam_gok i gotta run, soups on. have a good weekend00:48
stupidnicstill not working00:49
stupidnicbut the instance at least has the right hostname now00:49
stupidnicFreshly built astara appliance from stable/liberty does not include the /usr/local/bin/astara-configure-management01:04
stupidniconce again... astara versus akanda bites me in the ass01:05
stupidnicthe confdrive that is generated references astara-configure-management and the image has akanada-configure-management01:06
stupidnicI am sure that I have the wrong version of astara installed on the controller01:07
elothis is from the liberty branch for both01:24
stupidnicStill not working...01:29
stupidnicthe confdrive references astara-configure-management and the image only has akanda-configure-management01:29
stupidnicwould be nice to have a symlink between the two01:29
eloyes. we should have backwards compatibility for the orchestrator to manager older appliance images01:31
elothis is most likely a bug as I remember talking with Adam about this type of issue several days ago01:32
stupidnic I think my problem stems from not using the stable/liberty branches on the git repos I used to install from01:32
stupidnicelo: so what should I be doing here? Should I be using the stable/liberty branch on the appliance? Or should I go with HEAD so that I can get around this issue?01:36
eloI've not tested or deployed different versions.01:36
eloI would say go with HEAD to get around for now01:36
stupidnicWell I have all my repos checked out at stable/liberty01:36
stupidnicand I reran pip install on them01:37
stupidnicbut it doesn't seem to have corrected the issues01:37
stupidnicMy other option is to tinker with the image itself and just make the symlink in the image I have already built01:37
eloat least for the appliance to see if we can get around. Or you can tinker the image to create a symlink01:38
stupidnicLet me try and rebuild on head01:38
stupidnicI would rather not have to do any tinkering01:38
elounderstandable... I have to run... but will be back online later tonight and this weekend01:43
eloping me if you need me to help out more01:43
stupidnicAlright. Thanks for your help01:43
stupidnicI think I have the issue nailed down... just need to figure out how to correct it01:44
eloI'll talk with Adam about backward compatibility issue01:44
stupidnicis there any documentation about tweaking the build process?01:44
elowe leverage diskimage-builder01:45
stupidnicalright, thanks01:46
eloI'm not aware of anything specific to astara-appliance images01:46
eloI'll see what we can put together01:49
stupidnicProgress is being made...02:01
stupidnicI can actually ping the instance now02:02
stupidnicbut it still isn't be marked as online02:02
stupidnicand the logs show that astara can't make the http connection to the instance so something else is wrong there02:02
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openstackgerritting wang proposed openstack/astara: Py3: use dict.items() instead of dict.iteritems()
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/astara: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/astara-appliance: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritcaoyue proposed openstack/astara: Remove unused logging import
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stupidnicsigh... so much progress and then another wall19:47
stupidnicThe router appliance is not responding to DHCP requests19:48
stupidnicI can see the requests are making it all the way into the appliances tap interface, it just doesn't respond19:48
stupidnicNo my mistake... it is responding but with the wrong IP19:49
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stupidnicOkay. So the DHCP issue was related to security groups. So I opened up the security groups and the instance can get an IP now which is great.21:36
stupidnicThe next problem is that the metadata proxy is returning a 500 error21:37
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