Sunday, 2016-01-17

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stupidnicOkay. I am still having some sort of DHCP issue03:45
stupidnicThere is some sort of issue where the appliance's dnsmasq.d/ interface entry isn't being updated with a newly created instance's MAC address, and so it doesn't respond to DHCP requests03:57
stupidnicIf I restart orchestrator the entries appear03:57
stupidnicThen I run into my next problem which is the metadata proxy is returning 50003:58
eloabout the earlier issue. There is a patch for the DHCP issue04:06
eloanything in logs for the astra-metadata-proxy service?04:11
stupidnicelo: I wasn't expecting you here04:13
stupidnicelo: thanks for peeking in04:13
stupidnicelo: the DHCP issue I am seeing might be related to something else... Here is what I have been able to determine so far04:14
stupidnicbasically if I create a brand new router for a tenant the instance boots, but then I see this in the astara orchestrator logs:04:14
stupidnicInstance has booted, attempting initial config04:15
stupidnicI worked around the DHCP traffic issues with security group rules... not ideal but whatever04:15
stupidnicI will check into that patch though04:16
elothe patch I mentioned should resolve this issue.04:16
elothe security group adding04:17
stupidnicOkay cool04:17
stupidnicThe issue I am currently seeing is that when a router is newly created... orchestrator can't talk to it04:17
stupidnicit tries to send the config, but I think it has the wrong IP address04:18
stupidnicit eventually recycles the router and when the router is built a second time, it can talk to it no problem and updates the config which then updates the dnsmasq.d/eth2 file with the DHCP information for the instance04:19
stupidnic(eth2 being the internal network interface on the router)04:19
stupidnicI can reliably reproduce this behavior by deleting the router out of the project and creating a new one04:20
stupidnicfirst boot... astara can't update... terminate it... second time around astara has no issues and the config is updated04:20
elocan you open up a bug on this since you can reproduce it reliably. I'll see if I can replicate. Is this main or liberty branch?04:21
stupidnicwhere do I open a bug? I know you have told me this before04:22
elothis isn interesting issue that I'm curious.04:25
stupidnicLet me nail down the particulars to make sure I have it all down and I will create the bug shortly there after04:26
eloeth0 should be the mgmt interface for the router, eth1 would be the external network, and eth2 is the tenant network.04:26
eloany additional networks create after the router is created by the tenant will be hot plugged into the instance as ethX04:27
stupidnicYep. It's only the initial creation of the router that has this issue.04:29
stupidnicI'll open up the bug now04:29
eloI'll be on/off all weekend... and need to build some additional environments for testing04:37
eloI'll see if I can replicate and figure out the issue04:38
stupidnicNo problem. Thanks for being around.04:40
openstackLaunchpad bug 1535032 in Astara "Initial router configuration fails" [Undecided,New]05:00
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stupidnicSo after digging at the metadata problem (the metadata_proxy really lacks proper logging by default), I have determined that the metadata proxy is trying to contact the rug server at some IPv6 address.20:08
stupidnicIt looks like this address is actually hard coded in the application20:08
stupidnicThe address isn't the address of the RUG server... I am not sure why this is happening20:15
elothere were some hardwood IP address that were fixed recently. Let me see if there is a bug for this20:33
elothis was for the metadata proxy, correct?20:34
stupidnicelo: yes20:35
stupidnicI am looking at the mainline repo and I don't see where it is corrected20:35
elobrb. biobreak.20:36
stupidnicThis could be an issue with how we are configuring the management network I guess.20:41
stupidnicI am using the same subnet (fdca:3ba5:a17a:acda::/64)20:42
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