Thursday, 2014-04-03

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stackerHello.  Is there anyone that can help me understand how cumulative metering for network stats works?01:47
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stackerAnyone around?01:58
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openstackgerritJia Dong proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Fix the order of arguments in assertEqual
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openstackgerritJenkins proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Imported Translations from Transifex
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blinky_ghostHi all, I'm trying to deploy some alarms with ceilometer but always get "insufficient data", where can I check what's wrong? Thanks10:41
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eglynnblinky_ghost: possibly a mismatch between the interval set in the /etc/ceilometer/pipeline.yaml and the alarm period12:59
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blinky_ghosteglynn: I have created period 600 in the alarm and pipeline.yaml is 60, are you saying this value has to be the same?13:12
eglynnblinky_ghost: no that's fine, they don't have to be the same13:13
eglynnblinky_ghost: (the period just should be a an integer multiple of the interval)13:14
eglynnblinky_ghost: (... which it is in this case, a factor of 10x, so all good)13:14
eglynnblinky_ghost: next thing to check is that the alarm owner has visibility on the relevant stats13:15
eglynnblinky_ghost: what's the alarm query?13:15
eglynnblinky_ghost: $ ceilometer alarm-show -a $ALARM_ID13:15
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blinky_ghosteglynn: it shows a lot of values13:16
eglynnblinky_ghost: can you paste into paste.opensatck.org13:17
eglynnblinky_ghost: cool, pastebin is fine, looking ...13:18
eglynnblinky_ghost: $ keystone user-list | grep 7a53e345be3c45e68adcb324f7fe34df | awk '{print $4}'13:20
blinky_ghosteglynn: it reports my user13:21
eglynnblinky_ghost: ^^^ is that the owner of instance 38f48640-f4f4-4518-9a78-25f80fa8258e OR an admin user?13:21
blinky_ghosteglynn: is the owner and admin13:21
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eglynnblinky_ghost: $ ceilometer statistics -m cpu_util -p 600 -q resource=38f48640-f4f4-4518-9a78-25f80fa8258e13:22
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... what TZ are you in? last sample seems to be at 2014-04-03T13:22:2513:25
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... i.e. offset by an hour from UTC13:25
blinky_ghosteglynn: lisbon - portugal13:26
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... d'oh forgot about datlight savings time having started last w/e13:28
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... so that 2014-04-03T13:22:25 timestamp is indeed zulu time13:28
eglynnblinky_ghost: OK, let's have a look at the alarm evaluator log13:29
eglynnblinky_ghost: e.g. /var/log/ceilometer/alarm-evaluator.log13:29
blinky_ghosteglynn: I don't have that file13:30
eglynnblinky_ghost: $  ps -fe | grep alarm-evaluator | grep logfile | sed 's/^.*--logfile //'13:30
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... are you using a distro install or a devstack?13:31
blinky_ghosteglynn: distro, centos based on rackspace13:31
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blinky_ghosteglynn: i have this
eglynnblinky_ghost: so no alarm-evaluator running, that would explain it13:32
eglynnblinky_ghost: $ ps -fe | grep alarm-evaluator13:33
eglynnblinky_ghost: ^^^ nada?13:33
blinky_ghosteglynn: nada :)13:33
eglynnblinky_ghost: what packages did you install on your centos instance?13:33
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... RDO?13:33
blinky_ghosteglynn: i have api, collector, compute and rdo13:34
blinky_ghosteglynn: from rackspace, they use epel I think13:34
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eglynnblinky_ghost: $ sudo rpm -qa | grep ceilometer13:34
blinky_ghosteglynn: sorry, I have api collector compute and central services running13:34
eglynnblinky_ghost: the ceilometer alarming feature requires 2 further services: alarm-evaluator & alarm-notifier13:35
blinky_ghosteglynn: I see openstack-ceilometer-alarm.noarch13:36
blinky_ghostthat's not installed13:36
blinky_ghostI'll install that then13:36
eglynnblinky_ghost: then start the alarm services ... soething like:13:37
eglynnblinky_ghost: $ for svc in alarm-evaluator alarm-notifier ; do sudo service openstack-ceilometer-$svc status ; done13:38
eglynnblinky_ghost: $ for svc in alarm-evaluator alarm-notifier ; do sudo service openstack-ceilometer-$svc start ; done13:38
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eglynnblinky_ghost: (invert the order of those last two commands)13:38
blinky_ghosteglynn: ok now it's running13:39
eglynnblinky_ghost: $ ceilometer alarm-show -a 57a12894-f976-4a59-8480-9c343dce019e13:39
blinky_ghosteglynn: now it shows "alarm"13:40
eglynnblinky_ghost: \o/13:40
blinky_ghostbecause I'm stressing my instance13:40
blinky_ghosteglynn: You're the man thanks :)13:41
eglynnblinky_ghost: np!13:41
blinky_ghosteglynn: now testing with heat :)13:42
eglynnblinky_ghost: good luck! (... one common error with heat autoscaling is to neglect to set repeat_actions: True on the alarm resources)13:43
eglynnblinky_ghost: ^^^ repeat_actions now defaults True, but that was only changed in Heat at some point during the Icehouse cycle, and I don't think it was backported13:44
blinky_ghosteglynn: You're saying I have to change the alarm manually after creating the heat stack?13:44
eglynnblinky_ghost: nope, you can set repeat_actions in the heat template from the get-go13:45
blinky_ghosteglynn: I'm using this one
eglynnblinky_ghost: this is the kind of think I mean
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... k, looking13:46
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blinky_ghosteglynn: I see, the repeat doesn't show on that template13:47
eglynnblinky_ghost: one sec13:48
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eglynnblinky_ghost: to check if its default correctly in your env, try:13:49
eglynnblinky_ghost: $ grep -A 3 repeat_actions /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/heat/engine/resources/ceilometer/ | grep Default13:49
eglynnblinky_ghost: (... you may need to change /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ appropriately for your env, that would the path on RHEL, on Fedora it would be s/2.6/2.7/ ...)13:50
isviridovHello Celiometer13:51
eglynnisviridov: hey13:52
isviridovAny changes with meeting in 1 hour at #openstack-meeting?13:52
isviridovWould love to join13:52
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eglynnisviridov: all welcome! ... see you then13:52
isviridoveglynn: see you. Thx13:52
eglynnisviridov: (I noted your agenda item)13:52
isviridoveglynn: ^_^13:53
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blinky_ghosteglynn: it appears Default: false13:58
eglynnblinky_ghost: k, make sure you've got it set explicitly true in you Heat template alarm resources so13:58
eglynnblinky_ghost: (... as per the example pasted above)13:59
blinky_ghosteglynn: Ok, I'll test it, thanks a lot for your help14:00
eglynnblinky_ghost: np! ... you may also want to consider using RDO on centos if you're looking for more up-to-date packages14:00
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... a getting started guide for ceilo on the RDO wiki
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... and here's a getting started guide for installing the bleeding edge
blinky_ghosteglynn: thanks I'll take a look14:02
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blinky_ghosteglynn: I've deployed RDO on lab before but now I'm using rackspace openstack private cloud mainly because of HA features. Also it seems pretty stable.14:07
eglynnblinky_ghost: cool14:08
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... HA of ceilometer itself, or HA elsewhere in the stack?14:08
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blinky_ghosteglyn: HA everywhere It uses mysql cluster, haproxy and keepalived for api, and rabbitmq cluster, ceilometer it's also HA, as it creates an haproxy entry for api and uses mysql for db backend, not mongodb.14:10
blinky_ghosteglynn: also you deploy it with chef recipes and it's easy to upgrade between versions14:11
eglynnblinky_ghost: interesting!14:12
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... BTW I've a design summit session proposed to discuss taking more advantage of the native mongodb replication feature14:13
eglynnblinky_ghost: (... so that we've a good HA story for mongo-based delpoys also)14:13
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... how is HA provided for the ceilometer-central-agent?14:13
blinky_ghosteglynn: It even has a plugin for Neutron L3 redundancy called rpcdaemon. Actually the only thing that doesn't seem HA is heat but it should be easy, changing chef recipes14:13
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... active/passive pair?14:13
blinky_ghosteglynn: I'm new with ceilometer as you can see, I see that has an entry to ceilometer-api on haproxy. I have a pair of controllers where each runs the api, central, etc14:15
eglynnblinky_ghost: reason I ask about the central agent is that it doesn't yet have a work partitioning scheme in place14:16
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... so can't be scaled horizontally (active/active) like the ceilo-api or ceilo-collector14:16
blinky_ghosteglynn: I can send you the configuration if you want so you take a look14:17
eglynnblinky_ghost: cool, but I can only look at it if it's already in the public domain :)14:19
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... so if the config is apache licensed fire away to eglynn@redhat.com14:20
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eglynnblinky_ghost: ... but if it's proprietary to rackspace, please don't send :)14:20
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blinky_ghosteglynn: it's a free product everybody can install it so I don't think that's an issue :)14:21
eglynnblinky_ghost: cool, great!14:21
blinky_ghosteglynn: sent :)14:34
eglynnblinky_ghost: obrigado! :)14:36
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koteswar_hi all14:38
koteswar_I am using icehouse-2. In my setup is external network and set it as router gateway.14:39
koteswar_Now I want see the rx and tx stats of qg-XX interface of router as meters.14:39
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koteswar_I configured neutron metering label and rule as follows.14:40
koteswar_sdn@koteswar-ice-osc:~$ neutron meter-label-show INCOMING14:40
koteswar_sdn@koteswar-ice-osc:~$ neutron meter-label-rule-create INCOMING --direction ingress14:40
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koteswar_But I don’t know how to see the stats associated with label  INCOMING. After creating label, how to see it as a meter in the collector side14:40
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blinky_ghosteglynn: doesn't seem to play nice with heat :( it shows "insufficient data "14:43
koteswar_how to get l3 meters related qg-xxx interfaces of router?14:44
eglynnblinky_ghost: $ for a in $(ceilometer alarm-list | grep CPUAlarm | awk '{print $2}') ; do ceilometer alarm-show -a $a ; done14:45
blinky_ghostNo handlers could be found for logger "ceilometerclient.common.http"14:46
blinky_ghost No handlers could be found for logger "ceilometerclient.common.http"14:46
blinky_ghosteglynn: Alarm not found: Autoscale15-CPUAlarmHigh-fxytjrpfkkbs14:46
koteswar_how to get l3 meters related qg-xxx interfaces of router?14:47
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... hmmm, I think you must be using an old version of python-ceilometerclient14:47
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... ceilometer alarm-list | grep CPUAlarm14:47
blinky_ghosteglynn: python-ceilometerclient-1.0.8-1.el6.noarch14:49
eglynnblinky_ghost: $ for a in 2cb34e1a-966c-45b6-82e3-e57af369ef73 ae04b2c9-c33a-453e-a050-31a00dacb045 ; do ceilometer alarm-show -a $a ; done14:49
blinky_ghosteglynn: I'm also seeing some HTTPInternalServerError (HTTP 500) on alarm-evaluator logs14:52
eglynnblinky_ghost: can you paste those also?14:52
eglynnblinky_ghost: more detail on the HTTPInternalServerError should be available in the api.log14:55
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eglynnblinky_ghost: ah yes, you're using a version of the sqlalchemy driver (for mysql) that sadly doesn't support querying constrained by resource metadata14:57
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... so that means several things won't work with your ceilometer install14:58
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... 1. the horizon metering dashboard14:58
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... 2. the form of alarm rule used by Heat autoscaling14:58
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eglynnblinky_ghost: ... for #2 the crux is that Heat needs the alarm to be dimensioned on all instances in the autoscaling group14:59
blinky_ghostelgynn: you mean python-sqlalchemy0.7-0.7.8-1.el6.x86_64 ?14:59
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... the way Heat represents this group membership is via instance metadata14:59
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... so the alarm query needs to be constrained on those metadata14:59
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... no I mean the version of the ceilometer sqla driver15:00
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... in Havana that driver did not have feature parity with the mongo driver15:00
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eglynnblinky_ghost: ... this has since been added in Icehouse15:00
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eglynnblinky_ghost: ... so your choices are:15:00
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... (a) upgrade to a Icehouse-derived version of ceilometer15:01
eglynnblinky_ghost: (b) use the mongodb driver instead of mysql15:01
blinky_ghosteglynn: OK, I think I'll go for the second one :)15:01
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... weeking meeting starting over on #openstack-meeting15:01
eglynnblinky_ghost: ... so I need to drop off now15:01
blinky_ghosteglynn: thanks a million, owe you a beer :)15:02
koteswar_how to get l3 meters related qg-xxx interfaces of router?15:04
eglynnblinky_ghost: np!15:04
koteswar_i tried creating neutron metering-labels but i donot know how to see them as meters..15:05
koteswar_anyone knows how to get l3 meters related qg-xxx interfaces of router?15:09
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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Fix Jenkins translation jobs
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stackerHello.  Can someone help me understand how ceilometer accumulates network stats?18:23
*** eglynn has joined #openstack-ceilometer18:27
stackerI'm wondering if the collection is done only for a specific time interval, and accumulation is done on the backend (db or whatever).18:29
stackerOr whether the counters in iptables are used instead to do the accumulation up front.18:29
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/ceilometer: Refactored the way how testscenarios tests are run
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stackerHello. Any ceilometer devs around?20:02
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stackerHello. Any ceilometer devs around?22:27
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