Wednesday, 2014-04-02

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openstackgerritliusheng proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Fix the floatingip pollster
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Fix the return of statistic with getting no sample
openstackgerritliusheng proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Fix the floatingip pollster
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openstackgerritJia Dong proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Sync rpc modules from oslo-incubator
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openstackgerritJenkins proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Imported Translations from Transifex
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openstackgerritIlya Tyaptin proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Add unit test for checking right order of sample list
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/ceilometer: Disable oslo.messaging debug logs
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eglynnjay_t_c: around?10:17
eglynnjay_t_c_2: ^^^10:17
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eglynnjay_t_c_2: finally I got around to looking at your heat problem, but only had a spare RHEL VM to play with10:18
eglynnjay_t_c_2: ... so I used the latest incarnation of the havana-derived Red Hat opensatck distro (as opposed to the canonical distro for ubuntu)10:19
eglynnjay_t_c_2: ... all went swimmingly with your template10:19
eglynnjay_t_c_2: ... the alarm_actions as expected are a pre-signed http URL10:20
aswadrangnekarI am trying to use raw_request method from ceilometer client file10:20
eglynnjay_t_c_2: ... [u'']10:20
eglynnjay_t_c_2: ... so for some reason looks like the alarm action is being truncated somewhere in your case (i.e. either on the heat or ceilo side)10:21
eglynnjay_t_c_2: ... what storage driver are you using?10:21
aswadrangnekarbut I an not able to access this method after initializing the client10:22
aswadrangnekaris there a usecase where python ceilometer client is used by other projects?10:24
eglynnaswadrangnekar: yes10:24
eglynnaswadrangnekar: heat10:24
eglynnaswadrangnekar: and horizon10:25
aswadrangnekareglynn: thanks I will take a look10:25
eglynnaswadrangnekar: BTW ceilometer itself used python-ceilometerclient10:25
eglynnaswadrangnekar: (in the alarm-evaluator)10:25
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aswadrangnekareglynn: thank for the pointer :) , let me have a look at it10:27
eglynnaswadrangnekar: np! ... BTW the horizon client is instantiated here:
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eglynnfolks, FYI there's an alternative summit being organized in APAC13:05
eglynn... perhaps we should think of submitting some ceilo proposals?13:05
eglynn... for details see
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eglynn... /me is a day late and a dollar shy ;)13:07
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eglynngordc: got time for a super-quick question?13:11
eglynngordc: about
eglynngordc: so I was thinking of carrying this as a additional patch in the havana-derived RH openstack distro13:12
eglynn(... seeing as it's not on stable/havana and prolly not suitable for backport)13:12
eglynngordc: ... but remind me of problematic aspect of this discussed last week, it was a postgres-only issue right?13:13
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eglynnjd__: do you know where we specify the mongodb version used by the scenario tests in the gate?13:49
eglynn... or is it just latest available in whatever package repo?13:49
jd__option #213:49
jd__so the mongodb tests do not run on py27 because it's Oldbuntu13:49
jd__only on py26 where CentOS is used and has a more recent MongoDB13:49
eglynnyeah py26 is the problem ... /me is trying to figure out this py26 specific fail on stable/havana13:50
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eglynn... can't reproduce it on RHEL tho' with mongodb 2.4.6 installed13:50
jd__eglynn: looks like it's because 1 is different than 213:50
jd__you're welcome.13:50
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eglynnjd__: darn! why didn't I think of that ;)13:51
jd__eglynn: replace self.assertEqual(len(resources), 2) by self.assertEqual(len(resources), len(resources)) and that should work13:51
jd__you're welcome, AGAIN.13:51
eglynnjd__: LOL :)13:52
jd__more seriously that's weird that it suddenty happens on stable13:52
eglynnjd__: ... well only for the patch that ups the "implicit" mongo requirement to 2.413:52
jd__I don't think the nodes are different between py26 for stable and master13:55
jd__maybe the patch cherry-pick misses something? :(13:55
eglynnjd__: ... to be fair, the patch also changes the resource collection somewhat, so not necessarily related to versioning13:55
eglynnjd__: ... yep, always poss that I screwed that up ;)13:55
jd__yeah I don't think it's versioning at all13:55
eglynnjd__: cough, nothing to see here ;)13:56
eglynnjd__: ... yep bad cherry pick13:56
eglynnjd__: ... /me scurries off to fix13:56
jd__eglynn: you know what?13:57
eglynnjd__: shoot13:57
eglynnjd__: my belated but sincere thanks, good sir!13:58
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openstackgerritNadya Privalova proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Make entities (Resource, User, Project) able to store lists
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openstackgerritNadya Privalova proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Make entities (Resource, User, Project) able to store lists
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htrutahello, guys! i'm trying to get some ceilometer information in nova. Is that possible? can i get it through ceilometer client or the file generated by ceilometer?14:25
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gordceglynn: sorry about that. internet cut out at my apartment. sent you an email.14:39
eglynngordc: yeah thanks for that, I was just responding to your mail14:39
eglynngordc: ... but easier to just say it on IRC14:40
gordceglynn: ok.14:40
eglynngordc: ... so in the meantime I was reminding myself of the last weekly meeting discussion and IIUC seems to be indicating that the issue impacts postgres only and *not* mysql14:40
eglynn... e.g. <gordc> jd__: agreed. there's something wonky happening which doesn't let postgres work with multiple connection but let's mysql14:41
eglynngordc: ^^^ is that in reference to the same multi-worker collector patch?14:41
eglynngordc: ... or am I conflating two separate issues?14:41
gordceglynn: right. so it's sort of two different issues. there's that item...14:41
gordcand then there's also the fact that you'll get deadlock/rollback errors in both sql backends as well even with the postgres patch.14:42
openstackgerritNadya Privalova proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Make entities (Resource, User, Project) able to store lists
eglynngordc: so currently on master, what's the status in terms of brokeness against either mysql or postgres?14:43
gordceglynn: this is the patch i have that resolves it but the real fix is to fix the data moel14:44
gordceglynn: you should probably stick with a single worker... it's not committing fast enough with the above patch.14:44
gordcs/with the/without the/14:45
eglynngordc: so without ... are *both* sqla DBs problematic on master with multiple collectors?14:46
eglynn(i.e. either multiple workers or multiple processes)14:46
gordceglynn: i didn't see the issue as much (or at all) with multiple collector services... that said i didn't test as much that scenario.14:47
gordceglynn: you'll definitely see it under decent loads if you spawn multiple workers under single service.14:48
eglynngordc: sounds like we need to release-note this as a know issue with the sqla driver?14:49
eglynngordc: ... i.e. instruct users not to spawn multiple worker threads in the sqla case14:49
gordceglynn: yeah. we'll definitely need a backport at some point.14:50
eglynngordc: k, let's discuss in more detail at the weekly meeting what needs to be explicitly captured in the icehouse release notes (prior to future backports onto stable/icehouse)14:52
eglynngordc: ... in the meantime, sounds like your multi-worker patch is safe to carry in RHOS as we only support mongo14:52
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gordceglynn: ok. give it a try just to confirm but all the issues i saw were sql related.14:54
eglynngordc: cool, will do14:54
gordceglynn: i actually won't be at meeting tomorrow (will be out of town) so i'll send you guys a note if i recall any other issues.14:54
eglynngordc: great, thank you sir!14:55
htrutahello? anyone?14:57
eglynnhtruta: anyone what?15:02
nprivalovaeglynn, gordc, I need you thoughts about
eglynnnprivalova: so what's the story, same resource but different sources?15:10
nprivalovaeglynn: same meters but different sources15:10
eglynnnprivalova: but meters are per-resource, right?15:11
nprivalovaeglynn: yep15:11
nprivalovaeglynn: let me find a short example...15:12
eglynnnprivalova: so "same meters but different sources" is equivalent to "individual resource(s) each associated with multiple sources"?15:12
nprivalovaeglynn: if we have15:13
nprivalovaeglynn: {'user_id': u'user-id-alternate', 'name': 'instance', 'resource_id':  u'resource-id-alternate', 'source': 'test-2', 'project_id':  u'project-id', 'type': 'cumulative', 'unit': ''}15:13
nprivalovaeglynn: {'user_id': u'user-id-alternate', 'name': 'instance', 'resource_id':  u'resource-id-alternate', 'source': 'test-3', 'project_id':  u'project-id', 'type': 'cumulative', 'unit': ''}15:13
nprivalovaeglynn: these objects are not distinguished15:13
eglynnnprivalova: ... so only delta is the source value, right?15:14
nprivalovaeglynn: yep15:14
eglynnnprivalova: when we discussed this yesterday (IIRC) my instinct was ...15:14
eglynn... since this scenario is not going to come up in real-life15:14
eglynn... => we shouldn't sweat it too much15:14
nprivalovaeglynn: my problem is that I need to maintain this behavior in HBase :)15:15
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eglynnnprivalova: can you explain why? do you have a definite use-case for the multiple sources?15:15
nprivalovaeglynn: no, we have unit-tests with it :(15:15
nprivalovaeglynn: "scenario-tests"15:16
eglynnnprivalova: so the test referred to in the bug
eglynnnprivalova: ... that's passing on master, but failing on your development branch?15:17
gordcnprivalova: i think we should probably hold off on the hbase updates... i think we need to really finalise the data model we want to store... ie. multiple sources needed.15:17
nprivalovaeglynn: yep, but there are several tests, not only this. I made a hack to make it work but meter-list works too long because of it15:18
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eglynngordc: agree we need closure on the unfinished discussion started at the last summit
eglynnnprivalova: "works too long"?15:19
gordceglynn: agreed. no point wasting time fixing for something that may be wrong.15:19
eglynnnprivalova: i.e. the test takes too long to run?15:20
nprivalovagordc, eglynn, I would like meter-list works correct in Icehouse. Maybe long but correct15:20
nprivalovaeglynn: on real env, not test15:20
gordcnprivalova: i think there's also another problem with meter-list.15:21
nprivalovaeglynn, gordc, actually my complains about bug 1301371 is for discussions on summit15:21
eglynnnprivalova: ok, two things ... 1. getting another changes into icehouse would need an RC2 to be cut, right?15:21
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eglynnnprivalova: and 2. meter-list working unexpectedly with multi-source resources in real env isn't really a problem if "real" samples always respect a 1:1 relationship between resource:source15:23
gordcnprivalova: right now, we store meters in a list with resource in mongo/hbase. that list may contain stale meters if we ever run ttl since we only ever add and never remove.... might also be a problem in sql.15:23
nprivalovaeglynn: I need only one patch . It repairs meter-list and doesn't affect any other modules except HBase15:23
nprivalovagordc: I fixed it :)15:23
gordcnprivalova: really? cool!15:24
nprivalovagordc: stop :)15:24
eglynnnprivalova: would you consider a release-critical bug?15:25
gordcnprivalova: i would think only critical items would justify a RC2 build htough. if not, it should be a backport15:25
eglynnnprivalova: (... marked as Medium currently)15:25
eglynnnprivalova: ... if not release-critical, I'd suspect we'd have a job persuading ttx to cut an RC215:25
eglynnnprivalova: ... likely he'd pushback to just punt to 1st stable/icehouse release15:26
eglynn(i.e. wot gordc just said)15:26
nprivalovaeglynn: let me try to explain. Now get_meters returns very cut version of meters. "very" means only 10%15:26
nprivalovaeglynn: about15:26
eglynnnprivalova: ... so reading between the lines, do you consider this bug to be more important than Medium?15:27
nprivalovaeglynn: It's hard to evaluate how critical it is... From one hand it's just API output15:27
eglynn("medium" == "Fix when convenient, or schedule to fix later")15:28
nprivalovaeglynn: from other hand meter-list is very common request15:28
gordcnprivalova: for me, critical is 'this doesn't start or this crashes'15:28
nprivalovagordc: yep, I mostly agree15:29
eglynngordc: +115:29
gordcnprivalova: i guess one way to look at it is if you were a deployer and saw this error about this at 4am in the morning. would you fix it or would you sleep for another 3
gordcthat said, i'd probably always choose to sleep for another 3 hrs.15:30
eglynnnprivalova: I could be wrong, but I'm thinking incomplete info returned by GET /v2/meters doesn't warrant the Critical tag ... but perhaps High?15:31
nprivalovagordc: hehe :) Maybe it's not normal but my dreams were about this issue today :)15:31
nprivalovaeglynn: yep, High is better that Medium or Critical15:31
eglynnnprivalova: ... so you could re-prioritize it as "High" and see if we can get the patch landed on master first at least15:32
gordceglynn: agreed, non-critical to me.15:32
nprivalovaeglynn: ok, will do15:32
eglynnnprivalova: ... without it being on master, there's only a very weak case to persuade ttx we need an RC215:32
gordcnprivalova: i've had a few of those dreams... scary that i dream about ceilometer now.15:32
eglynnnprivalova: ... but even with it on master, he still may baulk at cutting another RC and instead prolly would punt to stable/icehouse15:33
nprivalovaeglynn: ok. I have some plans about performance against backends and wanted to use master-HBase for it... And maybe prepare some demo for summit about HBase to show how it works. I guess that it's the main reason (for me) to have it it Icehouse. But if think once more it's not critical actually15:36
nprivalovagordc: I'm trying to understand your ttl example. Do you mean that we should clean meters in Resource table if meter becomes removed?15:39
gordcnprivalova: right. well if i remember correctly, we currently have a a list of meters under resource which we append to (if new). but if we run ttl, there's a chance that the sample (and meter) will be removed but it won't be removed in list of meters under resource.15:41
gordcnprivalova: so if we call meter-list we'll get back meters that may have been cleaned by ttl (or whatever other reason, ie. archiving)15:42
gordcnprivalova: did that make sense? basically the list we are storing under resource is a historical list and not one that reflects what currently exists in db... (disclaimer: i've yet to verify this)15:46
nprivalovagordc: hmm, hard to imagine remove of meter if there is no "meter" table, only "sample" actually...But it looks like everything should be ok in HBase. We may determine ttl for all tables and entries. If all samples related to one meter disappears after 100 minutes then entry that corresponds this meter in resource table will disappear too because it's "age" equals to the latest sample that corresponds meter15:49
nprivalovagordc: now we store "columns" in HBase, not list15:50
gordcnprivalova: ok cool. yeah i haven't really seen your new code but i think adding columns instead of list makes more sense for hbase.15:51
gordcnprivalova: this is just based on previously looking at hbase/mongo code.15:51
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nprivalovagordc: yes. actually there are a lot of things that may be done in HBase. E.g. now we use only one filter. But HBase contains 10th of them15:53
gordcnprivalova: you proposing a session on hbase? i know Alexei_987 has one for data model i think we should make sure we implement the data model specific to the backend.15:56
nprivalovagordc: unfortunately I cannot go to summit. I hope Alexey will go. In this case he will be responsible for HBase demo :) Hope he will not mind15:58
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eglynnnprivalova: "And maybe prepare some demo for summit about HBase to show how it works" ==> I'll look forward to it! :)16:02
eglynnnprivalova: "unfortunately I cannot go to summit" ==> that's a pity! :(16:02
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nprivalovaeglynn: it's better to home O:-)16:04
nprivalovaeglynn: *to be16:04
eglynnnprivalova: yeap, I hear ya! :)16:04
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htrutaeglynn: i'm trying to get some ceilometer information in nova. Is that possible? can i get it through ceilometer client or the file generated by ceilometer?16:09
eglynnhtruta: "get some ceilometer information in nova" == "get some information about nova resources from ceilometer"?16:10
eglynnhtruta: here are nova meters that ceilometer collects
eglynnhtruta: you can access these programmatically via the python-ceilometerclient library16:11
eglynnhtruta: or via the CLI16:11
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eglynnhtruta: e.g. $ ceilometer statistics -m cpu_util -q resource=$INSTANCE_ID16:12
htrutaeglynn: exactly! that's what i want16:12
eglynnhtruta: ^^^ to get the CPU utilization for a particular instance16:12
eglynnhtruta: you need to ensure that the ceilometer compute agent is running on every nova-compute node16:13
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htrutacan i instance the ceilometer client inside nova?16:14
eglynnhtruta: I don't understand your question16:18
htrutaeglynn: is it possible to get access to the ceilometer via client on the nova?16:21
htrutaprogrammatically, i mean16:22
eglynnhtruta: when you say "on the nova" do you mean "on the nova compute node"?16:22
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htrutaon the nova, for each compute node... i want the statistics about every single instance16:23
eglynnhtruta: you can run the ceilometer client from any host that has access to keystone and the ceilometer-api service16:24
eglynnhtruta: ... just like you can run the clients for any other openstack service16:25
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htrutaeglynn: i didnt know this usage of the clients. thanks!16:55
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/ceilometer: ensure dispatcher service is configured before rpc
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openstackgerritJenkins proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Updated from global requirements
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