Monday, 2014-05-19

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Manish__I was looking into Ceilometer integration with SWIFT05:44
Manish__I have one query here, does SWIFT has support for "Notification bus" for ceilometer? Or polling mechanism is the only option available till now?05:46
Manish__Can someone help me here?05:49
openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Remove unused db code due to api v1 drop
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Imported Translations from Transifex
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yatinHi Folks06:16
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yatinwant to contribute to ceilometer, but currently struggling with ceilometer jargons06:17
ondergetekendeI'm not a core developer either, but I have a reasonable understanding of the jargon.06:18
yatinondergetekende: hi06:18
yatinondergetekende: i'm puttig nova quota usage into notification queue06:19
yatinondergetekende: and able to get them at ceilometer-collector service06:19
yatinondergetekende: under process_notification06:19
yatinondergetekende: funcationality which i want to implement in ceilometer06:19
yatinondergetekende: flag the admin about quota usage when 80% quota usage limit reached06:20
yatinondergetekende: so, admin can make any arrangement if any06:21
ondergetekendeTounds like the alarms functionality to me.06:21
yatinondergetekende: i thought alarms, but not sure, how do i reach there from notifications06:21
ondergetekendeAlarms are typically done independent of the nova quotae06:22
yatinondergetekende: i'm seeing collector process_notification(), which goes to compute/notifications.py06:22
yatinondergetekende: ok06:22
ondergetekendeSay you'd have a 10 CPU quota, you'd set an 8 CPU alarm.06:22
yatinondergetekende: ok06:23
ondergetekendeCeilometer just gets its measurements the 'normal way', and then triggers the alarms when it feels like it.06:23
yatinondergetekende: so i have to configure alarm, right?06:23
ondergetekendeI suppose so.06:24
ondergetekendeI haven't done that myself, so I don't know the details.06:24
yatinondergetekende: collector service, how it will be able to handle to alarm, is it alarm evalutor serivce?06:25
yatinondergetekende: sorry about typo. how data flow from collector to alarm06:25
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yatinondergetekende: i'm stuck on data flow, where to go ahead from collector data reach alarm06:27
ondergetekendeI'm not sure. The agent will send usage notification to the collector, which somehow triggers the alarm evaluators.06:27
ondergetekendeThe alarm evaluators may then send an alarm notification.06:28
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yatinondergetekende: alarm evaluators -  will check this06:28
yatinondergetekende: thanks for the hints :)06:28
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openstackgerritKoert van der Veer proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Implemented metering for Cinder's snapshots
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openstackgerritMitsuru Kanabuchi proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Split bunch of samples into multiple messages
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eglynnSergeyLukjanov: good morning sir!09:56
eglynnSergeyLukjanov: ... sorry to be a pest, but I wonder could I get some love for ?09:56
eglynn(creating new ceilo-specs repo, /me is expecting a bunch of post-summit BPs this week, so it would be great to have the repo in flight)09:57
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pnascimentohello everyone, I would like to ask you about something about development on Ceilometer project, anyone here available to help me, please? thanks in advance :)10:06
pnascimentoSo, I'm interested on develop some new agents and transformers I would like some help with that, I have already read and more specifically about agents on
pnascimentomy question/thought, if I need or want to create a new agent, I need to create a new folder 'newAgent/' and inside create '' that inherits from ceilometer.agent.AgentManager and declare only the  'def __init__(self)' method, and after that create a '' that inherits from ceilometer.plugin.PollsterBase, and create a 'pollsters/' folder with every pollster for this agent?10:23
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pnascimentoI think, I'm not the only one with this kind of question, because:
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eglynnpnascimento: still there?11:09
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admin0hey all11:39
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yatineglynn: Hi11:52
eglynnyatin: hi11:53
yatineglynn: i'm new to ceilometer, want to contribute regarding quota usage11:53
eglynnyatin: welcome!11:54
yatineglynn: i'm not sure, how do i go about it11:54
yatineglynn: i'm able to get quota usage on queue11:54
yatineglynn: on collector service11:54
eglynnyatin: well there are two orthogonal directions you could take here11:55
yatineglynn: quota usage is per tenent, if reached 80% above, want to notify cloud admin11:55
eglynnyatin: 1. exposing the internal quotas of the individual services via ceilometer11:56
eglynnyatin: 2. implementing quota-like limitations *within* ceilometer11:56
eglynnyatin: ... the latter was discussed briefly at summit last week, WRT to custom metrics in the new v3 API11:57
yatineglynn:  can you describe more on point 1, like instance quota, the data flow11:57
eglynnyatin: ... personally, #2 seems like a more useful thing to me11:58
yatineglynn: for #2. what i need to look into, in ceilometer prespective11:59
eglynnyatin: ... so quotas are largely an internal concern for the individual services such as nova, cinder, glance11:59
eglynnyatin: ... so for #1 I'd be concerned with for example exposing the quota pre-reservation mechanism via ceilo12:00
eglynnyatin: ... as that is largely an internal implementation concern for nova etc.12:00
eglynnyatin: ... also there have been known edge cases where the recorded quota usages in nova falls out of synch with reality12:01
eglynnyatin: ... and there's a partial self-healing mechanism in place to address those cases in extremis (for example when the purported usage falls below zero)12:01
yatineglynn: ok12:02
eglynnyatin: ... for #2, start by familiarizing yourself with the planned v3 API12:02
eglynnyatin: ... this is being prototyped currently as the gnocchi project12:02
yatineglynn: ok12:03
yatineglynn: the flow to metering quota usages will start from collector service?12:03
eglynnyatin: ... some notes on discussion of v3/gnocchi last week at
eglynnyatin: ... were you at ATL?12:04
yatineglynn: Nope12:04
yatineglynn: :(12:04
eglynnyatin: ... well as I said above, this would using quota-like restrictions *within* ceilometer itself12:05
eglynnyatin: ... for example to limite the number of metric datapoints a user could push into gnocchi12:05
eglynnyatin: ... as opposed to exposing the internal details of nova quotas within ceilometer12:05
eglynnyatin: (... which as I explained above, is of less value IMO)12:06
eglynnyatin: ... makes sense?12:06
yatineglynn: i guess, i need to look into gnocchi to understand what you are talking about12:08
eglynnyatin: sounds good ... thanks for your interest, and welcome on board!12:08
yatineglynn: all i can understand, internal data from openstack service, will not be directly handle by ceilometer, correct me if i am wrong12:08
eglynnyatin: *any* data that can be retrived by from the openstack services *can* be handled by ceilometer12:09
* yatin checking etherpad12:10
eglynnyatin: ... this includes data relating to quotas for example12:10
eglynnyatin: ... the question is whether it makes sense to meter this ceilometer12:10
eglynnyatin: ... if the service *itself* already provides a well-understood way of accessing the current state of quota usages12:11
yatineglynn: that's right, but i want to alert before quota limit reached12:12
yatineglynn: and not require to meter quota, its like event as and when resource is consumed12:13
eglynnyatin: ... OK such alerts may have *some* potential value, though I would caution checking whether those edge-cases with quota mis-accounting in nova have all been resolved12:13
yatineglynn: i should check about quota mis-accounting,12:14
eglynnyatin: ... here's an example bug
eglynnyatin: ... that one is pretty old, so perhaps the recorded quota usages are now more reliable12:15
eglynnyatin: ... you'll need to check, as alerting on unreliable state is badness12:15
eglynnyatin: ... then you'll need to propose a blueprint12:16
eglynnyatin: ... I'm working on a new process for blueprint oversight & approval12:16
eglynnyatin: ... for now you'll need to write up something based on this template12:16
eglynnyatin: ...
yatineglynn: yes, i know, the process has changed for submitting blueprint12:17
eglynnyatin: ... we're waiting on the new ceilometer-specs repo to be created by infra:
yatineglynn: i also want to know implemetation side, about pipeline and publisher, how they work with collector12:18
eglynnyatin: ... have you read the docs?12:18
yatineglynn: yes, read the architecture doc12:18
eglynnyatin: ... briefly:12:19
yatineglynn: but not able to follow code in compute/, process_notification()12:19
yatineglynn: yes, read some blogs, also code comments.12:19
eglynnyatin: ... the pipeline defines polling intervals, data source-to-sink associations, transformation rules12:19
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eglynnyatin: ... the publisher transports the sample datapoints from the originating agent to the collector12:20
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eglynnyatin: ... the collector persists the samples in the metering store12:20
yatineglynn: are you say, cfg.CONF.collector.store_events, on metering store12:21
yatineglynn: i'm able to follow upto sample object created in _process_notification_for_ext() collector/, but what happens next12:22
eglynnyatin: ... what version of the code are you looking at?12:24
yatineglynn: stable/havana12:24
eglynnyatin: ... ok that's your first mistake ;)12:25
eglynnyatin: ... _process_notification_for_ext() doesn't exist on master any more12:25
eglynnyatin: ... not since the oslo-messaging switchover12:26
eglynnyatin: ... so *all* new features *must* be landed on master12:26
eglynnyatin: ... stable/icehouse is for backporting selected bugfixes *only*12:27
eglynnyatin: ... stable/havana will be EoL'd for for all but security fixes soon enough12:27
eglynnyatin: ... so you should concentrate on master in terms of familiarization12:27
eglynnyatin: ... makes sense?12:27
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yatineglynn: yes12:28
eglynnyatin: cool12:28
yatineglynn: got some good inputs from you. thanks :)12:28
eglynnyatin: np!12:28
eglynnright-o, all this typing makes a man hungry ... /me scurries off to forage for food ;)12:29
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SergeyLukjanoveglynn, hey, just woke up (we're on west cost still)13:47
pnascimentoeglynn: i'm here now (but with some connectivity problems, sorry about that)13:47
SergeyLukjanoveglynn, sure, I'll take a look13:47
eglynnSergeyLukjanov: thank you sir!13:48
eglynnpnascimento: one sec13:48
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eglynnpnascimento: back, so what can I do for you?13:53
SergeyLukjanoveglynn, lgtm13:54
eglynnpnascimento: (... in the next 5 mins, I've call at 1400UTC)13:54
eglynnSergeyLukjanov: thank you again sir! :)13:54
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SergeyLukjanoveglynn, no problem:)13:55
pnascimentoeglynn: if you are too busy, we can schedule a kind of a "meeting" here?13:55
eglynnpnascimento: ... what's your TZ?13:55
pnascimentoeglynn: I need some guidance on ceilometer development13:56
eglynnpnascimento: ... would 0900 UTC tmrw work for you?13:56
pnascimentoeglynn: one moment, I will confirm that13:58
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eglynnanamalagon: welcome!14:00
anamalagoneglynn: hi!14:01
eglynnheads-up folks ... anamalagon has started today as an OPW intern working on a ceilometer-related project over the next 3 months14:01
pnascimentoeglynn: unfortunately, tomorrow since 0830 UTC until to 1730 UTC, I will be occupied :/14:01
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eglynnpnascimento: k, just put your questions in an email ... eglynn@redhat.com14:02
pnascimentoeglynn: ok, then I will write them on a email and send it to you, thanks for you availability ;)14:04
pnascimentoanamalagon: welcome, and good luck! :)14:05
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anamalagonpnascimento: thanks!14:05
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cmartHello, I'm new at ceilometer. And I want to "play" with the alarms..14:34
cmartIs there any integration test that I could run in order to see how it works?14:35
cmartor at least, a fast way to set up an alarm and trigger it?14:36
cmartI have a vm instance running..  What would be the fastest way to set up and to trigger an alarm?14:37
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ityaptincmart: Hi! Good alarm creating instructions are in  At point Using alarms.14:48
ityaptincmart: For fast trigger you may create alarm with metric "instance" and threshold = 1. For examle: "ceilometer alarm-create --threshold 1 --name a -m instance".14:51
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ityaptincmart: And if you create one instance your alarm triggers.14:53
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cmartityaptin: Cool!15:00
cmartI'll try that15:00
cmartand one more thing.. I'm planning to put as alarm-action the following: --alarm-action 'log://'A_path_that_I_know_on_my_machine"15:03
cmartany docs where I can find how the alarms-actions work?15:03
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ityaptincmart: I can't remember any docs with it, but in code alarm-actions is list of urls. When alarm triggers, it sends post request to urls in list.15:52
cmartityaptin: and what about logs? If alarm-action is eq to log, where this "log" will be shown? At ceilometer-alarm-notifier screen?15:59
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cmartI've created two alarms like the ones you said, and I put some breakpoints onf the alarm service file, but I got nothing :S16:00
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openstackgerritEugeniya Kudryashova proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Use HTTPClient from common Oslo code
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cmartDoes anyone know if the cause why alarmsnotifications are not working  is because of this bug:
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cmartI'm getting this:
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CristianFHi, I need some help for setting intervals for collecting ceilometer metrics..20:30
CristianFplease could anyone offer some advice? thanks.20:32
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