Wednesday, 2014-12-17

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer: ensure unique pipeline names
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openstackgerritJulien Danjou proposed stackforge/gnocchi: indexer: simplify resource ↔ metric relationship
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer-specs: Add spec for more power and thermal data
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/ceilometer: Avoid NoneType error when inspect mem usage failed
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/ceilometer: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/ceilometer: Imported Translations from Transifex
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sudiptoeglynn: Hi09:11
eglynnsudipto: morning09:11
eglynnsudipto: 'sup?09:11
sudiptoeglynn: Apologies for dragging a conversation from a few days back.09:12
eglynnsudipto: please remind me09:12
sudiptoeglynn: I actually figured out the resource tracker in nova-compute which gives a plugin based model to gather host state data - that in turn can be used for placement decisions via a filter.09:12
eglynnsudipto: yes, that's the way the nova scheduler works09:13
eglynnsudipto: per-compute resource tracker feeds into the filtering/weighting logic in the scheduler09:13
sudiptoeglynn: This resource tracker follows a plugin based model and hence it can be extended into external services too i suppose.09:13
sudiptoeglynn: An external service like Ceilometer...09:14
sudiptoeglynn: It appears that the nova-compute resource tracker offers two kinds of data that could be collected and reported - static and dynamic.09:14
sudiptoenglynn: static data seems to have been implemented using a resource - like 'vcpu'09:15
sudiptoeglynn: And the 'dynamic' data seems to be reported via a monitor - via a virt driver like 'libvirt'09:15
sudiptoeglynn: I want to report data that is based on ceilometer DB. it won't be collected via 'libvirt'...but can be obtained via the Ceilometer DB.09:16
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eglynnsudipto: do you mean, (a) ceilometer could provide an alternative nova-resource tracker implementation09:16
eglynnsudipto: ... or (b) ceilometer could listen into the resource-tracker=>scheduler interaction?09:17
sudiptoeglynn: I read this spec for the details and speaks that the external service can extend this resource tracker...09:17
eglynnsudipto: IIRC the resource-tracker=>scheduler interaction is mediated via the nova DB09:17
sudiptoeglynn: sort of like the latter. Yeah. The resource tracker currently is operational via the nova DB... But the resource tracker spec talks about future extensibility into external services like Ceilometer.09:18
sudiptoeglynn: A data like - 'network bandwidth' may not be obtained via the nova virt drivers. In such a case, we might want to rely on an external service to update that info...I am into that kind of realm of things.09:19
eglynnsudipto: one sec, I need to deal with something else for a minute, back shortly09:20
sudiptoeglynn: Sure.09:21
eglynnsudipto: sorry, back09:30
eglynnsudipto: OK, so where were we?09:30
sudiptoeglynn: Yeah sure, so basically i am thinking about writing a filter on 'memory bandwidth' and the data for that is gathered by Ceilometer. I thought extending the resource tracker is the best approach. But there has been none of the implementations outside of Nova.09:31
eglynnsudipto: basically the notion of ceilometer providing an alternative nova resource-tracker implementation09:31
eglynnsudipto: OK, so two problems occur to me09:31
eglynnsudipto: 1. the nature of the nova resource-tracker=>scheduler interaction is not via a public mechanism09:32
sudiptoeglynn: Yeah you mean via REST or some of sort of de-coupled service...09:33
eglynnsudipto: (i.e. not via a REST API or AMQP notifications, instead it goes via the nova DB IIUC, a private part of the nova implementation)09:33
eglynnsudipto: 2. there are plans afoot to extend the resource-tracker to be more explicitly aware of scheduler concerns such as over-commitment policies09:34
DinaBelovaeglynn, ityaptin - fyi http://grafana.org09:34
eglynn(again an internal nova concern, not relevant to ceilometer)09:34
DinaBelovaeglynn, here is the playground as well -
eglynnDinaBelova: yep, Monasca uses this IIUC?09:35
DinaBelovaeglynn, well, I do not actually remember what tool did they use09:35
DinaBelovaeglynn, but suddenly I understood that's nice thing fof both opentsdb and influxdb09:36
eglynnsudipto: so between #1 & #2 above, seems to me that the resource-tracker is not truly suited as an "extension point"09:36
eglynnDinaBelova: coolness09:36
sudiptoeglynn: Ok. The resource tracker spec that i shared had this topic: Potential to use these mechanisms to provide/consume metrics to/from external services09:36
eglynnsudipto: I think that extensibility notion expressed in is out of date09:37
sudiptoeglynn: That made me think that if i want to make a nova filter using a ceilometer gathered data - it could be done via this logic.09:37
sudiptoeglynn: Oh ok.09:37
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eglynnsudipto: I'll confirm my take on that with the nova guys09:38
sudiptoeglynn: Ok that'd be great. Do you want me to be a part of the conversation in some sort of way? If so, do let me know...Otherwise i can revert to you on IRC (or any other suitable means you may suggest)09:39
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DinaBelovaeglynn, may I ask you to take a look on the,cm ? Actually I mean the discussion about how does this spec will coordinate with gnocchi in future, and it looks like overall idea of how events idea will (or won't) live in gnocchi is kind of vagues to me. I belived that we'll store events in gnocchi (probably via indexer concept, ia resources changes history or09:54
DinaBelova whatever), but after some conversaiton with Gordon I'm not so sure09:54
eglynnDinaBelova: I'll have a look09:55
DinaBelovaeglynn, thank you sir!09:55
idegtiaroveglynn: DinaBelova: Thank Dina for rising that question, I'm also interested in illumination Events in gnocchi approach.09:58
eglynnsudipto: so I confirmed my understanding of the nova RT->scheduler interaction with a colleague who's more embedded in nova10:14
eglynnsudipto: the upshot is that the nova RT is not really suitable as an external extension point, as I thought10:15
eglynnsudipto: now there is work afoot to stabilize the RT->scheduler interaction10:15
openstackgerritLena Novokshonova proposed openstack/ceilometer: Improve tools/ correctness
eglynnsudipto: i.e. ensure it's versioned, objectified and all that goodness10:15
eglynnsudipto: ... and potentially to eventually move it out of the nova DB as a next step10:15
eglynnsudipto: but that's all very forward looking, with a time horizon extending from kilo into lemming10:15
eglynnsudipto: so not something to be basing a more current stragey on10:16
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_elena_ildikov, it may be interesting for you
liushengHi DinaBelova, could you please take a look at the pagination spec, we(ZhiQiang Fan and me) plan to upload patches for this currently. thanks:)10:32
DinaBelovaliusheng ok, will take a look10:33
liushengDinaBelova: thanks a lot :)10:33
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DinaBelovaliusheng, +2ed it + approved10:35
ildikov_elena_: sure, I saw the mail about, I will check soon, thanks10:35
liushengDinaBelova: thanks10:36
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idegtiarovliusheng:  Hi! please take a look at my answer for you patch
idegtiarovliusheng:  suppose I can clarify my proposition10:45
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sudiptoeglynn: Sorry i had stepped out. So it sounds like - if we want to do this, it would have to be tied to Nova - short term?10:46
idegtiarovliusheng: *can meant could10:46
ildikov_elena_: eglynn: can I ask for some clarification on this duplicated samples topic?10:46
ildikov_elena_: eglynn: I've checked the logs, but a quick chat would help for my holiday brain to catch up correctly :)10:47
eglynnsudipto: well, the thought was the nova resource-tracker is not suited to being extended by services outside nova (such as ceilo), for the reasons given above10:47
ildikov_elena_: eglynn: so my question is that the docs should be about to note that sample duplication can happen or do we have a "workaround" for the pipeline config?10:48
eglynnildikov: can you remind me of which duplicated samples topic you mean? (mentioned in llu's docco patch, or?)10:48
ildikoveglynn: no, the transformer pollster topic, that had a bug report, which was discussed on the last week's meeting IIRC, but I had to leave earlier, so I missed that discussion10:49
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eglynnildikov: do you mean the discussion after the meeting on ?10:51
ildikoveglynn: yes, that's the one10:51
liushengidegtiarov: thanks, looking10:51
sudiptoeglynn: Hmm, so for hovering around on the same point, but so it means that now, if i have to implement a nova filter for "network" or "memory" bandwidth: 1. It probably is not possible short term. 2. It can be done via the virt drivers like libvirt but not via something like ceilometer. Is that the right understanding?10:52
eglynnildikov: we decided that the bug report was invalid, as the pipeline.yaml essentially requests that duplication10:52
sudiptoeglynn: Bad english. I meant - sorry for hovering around the same point :)10:52
ildikoveglynn: so the note in the docs should be something like 'be aware of meters that are contained by multiple pipelines will be dupplicated'?10:53
ildikoveglynn: I guess it means the all meters and disk and network pipelines in the default config10:54
eglynnsudipto: OK, so the first proposal was to extend the nova RT from *outside* nova (e.g. ceilometer) ... that doesn't look like a good idea10:54
eglynnsudipto: OTOH it's sane to work *within* nova to (a) report extra data up to the scheduler from the resource-tracker, and (b) filter on this data in different ways on the nova-scheduler side10:54
ildikoveglynn: there was smth about the Xen version in the logs, but if I saw right it only polls the rate data, so it shouldn't trigger the disk pipeline, but anyway10:55
sudiptoeglynn: Thanks that explains :)10:56
eglynnildikov: the docco note should say that if the current hypervisor inspector allows the disk and network rates to be gathered directly ...10:58
eglynnildikov: ... then the disk_source:disk_sink and network_source:network_sink pipelines are not required10:58
eglynnildikov: and to include them in the pipeline.yaml will lead to duplication10:58
_elena_ildikov, i did as advised ityaptin, but maybe there is an option to do something differently as a better10:58
eglynnildikov: or alternatively, the disk_source:disk_sink and network_source:network_sink pipelines in the pipeline.yaml can be thought of as a work-around for libvirt10:59
ildikoveglynn: currently vmware and xen only allows to poll the rate data, I don't know HyperV, but for Libvirt the rate meters are calculated, but in general makes sense11:01
eglynnildikov: yep, the only hypervisors that allow the rate be gathered directly are vmware & xenapi11:01
eglynnildikov: IIRC the reason the disk_source:disk_sink and network_source:network_sink pipelines are in the out-of-the-box pipeline.yaml is because the work-around for libvirt pedated the "native" support in vmware & xenapi11:02
ildikoveglynn: but they don't have the raw data, so there shouldn't be any duplication, so we should I guess add a general note that meters that are included in multiple pipelines because of any reason will be duplicated11:03
ildikoveglynn: sure, that's fine, I didn't want to remove it11:03
ildikoveglynn: I just said, that for those two hypervisors we don't have for instance and disk.write, so the disk pipeline should not be triggered at all11:04
ildikoveglynn: but let's take a step back, as now we are talking about a specific case, which is not really an issue IIUC :)11:05
ildikoveglynn: so basically we would like to note that all the meters that are added to the sources will be polled and if they are added multiple times that will lead to duplication11:06
ildikoveglynn: ... is this correct?11:06
eglynnildikov: yes, my comments are predicated on the assumption that the same hypervisor allows both disk.write.bytes *and* disk.write.bytes.rate to gathered directly11:06
eglynnildikov: IIRC, that's what ityaptin stated on IRC after the meeting last week11:07
* eglynn checks logs11:07
ildikoveglynn: as I saw we currently don't have a hypervisor like this11:07
* eglynn pastes ...11:07
ildikoveglynn: the bug is more generic, that is why I suggested to take a step away from the hypervisors11:07
eglynn<ityaptin> eglynn: It's work with defaul pipeline, for meters disk.(read|write).(request|bytes).rates if virt instpector implements method inpect_disk_rates. Xenapi for example11:07
eglynn<ityaptin> eglynn: With disk_sink we create samples 'disk.request.write.rate' in transformer and poll PerDeviceReadBytesPollster by meter_sink.11:07
eglynnildikov: OK, perhaps I misread the above statement ^^^ if we don't actually have a hypervisor that collects both11:08
ildikoveglynn: looking at the inspector code under xenapi, I only see rates there, but maybe I miss smth there11:09
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer-specs: Support pagination for ceilometer APIs
ildikoveglynn: and in the measurements docco only the *.rate meters are marked for xen and vmware11:10
eglynnildikov: looking at the vmwame/xenapi code myself just now, I think you are indeed correct11:10
eglynnildikov: so I'm entirely sure now what ityaptin mean by the above11:11
ildikoveglynn: but the point about the docco here is to warn people if they touch the pipeline.yaml, then they can cause duplication11:11
ildikoveglynn: and what is that you're sure about now? :)11:11
eglynnildikov: well, if they explicitly duplicate in the pipeline.yaml, then that causes duplication in the samples11:13
eglynnildikov: ... do we need to explicitly warn about that?11:13
eglynnildikov: ... not sure that we do, seem kinda self-evident11:13
eglynnildikov: ... i.e. if you tell ceilometer to do something twice, it'll do the thing twice :)11:14
eglynnildikov: ... so the confusion was related to the idea that hypervisor was gathering *both* the cumulative and rate meters for disks or network11:14
ildikoveglynn: you can never be sure that it's self evident for a user ;)11:14
ildikoveglynn: as I checked it does not11:15
ildikoveglynn: you checked it too now right?11:15
eglynnildikov: ... checked that we don't have a hypervisor gathering *both* the cumulative and rate meters for disks or network?11:16
eglynnildikov: ... yes, I did, and you're right we don't11:16
ildikoveglynn: yes11:16
ildikoveglynn: coolness :)11:16
ildikoveglynn: anyway, a note will not hurt in the admin guide, I just wanted to figure out what exactly we could add this note about11:16
ildikoveglynn: I mean a note that if you do it twice, it will happen twice11:17
eglynnildikov: yep, understood, thanks!11:17
ildikoveglynn: thanks for clarification11:17
ildikov_elena_: I will add a comment to your spec based on this chat ^^ and sum it up there11:19
ildikoveglynn: one additional dumb question regarding to storing samples11:23
ildikoveglynn: will the samples be stored in the defined db anyway, or it depends on the defined publisher?11:24
eglynnildikov: depends on the configured dispatcher11:26
eglynnildikov: i.e. could be dumped in a file instead of, or as well as, the DB11:27
eglynnildikov: ... or pushed to remote HTTP API via tongli's new dispatcher11:27
ildikoveglynn: yeap sure, I need to document that new one too... :)11:28
ildikoveglynn: so if we have publishers set in a pipeline, it does not matter11:28
eglynnildikov: yep, no publishing => no storing11:29
eglynnildikov: I misread your question ... thought you meant, if we have *no* publishers set in a pipeline11:31
ildikoveglynn: no, so my dumb question is that for instance what happens if we have a udp publisher set in a pipeline11:32
ildikoveglynn: ?11:32
eglynnildikov: the publisher controls the agent->collector conduit11:32
eglynnildikov: so we need a collector also listening on UDP11:32
eglynnildikov: then it dispatches to the DB11:32
eglynnildikov: so publisher and dispatcher kick in at different points in the chain11:33
openstackgerritJulien Danjou proposed stackforge/gnocchi: Remove sphinx from Python 3 requirements
*** eglynn is now known as eglynn-afk11:34
ildikoveglynn: yeap, I know that part, just wasn't sure about the exact chain, but I think I'm ok now11:34
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_elena_ildikov, thanks!11:38
ildikov_elena_: np, let me know if you have any questions11:40
ildikoveglynn-afk: thanks again :)11:40
_elena_ildikov, i tried to correct note as you advised
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ildikov_elena_: thanks11:57
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cdentOh this is a fine kettle of fish:
cdentDinaBelova: you seen that ^12:20
cdentthe relevant change that busted it:
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*** eglynn-afk is now known as eglynn12:40
eglynncdent: hmmm, revert 934a90d4 before we tag kilo-1?12:43
cdentAssuming the bug is accurate I would guess so, yeah.12:44
DinaBelovacdent, nope12:44
cdentUnless  it is something we could fix quickly12:44
DinaBelovaeglynn, cdent  yeah, it looks like we need to fix this before cutting the kilo-112:45
eglynncdent: I think we'd need some awarness of whether pollsters were expecting a resources list or not12:46
eglynncdent: doesn't sound like something that should be rushed in before a milestone at the 11th hour12:46
eglynncdent: (without futher polluting the pollster abstraction)12:46
* cdent nods12:46
DinaBelovaeglynn, normal fix -yeah... just revert is quick, but it'll leave all of us with these endless logs12:47
cdentI guess we have a testing gap somewhere12:47
eglynncdent: how about I revery for now, punt the original bug to kilo-2?12:47
* DinaBelova nods12:47
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openstackgerritEoghan Glynn proposed openstack/ceilometer: Revert "Skip to poll and publish when no resources found"
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eglynnDinaBelova, cdent: ^^^13:01
DinaBelovaeglynn, +2ed13:02
DinaBelovaeglynn, I do not see original bug btw13:02
eglynnDinaBelova: from the orginal review, I don't think there was one :(13:02
DinaBelovaeglynn, I suppose we need some13:03
eglynnDinaBelova: thanks!13:03
DinaBelovaeglynn, np13:03
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eglynnDinaBelova: yep, a fresh bug for kilo-2 ... filing now13:03
DinaBelovaeglynn, thanks!13:03
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eglynnDinaBelova: FYI comments inline on,cm13:47
DinaBelovaeglynn, thanks! will go through them right now13:47
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eglynnDinaBelova: sorry, we collided on the assignment for ... I've reverted it to your original assignment14:00
DinaBelovaeglynn, np :)14:00
eglynn... launchpad not great on refershing the bug view to show other changes14:00
DinaBelovaas I've commented, I just though that small code chnage like this will be the nice training for _elena_, that's why I've assigned this to her14:00
DinaBelovaeglynn, yeah :D14:00
eglynnDinaBelova: yep, makes perfect sense14:01
DinaBelovaeglynn, probably if don't mind, let's give this to her?14:01
eglynnDinaBelova: yep, already reverted :)14:02
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DinaBelovaeglynn, hehe, yeah, LP is kind of ridiculous sometimes14:03
*** thomasem has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:05
eglynnDinaBelova: shhh, don't let lifeless hear you say that :)14:06
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ildikovsorry guys, I approved that little revert puppy14:08
ildikov... I saw the quick chat here, so my last info was the aggreement on reverting that change14:09
*** eglynn is now known as eglynn-lunch14:11
DinaBelovaildikov, yes, for sure14:13
DinaBelovawe need to revert it now14:13
DinaBelovaeglynn-lunch and I were about how to fix it normally and who'll be doing this14:14
ildikovDinaBelova: a-ha, ok, cool :)14:14
ildikovDinaBelova: sure it needs to be fixed normally, but these kind of bugs somehow always appears close to a milestone...14:15
ildikovDinaBelova: Murphy's Law is around us constantly :)14:15
DinaBelovaildikov, well, it's not actually a bug, that's inconvinience14:15
DinaBelovaI mean all these dusty logs, etc.14:15
ildikovDinaBelova: I meant the bug that the fix caused14:15
DinaBelovabut the old fix for this inconvinience created the *real* bug :)14:15
DinaBelovayeah, sorry, did not get your point firsttime14:16
DinaBelovayeah, indeed14:16
ildikovDinaBelova: np, my brain is already in Christmas mode, so annoyed poor eglynn-lunch with some dumb questions today already :)14:17
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DinaBelovaildikov, my mind is in this mode as well :)14:22
ildikovDinaBelova: :)14:23
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cdenteglynn: I recall I promised you a way to play with ceilo + gabbi today. That's still on my list, but I'm not quite there yet. Gonna go for a swim and then get back at it.17:36
openstackgerritJulien Danjou proposed stackforge/gnocchi: rest: check that the Content-Type is JSON
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eglynncdent: cool, thanks17:50
eglynncdent: ... I hope you've got a good wetsuit, or else a solid layer of subcutaneous blubber ;)17:50
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cdenteglynn: went swimming indoors, but I do have a good wetsuit and unfortunately am growing quite the fat layer (thus the desire for a swim)18:58
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openstackgerritMerged stackforge/gnocchi: Remove sphinx from Python 3 requirements
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openstackgerritIldiko Vancsa proposed openstack/ceilometer: Remove Sphinx from py33 requirements
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openstackgerritPhil Neal proposed openstack/ceilometer: Add configuration tables via sqlalchemy migrate scripts
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openstackgerritChris Dent proposed openstack/ceilometer: WIP Hack gabbi into ceilometer in a very basic way.
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openstackgerritChris Dent proposed openstack/ceilometer: WIP Hack gabbi into ceilometer in a very basic way
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