Wednesday, 2015-06-17

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openstackgerritRyota MIBU proposed openstack/ceilometer-specs: Add spec for event alarm evaluator
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openstackgerritgordon chung proposed openstack/ceilometer: Revert "Revert "remove instance:<flavor> meter""
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/ceilometer-specs: Spec to remove the pipeline from the api server
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/ceilometer-specs: Spec to remove the pipeline from the api server
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/ceilometer: Imported Translations from Transifex
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer-specs: Spec to remove the pipeline from the api server
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer: Remove useless execute bit on rst file
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openstackgerritXinXiaohui proposed openstack/ceilometer-specs: Track cinder capacity notifications
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Removes whitespace from CLI queries
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Explicit error for wrong resource metadata format
_nadya_folks, what do you think about adding some default resource_id for swift? Looks like sometimes notifications from swift don't contain target_id we rely on09:32
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer: Remove snapshot.update events as they are not sent
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer: Fix the meter unit types to be consistent
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer: Fix alarm rest notifier logging to include severity
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cdentis windows something we've ever been concerned about in services?
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puniueeHi all, is there a way to publish a data metric calculated as a difference of time stamp between two events11:18
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer: Updated from global requirements
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cdentjasonamyers: new keyboard?12:02
jasonamyersha sorry12:02
jasonamyerswas in the wrong layout12:02
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cdentjasonamyers: do you frequently switch layouts? I've never done it because I dread the slow down during the getting used to it phase12:26
jasonamyersI've done dvorak, workman, norman, and my everyday is colemak12:26
jasonamyersI do there 30 days things where I give up some thing and adopt something else12:27
jasonamyerssometimes that is a layout, editors, foods, whatever12:27
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cdentthat sounds a) fun and cool b) ugh12:28
openstackgerritJulien Danjou proposed openstack/gnocchi: utils: replace utcnow() by new oslo.utils version
jasonamyersI do it to stay sharp and reduce my time to learn something12:28
jasonamyersit also killing my worshiping of tools12:29
cdentwas that a problem you were experiencing? (the worshiping)12:29
jasonamyerswell I don't get hung up on editors or OSes or anything like that12:31
jasonamyersI don't think differently of people who use windows and pycharm12:32
jasonamyersyounger me was a linux/vim jerk12:32
jasonamyerslooks like my travel is going to be expensive to the midcycle if we do one12:33
cdentthis is the perennial problem12:33
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cdentI think if we're going to make midcycles a thing we pretty much have to schedule them before summit12:34
jasonamyersI'm trying to get all the approvals in time, but its not easy across the ocean12:38
openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen proposed openstack/ceilometer-specs: PowerVM Compute Inspector
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jd__cdent: any hint how to fix this?13:48
cdentlike I said jd__, I had to go get my wife, only just got back, but looking now13:48
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cdentthe main issue is that something is trying to build python-libvirt before the libvirt libs are installed13:49
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jd__cdent: no prob, no hurry13:51
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cdentjd__: does this problem goes away for us if we merge prad's move of the dispatcher to ceilo and then take ceilo out test-requirements?14:04
jd__cdent: likely but we might need to keep thee dispatcher until Liberty14:04
openstackgerritPradeep Kilambi proposed openstack/ceilometer: Gnocchi Dispatcher support in Ceilometer
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thorstHi.  I proposed a new blueprint.  I'm wondering if I should just add reviewers to it, or if there is time in the meeting tomorrow to discuss new blueprints?14:08
jasonamyerswhich spec thorst ?14:11
jasonamyersit was just submitted14:12
thorstyeah.  I'm just wondering process.  Do I present it in the meeting tomorrow...or just add reviewers...or just cool my jets?14:13
jasonamyersgive them a few days14:13
thorstcan do14:13
jasonamyersyou can bring it up in the open discussion section tomorrow14:13
thorstperfect.  I'll be there14:13
jasonamyersbut in general, it's better to give people time to think about it first14:13
thorstfair enough.  Just didn't want it waiting because I missed something.14:14
jasonamyers24hrs when considering all the timezones involved isn't much time14:14
thorstyeah.  We could even discuss in the meeting after that (8 days out) to give it time to percolate14:14
jasonamyersnope looks righ14:14
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thorstawesome.  Thx for the guidance14:15
jasonamyersno prob14:15
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mriedemjasonamyers: we're talking about you in -nova14:42
jasonamyerswhat did I do now?14:42
mriedemjasonamyers: cdent and i and some others are talking in nova about how ceilometer's got this polling agent against libvirt,14:43
mriedemand how in the long ago people wanted nova to just emit diag information but it's not today14:43
mriedemwe have the get_instance_diagnostics stuff in nova but that's per-guest,14:43
mriedemso we're talking about adding a new virt driver API to get bulk hypervisor data and sending that in a notification so things like ceilometer could consume it14:43
mriedembut we (nova) don't know what the schema would be for a thing like that14:44
mriedemwe got your name from
mriedemso wondering if you'd be interested in helping define a requirement here14:44
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jasonamyersI can play along, but you'd want someone smart like cdent or gordc to help set that14:45
cdentjasonamyers: I figured this might be in your alley and I begged off from being overcommitted14:45
cdentif we can share it, then cool14:45
jasonamyersI'm happy to help14:45
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jasonamyersbut not sure I'm ready to add another blueprint to my plate14:45
jasonamyersfor this cycle14:46
mriedemjasonamyers: i think we have people in nova that can do the work14:46
mriedemwe just need help in defining the spec14:46
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jasonamyersI can try14:46
mriedemfwiw, this is the wiki page that was used for the nova v2.1 instance diagnostics API
mriedemwhere the diag data was structured and versioned14:46
mriedemin v2 api you get different bits depending on which hypervisor you're talking to, which makes it near impossible to test (which is why it was removed from tempest)14:47
jasonamyersso we wanna set a standard14:48
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mriedemyeah so we can actually test it14:48
mriedemand consumers can parse it14:48
mriedemjasonamyers: this is the diagnostics objects was serialize and return in the v2.1 api now
mriedemso the thinking would be some bulk form of that for all guests on a given compute host sent in a notification14:50
cdenthave you seen this list mriedem?
mriedemnova's compute manager would send that notification on some polling interval14:50
cdentthe items listed there as Pollsters are the things we'd be looking to replace14:50
mriedemso a lot14:51
cdentYes, but they appear to match to the categories in the code you've jsut linked: cpu, nic, disk,14:52
cdentmemory too14:52
cdentso there is at least some conceptual parity. I guess that's a good sign14:53
jasonamyersso nova would emit those, and we would just need to consume them?14:53
jasonamyerswhich would make the polling basically unneeded14:54
cdentdoes the hypervisor just have this info, or is it needing to be built in the nova code in some fashion? If the latter does it make sense to granulate the info somewhat (into lots of smaller notifications)?14:54
mriedemjasonamyers: i think that's the goal14:54
cdentjasonamyers: yes, but it's a pretty long term goal I reckon14:54
mriedemcdent: that's probably a question for danpb since i'm not sure what libvirts bulk data dump looks like14:54
jasonamyersso mriedem if we can do that I'm down to abandon my spec and create a new one around that concept14:55
mriedemplus we'd want to design the nova virt driver api output to make sense for other virt drivers too14:55
cdentjasonamyers: I think we've on a longer time horizon that that14:55
cdentyour spec probably still needs to happen14:55
thorstmriedem: yeah, I'd want to implement that too for powervm14:55
mriedemthorst lurks14:55
jasonamyerscdent: probably but nova has many more devs14:55
jasonamyersso I wasnt sure14:56
cdentjasonamyers: many more devs and a notoriously slow process for new features, yeah?14:56
mriedemyeah i wouldn't count on this for liberty at this point14:56
mriedemthe good news is, it's not the nova api14:56
jasonamyersso you had my interest, now you have my attention14:56
mriedemand the virt driver api is unversioned14:56
mriedemso we can hack on this in liberty to get an experimental thing going and see how that looks14:57
mriedemand tweak as needed14:57
jasonamyersI'm up for that14:57
ildikovare we talking abou tnew notifications here which will hopefully have a nice schema and some versioning, etc. included in this long term goal?14:57
jasonamyersand will do what I can on our side14:57
mriedemildikov: like the v2.1 instance diagnostics stuff here i'd think we'd want to bake a version into the serialized payload14:58
mriedemthe object basically defines the schema14:58
mriedemso we get experimental version 1.0 out in liberty and when we add/change fields in M that's 1.1 or something - version is updated in the object as it's changed14:58
mriedemlike with oslo.versionedobjects14:59
jasonamyersI really like the sound of this14:59
ildikovmriedem: cool, sounds/looks good to me14:59
mriedemso i'll take some notes and try to get those into the ML for initial thoughts15:00
ildikovmriedem: it's a topic for so long time now, to clean up the notification format mess in OpenStack, so moving to a direction like this is very good15:00
mriedemonce that's settled i can start getting a nova spec rought draft going15:00
mriedemildikov: well this doesn't make all notifications from nova versioned or have some set schema15:01
jasonamyersjust the diags15:01
mriedemildikov: i'm just looking at this new thing15:01
jasonamyersmriedem: can you add the ceilo tag to that ML messade15:02
ildikovmriedem: I know that this does not give us world piece, but if the new set of notifications are designed in a way, where this issue is considered, then we're going to the right direction IMHO15:03
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jasonamyersvery excited about this15:10
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ildikovjasonamyers: :)15:12
ildikovjasonamyers: it looks good indeed and would be a great improvement15:13
ildikovjasonamyers: could/should this be a mid-cycle topic?15:13
jasonamyersi think so, but I figured the Cores would set those15:14
ildikovyou mean the mid-cycle topics, or?15:15
jasonamyersyeah the mid-cycle topics15:18
jasonamyersI'm new to all that15:18
ildikovanyone can propose a topic15:22
jasonamyersI this would be a good one15:22
ildikov... in the worst case we will not include it if it does not fit because of any reason15:22
ildikovcan you add it to the etherpad?15:23
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jasonamyerswill do15:24
ildikovthanks much!15:24
cdentjasonamyers: core is just a name for someone who can merge code, that's all. for everything else s/he who does is s/he who matters.15:25
jasonamyersadded ildikov15:26
ildikovjasonamyers: tnx!15:26
jasonamyersno prob15:26
ildikovcdent: or well, who can surely block code, merge is up to the gate gods :)15:27
* cdent regularly makes sacrifices15:28
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ildikovcdent: LOL :)15:29
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mriedemetherpad with notes on the thing,
mriedemsending that to the ML now15:45
jasonamyersexcellent mriedem15:48
cdenthawt mriedem15:48
ildikovmriedem: nice one15:50
* cdent is not sure how to "bro down"15:50
* cdent will cross that bridge when it arrives15:50
pradthat looks pretty neat, nice work mriedem15:50
cdentif we can make this happen15:51
jasonamyersI bro downed once... I got diabetes15:52
cdentor something15:52
jasonamyersnot true I was born with it, but I learned about it after a bunch of m&ms and mountain dew15:53
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cdentah ha, thanks mriedem, that's what I get for leaving the US, loss of contact with south park culture15:54
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cdentWell, whatever I was supposed to get done today, this was better.15:58
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cdentjasonamyers: if you could give a thumbs up/down on that prefix feature in gabbi at some point that would be handy:
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cdentIt was created in response to sdague's recent os-dev posting about getting the service endpoints under rational URLs in devstack17:00
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cdentthanks prad17:12
cdentyou too jasonamyers17:13
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jasonamyersno prob17:26
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openstackgerritRohit Jaiswal proposed openstack/ceilometer-specs: Spec for DBaaS(Trove) notification consumption
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challacan some help me with the correct syntax to use zookeeper as the distributed coordination service?22:12
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/ceilometer: Update version for Liberty
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