Wednesday, 2015-08-12

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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Zuul was restarted due to an error; events (such as approvals or new patchsets) since 23:01 UTC have been lost and affected changes will need to be rechecked00:04
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/ceilometer: Drop the downgrade function of migration scripts
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/aodh: Stop registering oslo.messaging option
openstackgerritMerged openstack/aodh: storage: remove unused option db2nosql_resource_id_maxlen
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/aodh: Remove the unused cpu_count utils method
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/ceilometer: Change and move the workers options to corresponding service section
openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/aodh: Remove the unused cpu_count utils method
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/ceilometer: Change and move the workers options to corresponding service section
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/aodh: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/aodh: Use the Serializer from oslo.messaging
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer: Drop the downgrade function of migration scripts
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openstackgerritJulien Danjou proposed openstack/aodh: tox: generate sample config file on default target
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/aodh: Remove the unused cpu_count utils method
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/ceilometer: Change and move the workers options to corresponding service section
openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/aodh: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/aodh: Use the Serializer from oslo.messaging
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cdentgee, thanks very much gordc13:07
gordcpromises be promises13:08
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idegtiarovgordc, Hi, please take a look at my comment to this bug  there are two way for fixing I need to choose the best13:35
openstackLaunchpad bug 1484117 in Ceilometer "None image.size value crashes on get_sample" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Igor Degtiarov (idegtiarov)13:35
gordcidegtiarov: is image.size a notification or a poll?13:40
gordcthat's really weird it gives you a None size.13:41
idegtiarovgordc, both according to our docs13:41
gordcidegtiarov: i agree with your comment... it's probably safer to just ignore None13:44
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gordcor any non-numerical value.13:44
idegtiarovgordc, it is the same operation on devstack via glance api gives 0 values for such images neither creation with glanceclient13:45
idegtiarovgordc, got it will propose cr soon13:45
gordcidegtiarov: i think your work might overlap with prad's declarative meter work.13:46
gordcwe should probably validate the meters we make to ensure volume is a number13:46
idegtiarovgordc, right, do you know is adding of such validation in prad's work-plan? Or I can start to work on it?13:48
gordcidegtiarov: i'm not sure he's working on it... but we'll need to ask him.13:51
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gordcor you can just put a patch up if you think it's easy enough.13:51
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idegtiarovgordc, I hope it is easy enough, will add a patch %)13:54
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gordcidegtiarov: yeah i think it's pretty simple. have at it!14:12
idegtiarovgordc, thanks!14:12
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openstackgerritRohit Jaiswal proposed openstack/aodh: Fixes querying alarm history with severity field
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gordccdent: you understand devstack right?15:19
cdentthat's a huge statement15:20
cdentsometimes, when the stars are aligned, it does what I want15:20
cdentwhat's up?15:20
gordcany idea why requirements patch changes here:
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gordcfrom here
gordcfor some reason it's searching in /opt/stack/new/requirements and then all of a sudden drops the new part when searching for elasticsearch15:21
cdentone moment pelase15:22
cdentgordc: it is what ever is resetting $DEST a few lines above15:24
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gordccdent: yeah... i just noticed that too15:27
gordci'm assuming the idea was to download package and share it between old/new?15:27
cdentNot clear, but if that's the case something elsewhere in the environment would be setting it15:28
cdentand it looks like it only becomes /opt/stack if it isn't already set15:28
cdentand I think it is supposed to be15:28
* cdent does more grepping15:28
gordcbut it's failing on pip_install_gr which uses REQUIREMENTS_DIR15:29
gordclooks like when glance did their patch, they f'd up ours.15:31
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cdenti'm not sure that's the case gordc15:32
cdentthe problem is that a value for DEST is not being set earlier, or is being lost15:33
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cdentearlier in the log file DEST has the right value15:33
cdentthe infra file needs DEST to be set15:33
gordccdent: what am i suppose to be looking at?15:37
gordccdent: DEST value being set?15:37
cdentthat's just just showing that DEST has the right value15:37
gordcah, got it.15:37
nadyagordc: error during postres job: Could not find mongod command. So sad. Looks like I need to do smth with Ceilo code15:42
cdentgordc: got it as in understand me, or got it as in figured it out/15:43
gordccdent: oh. got as in understood you.15:45
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gordci don't understand why the lines were added as part of glance patch.15:45
gordccdent: it was fine for experimental jobs before15:46
cdentI don't understand either15:46
gordc"i don't understand why the lines were added as part of glance patch.15:48
gordcis that a good commit message?15:48
cdentbest ever, really15:48
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gordcnadya: yeah, seems like it's not passing in anything and just assumes mongodb15:53
cdentnadya: take a look at the gate_hook and post_gate_hook changes in aodh15:54
cdentthose were copied from ceilo and the ones in ceilo are _wrong_15:54
nadyagordc: no, I guess that even if backend is pastres tests are run on mongo as well15:55
nadyacdent: postgres job for aodh doesn't work?15:56
cdentit does _now_15:56
cdentbut it needed to be fixed15:56
cdent(for it to run in the gate)15:56
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nadyacdent: I'll take a look at your changes...:)15:58
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cdentI'd offer more help, but I'm currently juggling too many eggs :)15:58
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nadyacdent: I know what you are talking about...16:00
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openstackgerritRyota MIBU proposed openstack/aodh: Storage: add 'exclude' constraint to get_alarms()
openstackgerritRyota MIBU proposed openstack/aodh: Exclude event type from targets of alarm evaluator
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openstackgerritPradeep Kilambi proposed openstack/ceilometer: Convert instance, bandwidth and SwiftMiddleware meters
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gordcpradk: what do you think about leaving this as code and deleting it next cycle:
pradkgordc, i'm actually working on converting those as we speak17:48
gordci can probably try to convert it... but the logic is absurd and i don't want to waste my time.17:48
pradkgordc, we could if there is a reason we dont want to17:48
gordcpradk: oh... is it easy?17:48
pradkgordc, yea the list aspect is a bit weird17:48
pradkso there are two scenarios17:49
gordcjust asking because i don't think we should waste our time on it.17:49
pradk1. payload just has network key and it has a single resource which is easy to convert17:49
pradkthe werid part is bulk17:49
gordcit's definitely getting dropped in 1 cycle so...17:49
gordcerr 1 month i mean17:49
pradkyea i'm fine with that.. i think llu is doing the ipmi hardware metrics right?17:50
pradkhe had a blueprint for that iirc17:50
gordc... i'm not sure. i think llu has been busy with somethign else... he's been mia17:51
gordcthere was a declarative snmp patch... but i haven't seen/heard anything... it's probably going ot get pushed17:51
gordcpradk: is the network stuff only thing remaining? i think we should target real metrics before trying to convert the non-metric ones17:52
gordc(unless they are really straight forward)17:52
pradklemme look whats remaining17:53
gordci think there's rohit's patch for dns17:53
gordcthat is the math one17:54
pradkyea dns, trove, profiler, ceilometer middleware17:54
pradkso we're planning to drop vol=1 meters once liberty is cut?17:55
gordcpradk: yes. we deprecated in Juno so we gave the 2 cycle heads up17:56
gordcand i've yet to be told a proper use case for them17:56
pradkthat would take care of all network meters except bandwidth which i already converted17:56
gordcregarding statistics that is... i'm still not sure there is one17:56
pradkgordc, the telemetry.notifications looks very similar to swift multi meter one17:58
gordcpradk: crap. ok. yeah that involves all values being multi-valued17:59
gordcpradk: i can readjust the logic17:59
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gordchmm. trove and dns will be similar18:00
pradkthe profiler looks straight forward except for resource id18:00
gordcthe meter names look very strange. i'm going to ask rohit about that.18:00
gordcpradk: yeah i noticed that.18:00
gordcpradk: i wonder if we can scrap that 'profiler' tag18:01
gordcpradk: want me to send a ML about that?18:01
pradkyea seems like the prefix has no value unless they are doing something with it later18:01
gordcor you can18:02
pradkprofiler-* vs payload.base_id18:02
gordc'sure' -> prad will send or 'sure' -> gord will send?18:02
pradkhehe.. i can send, this is regarding scraping profiler tag from resource id correct?18:03
gordcyep :)18:03
gordcyou should mention the part where we want ids to be proper18:04
gordcpradk: yeah i would target the dns/trove meters next... not sure if you see anything of higher importance.18:06
pradkgordc, i just need to revisit math one i pushed to see if i can figure out a cleaner way to handle the combination resource id instead of having it as a list and joining with _18:07
pradki've been looking at network ones, i'll scrape that for now.. those are useless anyway18:08
gordcpradk: yeah the list is odd... tbh, it might be possible to pair it with the trove/dns volume evluations.18:08
gordcinstead of doing time - time, it's str + str.18:08
pradkyea similar logic i guess.. one option i was thinking is have attribute tag  with reference and then do an expression with it18:09
pradksomething like18:09
pradkattr: - &foo -&bar18:09
pradkexpr: *foo + *bar18:09
pradkexpr: *foo + '_' + *bar18:10
pradkfact that its a string manipulation within yaml is kinda weird18:10
gordci have no idea what you just typed.haha18:11
gordcdid the pyparsing stuff not pan out? i didn't actually try it out.18:12
pradkgordc, thats for the math one right? this is string concat?18:12
pradki dint look at pyparsing closely yet18:13
gordcdoes it matter? i'm wondering if it's smarter enough to not care.18:13
gordc haha18:15
gordci think we rushed that patch in18:16
pradkuh oh18:17
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gordcyeah the ipmi stuff is some craziness... there's no way that's being converted into declarative meter... there's some much cleaning that is done.18:26
pradkemail sent18:29
openstackgerritMerged openstack/aodh: Fixes querying alarm history with severity field
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gordcpradk: haha! i was joking about the dropping part but oh well18:40
gordctime to make bold moves.18:40
pradkhehe i just said if we dont hear back we'll assume it, which is reasonable :)18:41
pradkgordc, this looks interesting
gordcpradk: agreed... (i've no idea how it works)18:43
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openstackgerritNadya Shakhat proposed openstack/ceilometer: Make it possible to run postgesql functional job
gordcpradk: oh fyi, idegtiarov is adding some field valiation logic, ie. make sure volume == float/int19:30
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openstackgerritgordon chung proposed openstack/ceilometer: remove alembic requirement
*** jruano has joined #openstack-ceilometer20:28
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cdentgordc: you still around21:21
cdentshould I revive this:
openstackgerritChris Dent proposed openstack/ceilometer: Grenade plugin using devstack plugin for ceilometer
gordccdent: yes... why are you still around21:25
cdentcuz I'm stoopid21:26
gordccool cool... um... i don't know if it'll make it in before code cutoff tbh21:27
cdenton that grenade thing ^ I just changed the commit message to remove the depends-on21:27
cdentYeah, that was my thinking too21:27
cdentI was just scanning my pending reviews and the dogpile one stuck out as something that would need extensive work to recover21:28
gordccdent: was that real code or pseudo code?21:29
cdenta) I think the depends-on was blocking it merging b) I think the experimental job will stop working correctly without the depends-on21:29
cdentit worked, but was not suitable for consumption21:29
cdentthe dog pile stuff was hardwired in21:29
gordci have a slight concern it's just going to be masking real issues in gnocchi21:31
cdentat the moment the dispatcher sends a ton of useless resource updates to gnocchi21:32
cdentso the issue is not that I'm trying to protect gnocchi21:32
cdentbut rather to stop the dispatcher being stupid21:32
gordccdent: is the logic currently to just send a patch request to gnocchi, and let gnocchi figure out if needs to process it?21:35
cdentno, it's a good deal more complex than that21:36
cdentcomplex enough that when I look at it when I made that lame bug that I got a headache and decided it was best to come back later21:36
cdentI was also tired at the time21:37
gordcyeah, i like the idea of caching... i wanted it for sql backend originally. i'm just concerned we didn't actually think it through and it's more a reactionary(?) patch21:37
gordcwhat happens if we just dispatch generic resources? does it go crazy with updates still?21:38
gordci'm not super confident with the whole idea yet but that could be because i haven't thought about it until you asked just now21:40
gordcidea == dogpile.cache21:40
cdentI'm not sure I understand what you mean by just...generic resources?21:40
gordccdent: i can't find the model but
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gordcis it the fact we have to update attr/history that makes it go nuts with updates?21:44
cdentwell what it does in its most lame form is make an update for every meter21:44
cdentbut if you have a block of them it will try to group the meters by resource21:45
cdentbut since the collector doesn't get stuff in batches21:45
cdentit has no memory of what it sent recently21:45
gordccdent: understood... (there is an (stupid?) accumulator transformer in pipeline that will batch things)21:46
gordccdent: i was just asking because i'm not sure if it's the storage part that is slow or the indexer part21:47
gordcor both.21:47
cdentstorage (which is just measures) is not slow21:48
cdentnor is the indexer21:48
cdentnot trying to prevent slowness21:48
cdenttrying to prevent duplicated data21:48
cdenton both side21:48
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gordcthe cache will block duplicated data? why would we have duplicated data?21:51
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*** ankita_wagh has joined #openstack-ceilometer22:00
cdentduplicated resource information22:02
cdentwe don't want to send a request about a resource changing if the resource hasn't actually changed22:02
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gordcgot it... this is a similar issue we had with the sql backend... if we implement your cache proposal, we need another global storage layer (redis). but i guess there's less issue since gnocchi is the promoted db22:08
cdentredis or memcache or something is already required for tooz-based coordination...22:10
gordcyeah... just recapping history. it's wonderful journey.22:12
gordccdent: it seems like this is needed to improve gnocchi so i'm not against it... it's matter of do we have time and is this solution the right way to implement the cache.22:12
gordcit's similar enough to the hash stuff in sql that i think it's right... so i guess the question is, do you/someone have time.22:13
cdenti'm gonna go with a solid maybe22:14
gordci'll put your name down on the bp22:15
cdentoh another thing gordc: can you put in a showing at the monasca meeting this coming tuesday? I'm going to be away so won't be able to do it and I made some gestures of "let's work together" on the os-dev list that were well received22:18
*** pradk has quit IRC22:18
* gordc just read mailing list22:21
gordci should be around22:21
cdentit is time for me to die22:24
cdentback tomorrow, with less death22:25
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