Friday, 2019-04-26

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openstackgerrityenai proposed openstack/cinder master: Fix creation failed when qemu-img is not installed
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anks2kjungleboyj: smcginnis: Greetings, Looking forward to having cinder driver reviewed for a sucessful merge. Thanks02:19
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openstackgerrityenai proposed openstack/cinder master: Fix signature_verified not matched
openstackgerritAshish Koushik proposed openstack/cinder master: Add new OSNEXUS Quantastor Cinder driver
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whoami-rajateharney:  another instance of backup notification leaking[1] , i think we can discuss this at the PTG too.03:02
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whoami-rajatjungleboyj:  i've added another topic for the above issue ^^ . would be great if we have any time slot remaining for discussing the same.03:07
jungleboyjwhoami-rajat:  Go ahead and add it when you are able to attend. I will play with the schedule tomorrow.03:10
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-cinderclient master: Remove bash-completion calls from
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openstackgerrityenai proposed openstack/cinder master: Fix signature_verified not matched
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whoami-rajatjungleboyj: thanks03:35
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raghavendratthanks whoami-rajat:05:11
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Drop use of
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Remove doc for Nova option that doesn't exist
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sahideharney: o/ did you had a chance to look at my repsonse: ?09:55
sahidgeguileo: o/ a gentle ping, when you have a moment ^09:56
geguileosahid: I haven't read all the discussion on the patch10:01
geguileobut looking at the code I don't think the reserved calculation is right...10:01
geguileowait, I think I'm wrong...10:05
sahidgeguileo: take your time :) also if you can have a second look at the bug report you will notice the negative value in the log10:09
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sahidwill be afk for launch time10:11
geguileosahid: yeah, I've looked at the bug and what I wrote there...10:14
geguileotrying to wrap my head about the issue as a whole10:14
geguileobecause I just run an scenario (non-negative) with the new formula and the old one and I don't like the new numbers...10:14
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openstackgerritAlan Bishop proposed openstack/cinder master: Remove obsolete get_backup_driver functions
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sahidgeguileo: what the aim of the over-subscription-ratio? i used what we do in Nova actually so that may be why i don't understand the usage here12:25
* geguileo is in a meeting12:26
sahidgeguileo: no worries12:26
sahidwell the 20 for a ratio looks "weird" I don't understand how an operator can come to that number12:32
sahidand i'm not sure how you come to 100G with a ratio of 20 if you have 10G free12:33
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lyarwoodabishop: is ready for review now btw for the LVM/iSCSI multiattach issue.13:05
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openstackgerritIvan Kolodyazhny proposed openstack/cinder-tempest-plugin master: Fix package name in metadata
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abishoplyarwood: sorry, tied up in a mtg. I'll take a look, but eharney is more familiar with that area14:08
abishophe'll be sure to review as well14:08
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eharneyyeah, i'll swing back by that patch today14:09
abishopsmcginnis: fyi, fixes a regression in stein14:14
smcginnisabishop: I'll take a look, thanks.14:14
lyarwoodabishop / eharney: ack thanks both14:14
abishopsmcginnis: background is described in LP 182643414:15
openstackLaunchpad bug 1826434 in Cinder "Swift backup driver fails to initialize unless backup_swift_url is set" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to Alan Bishop (alan-bishop)14:15
smcginnisAh, I think I took a quick look at that earlier and never got back to it. Good one to fix asap.14:16
abishopand a separate cleanup patch is
mnaserhas anyone seen anything relating to quota's being out of sync?14:17
mnaserthis is the second time I see it happen on this deployment.. nothing weird happened in terms of db or mq resets or upgrades or anything14:17
eharneyyes, there are a handful of issues still around that can cause the quota to get out of sync14:17
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smcginnisIf folks didn't notice, backup jobs were disabled because they were causing issues for everyone.14:19
smcginnisI think abishop's patch addresses the root issue, if I remember it correctly.14:20
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whoami-rajatsmcginnis: IIRC we noticed gate failures in tempest and OSC. Is the fix for the same issue?15:24
smcginniswhoami-rajat: Which failure was that?15:26
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openstackgerritEric Harney proposed openstack/cinder-specs master: Backend Capabilities (WIP)
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openstackgerritEric Harney proposed openstack/cinderlib master: OpenDev Migration Patch
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whoami-rajatsmcginnis:  this one
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smcginniswhoami-rajat: Oh, right. I thought that one had merged, but apparently not.19:32
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openstackgerritSofia Enriquez proposed openstack/cinder stable/queens: Change the matching method of the backup driver
openstackgerritErlon R. Cruz proposed openstack/cinder-specs master: Update Dynamic Reconfig Spec
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openstackgerritBrian Rosmaita proposed openstack/cinder master: Add user messages for some volume snapshot actions
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