Wednesday, 2020-07-08

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openstackgerritWalter A. Boring IV (hemna) proposed openstack/cinder master: WIP Add ceph iscsi volume driver
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openstackgerritKeigo Noha proposed openstack/cinder master: Change default glance_num_retries to 3
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devfazHi, im just trying to upgrade from pike to queens, and while doing online_data_migrations im just getting "Error attempting to run volume_service_uuids_online_data_migration". Is there a way to get more information about the source of the issue? I already tried "--debug", but didnt add futher output.08:50
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whoami-rajatdevfaz, hi, did you run db migrations before the running the online migration?09:05
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devfazyes, but I can repeat it.. one moment.09:06
devfazyou mean "db sync"?09:07
devfazwhoami-rajat: you mean "db sync"?09:08
whoami-rajatdevfaz, yep, cinder-manage db sync09:09
devfazwhoami-rajat, yes done twice - didnt change anything.09:09
whoami-rajatdevfaz, hmm, can you access sql db? if yes, can you check the volumes table contains a column named 'service_uuid'09:10
devfazgive me a minute..09:10
devfazyes, there is a service_uuid-field.09:11
whoami-rajatthe commands are,  use cinder; desc volumes;09:11
whoami-rajatdoes it has any non null values?09:13
whoami-rajatdevfaz, ^09:13
devfazwhoami-rajat, found and we have NULL values in the host-field in some volumes. We will try to remove these volumes or do you want to check something before?09:15
openstackLaunchpad bug 1821207 in Cinder ""cinder-manage db online_data_migrations" fails if volume as a NULL value in host field" [Undecided,Fix released] - Assigned to Eric Harney (eharney)09:15
devfazwhoami-rajat, and yes - there *are* already non null values in service_uuid.09:16
whoami-rajatdevfaz, so the migration ran for some volumes but failed for some09:17
whoami-rajatdevfaz, if you could confirm that there is NULL host field in volumes then that would be the issue mentioned in launchpad bug09:18
devfazwhoami-rajat, just did sql query deleted=0 and host is NULL - got ~6 Volumes. Will try to remove these if you dont want to use this for debugging things.09:19
whoami-rajatdevfaz, hmm, then there's probably the problem with the code, the 6 volumes should have service_uuid field as NULL09:21
openstackgerritRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/cinder stable/queens: Fix service_uuid migration for volumes with no host
whoami-rajatdevfaz, yeah, that was backported till rocky but not in queens. doing this change should fix your problem ^^09:23
devfazwhoami-rajat, thx a lot! I will give it a try.09:24
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devfazwhoami-rajat, thx a lot - worked!09:27
whoami-rajatdevfaz, great!09:30
openstackgerritwanghao proposed openstack/cinder master: time comparison filter didn't support time zone offset
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openstackgerrithaixin proposed openstack/cinder master: Query error state volumes should contain error_managing state
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stephenfinrosmaita: When you're about, could I get your thoughts on ? I'm sure it's bound to be a little contentious but it seems like the easiest-to-debug approach IMO10:59
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toskygeguileo: ^^11:04
geguileolol, my code in cinderlib did that, because that also happens if you are running cinder in a container and the host doesn't have ceph-common installed11:06
geguileothough the code doesn't look complete to me11:06
geguileoand should use privsep11:06
geguileoand remove the link on disconnect11:06
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openstackgerritLucian Petrut proposed openstack/cinder master: smbfs: pick up remotefs method signature change
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geguileostephenfin: I have reviewed the patch11:29
geguileoI'm OK with creating the symlinks (actually more than happy), but there are cases that are not covered by the patch11:30
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openstackgerritWalter A. Boring IV (hemna) proposed openstack/cinder master: WIP Add ceph iscsi volume driver
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stephenfingeguileo++ thanks12:18
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rosmaitageguileo: thanks for answering stephenfin12:22
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rosmaitastephenfin: i'm inclined to agree with lyarwood ... your commit message says "Rather than require udev be added to the container or ceph's udev rules be placed on the host, simply do the work of the udev rule and create the symlink manually", but this is turning out to be not that simple (and i say that having +1'd PS 1).  I'm beginning to think the correct fix is to require that appropriate dependencies be present.12:28
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raghavendrathi reviewers,12:48
raghavendratthis is regarding and
raghavendratfor both, zuul and CI have passed.12:48
raghavendratIt would be great if someone can have a look. Thanks.12:48
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geguileorosmaita: Cinderlib is currently creating and deleting the symlinks for RBD13:04
geguileorosmaita: so I'm in favor of adding it to os-brick13:04
geguileorosmaita: that way we can move cinderlib to privsep and remove the file from cinderlib that fixes all the missing stuff in the RBD os-brick connector13:05
rosmaitawell, we will have to beef up the testing somehow, because the current unit test did not catch any of the problems you brought up on the review13:06
rosmaitai mean, we are lucky that you already figured this out in cinderlib and knew what might fail13:07
rosmaitaso we do have that13:07
geguileorosmaita: I currently have other 3 os-brick patches fixing the RBD connector for local attachments13:07
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toskygeguileo: add it to os-brick, or add os-brick as dependency?13:11
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geguileotosky: adding the link creation/deletion to os-brick13:12
geguileotosky: basically I'm in favor of that patch13:12
toskyand remove some custom code from cinderlib afterwards?13:12
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geguileotosky: yup, the patch for cinderlib is ready
geguileotosky: you can see that removes 700 LOC  ;-)13:20
geguileotosky: but it requires not only my 3 patches, but also the one from stephenfin13:20
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toskygeguileo: and that's after branching cinderlib for ussuri, or before that? :)13:21
geguileotosky: after, that's why the patch has -W13:22
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openstackgerritGorka Eguileor proposed openstack/cinder master: Add cinder-manage command to remove file locks
geguileowhoami-rajat: ^ updated with your requested changes13:39
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rosmaitageguileo: sorry to drop from our discussion, had a power failure & had to relocate to a coffee shop13:44
whoami-rajatgeguileo, thanks!13:48
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rosmaitaCourtesy reminder: Cinder meeting in #openstack-meeting-alt at 1400 UTC13:58
rosmaitajungleboyj rosmaita smcginnis tosky whoami-rajat m5z e0ne geguileo eharney walshh_ jbernard lseki sfernand rajinir enriquetaso ^^13:58
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geguileorosmaita: thanks!13:59
jungleboyjrosmaita, Thanks.13:59
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hemnageguileo so that cinder-manage command to delete unused locks is going to delete volumes?!14:27
geguileodid I write that???14:27
hemnaum it looks like it14:27
* geguileo needs to learn how to communicate14:27
geguileoit just delete the file locks14:27
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hemnathat's fetching volumes from the db and then calling delete14:28
geguileohemna: I see, that's wrong :-(14:28
geguileothe comment is wrong14:28
geguileobut the code doesn't delete the volumes14:28
hemnaok I'm quite confused14:28
hemnaI guess the name of the function led me to believe that it was14:29
geguileoooooooh, I see14:29
geguileono, it's remove existing snapshots/volumes from the dictionary14:29
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geguileoand now I see how my naming was terrible14:29
geguileoI'll add a comment now for those methods14:29
mlyckaHi, hello?14:30
hemnacan we rename the functions?14:30
hemnaand possibly add some comments in them :)14:31
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openstackgerritGorka Eguileor proposed openstack/cinder master: Add cinder-manage command to remove file locks
geguileohemna: ^ done14:33
geguileoyou were right, the naming was really confusing14:34
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hemnacan you adjust the comments in the functions?   They still say "remove volumes that still exist...."14:51
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hemnadel volumes[volume_id] looks like deleting a volume....14:52
hemna"remove volumes from the list that still exist in the DB."14:53
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hemna"so we can know which locks we can then delete from disk"14:53
hemnaor something like that14:54
rosmaitaa downside to ttx's consolidation of the meeting channels is that we can't go overtime15:00
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rosmaitageguileo: i think i am coming around to your thought about the config option for the types-list call15:01
geguileohemna: but it says removing them from the dict15:01
hemnaok sorry I missed that15:02
geguileorosmaita: yeah, I was just pulling your leg about kicking us out ;-)15:02
hemnalgtm then15:02
geguileohemna: I will move "from the dict" to earlier in the sentence15:02
rosmaitai kind of liked the original names, really made me look carefully at the code! :)15:02
geguileorosmaita: I don't love the idea of the config option either, but I think the alternatives are going to introduce other bugs15:03
whoami-rajatgeguileo, rosmaita I also liked the idea with a new config option, that will be used to hide/show the __DEFAULT__ type. seems the safest15:03
rosmaitageguileo: yeah, we default it to the way we think the behavior should be, but an operator can change it15:03
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geguileowhoami-rajat: not only to hide/show but also to allow users to use it, right?15:04
hemnawhat's the issue with the types-list ?15:04
whoami-rajatgeguileo, yep. right15:04
rosmaitahemna: read through
openstackLaunchpad bug 1886632 in Cinder "Cannot delete __DEFAULT__ volume type" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Rajat Dhasmana (whoami-rajat)15:04
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hemnafwiw, this fix is still dangling .
rosmaitageguileo: whoami-rajat: one option for both functionalities?15:05
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hemnawhy would you want to delete the __DEFAULT__ volume type?  it was created on purpose to be the fallback and is always supposed to be there15:05
whoami-rajatgeguileo, also using the CONF.default_volume_type might be an issue because if some volumes use the __DEFAULT__ type and we've set the config then what exactly should we do15:05
rosmaitahemna: you need to read through the bug to see what the guy is really asking for15:06
hemnaok /me reads15:06
geguileohemna: the last comment is enough to understand the situation15:06
whoami-rajatrosmaita, i think so, should we allow using it if we don't allow listing it?15:06
geguileorosmaita: yeah, just 1 config option to disable the __DEFAULT__ altogether15:07
geguileorosmaita: that way we can check if we can do it on start15:07
geguileoas in check that there are no volumes using it15:07
geguileoand that it has a default value defined in cinder.conf15:07
rosmaitabut here is the problem15:07
hemnaso the problem is for deployments that have defined usable volume types, they don't want to see the __DEFAULT__15:07
rosmaitasuppose it is in use, but the operator no longer wants people to use it15:07
geguileohemna: yup15:08
geguileorosmaita: then they just need to retype them to the equivalent15:08
geguileorosmaita: if the driver is properly implemented it will just be a DB change15:08
rosmaita"if the driver is properly implemente"15:08
geguileoso if __DEFAULT__ is equivalent to standard_iops, then they retype it to that15:09
whoami-rajatrosmaita, yeah, that was my concern as well, if volumes are using the __DEFAULT__ type and admin disables the config option, what should we do in this case? geguileo15:09
geguileorosmaita: and if it's broken they go and edit the DB after they open a launchpad bug on the driver15:09
hemnaso there is no way to hide it, and still use it15:09
geguileowhoami-rajat: we fail to start15:09
smcginnisIts use was for cases where someone doesn't provide a volume type to use. So hiding it makes the most sense to me. We don't want it to be something someone selects. It's an internal mechanism to because we can't get our code straight.15:09
hemnabut also we migrated volumes that didn't have a type15:10
hemnawell 'db migrated'15:10
geguileohemna: ouch, true15:10
smcginnisIt's a type that is no type.15:10
hemnawell it's supposed to be an empty type15:10
hemnaso can we just not show it in the api for get types ?15:11
geguileosmcginnis: unless the admin has set keys in its extra specs15:11
hemnabut still show it where it's used?15:11
rosmaitaexcept, that operators have the ability to update it15:11
whoami-rajathemna, or we can update it as well to make it the actual default15:11
smcginnisgeguileo: We shouldn't allow that. It should be hidden. If they want a type with extra specs, they should define one.15:11
hemnaI don't think operators should be able to add extra specs to it15:12
geguileoafaik we allow it15:12
smcginnishemna: ++15:12
hemnathe intention was for it to be a placeholder re: empty15:12
rosmaitait seemed like such a simple change ...15:12
smcginnisI think that we allowed folks to modify it is a bug.15:12
hemnayah it should be locked15:12
whoami-rajatThe original idea was not to allow updating it but there was a review comment stating we should allow it15:12
hemnaand only visible to admins in cinder type-list15:13
smcginnisBad call. :)15:13
openstackgerritGorka Eguileor proposed openstack/cinder master: Add cinder-manage command to remove file locks
rosmaitaok, i guess we all need to take an action item to go back and review the original spec to refresh ourselves on what we were trying to accomplish15:13
rosmaitaand then read through today[s meeting logs15:13
rosmaitaand figure out a good proposal for this15:13
hemnageguileo thanks man, much better :)15:13
hemnarosmaita, so do you disagree with smcginnis and myself on this?15:14
hemnamake it immutable and hidden in cinder type-list15:15
rosmaitawell, my memory is that i didn't want this thing to be modifiable, but there must have been a good reason for it15:15
rosmaitaor my memory is just shot15:15
hemnaanyone have the review handy?15:15
smcginnisIt's whole point was to be a safety because we thought it was too much work to go through our code and fix anywhere that we made the assumption that there would always be a volume type. So __DEFAULT__ should just be an empty type to make sure we don't blow up on one of those assumptions.15:16
rosmaitasome dope approved the spec with this comment: "I think we're all in favor of doing this, so let's move it along and figure out whether __DEFAULT__ volume type should be mutable during the implementation phase.  (See my question on PS9, Line 45)"15:17
rosmaitathat was on
hemnahrmm I don't see any discussion in the patch review for mutability
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geguileohemna: thank you for pointing out the confusing text15:20
hemnathere was a comment about Eric not agreeing with immutability15:20
hemnalooking for his comment about it15:20
rosmaitamy battery is at 3%, i need to sign off15:20
*** rosmaita has left #openstack-cinder15:20
smcginnisSaved by the battery. :)15:21
hemnaI'm not sure eric was arguing about __DEFAULT__ volume type or default volume type15:23
hemnawhich can be 2 different things15:23
hemnathat wasn't clear to me in his statement15:24
hemnaregardless, I think __DEFAULT__ volume type should be immutable15:24
whoami-rajatthe original idea was not to allow updating it15:24
hemnaif an operator has created another default volume type, that should be mutable.15:24
*** enriquetaso has quit IRC15:24
hemnaso I think it's a bug that __DEFAULT__ is mutable then15:25
whoami-rajati think eharney had some concerns making it immutable
smcginnisI agree with hemna. It should be immutable. If they need a default with specific settings, then that is what setting a specific default volume type in cinder.conf is for.15:28
hemnawhoami-rajat that's what I just mentioned just a second ago.  I think eharney was talking about the default volume type, not __DEFAULT__15:28
hemna2 different things15:29
hemnadefault volume type being what the operator has created and set in cinder.conf15:29
whoami-rajatyeah but previously we didn't decide the name __DEFAULT__ so default volume type referred to __DEFAULT__15:29
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder stable/stein: 3PAR - Fix renaming volume after migration
whoami-rajatit also states "if Cinder creates this type, make it an empty type, therefore retypes are safe" vs. "it must be an empty type".15:30
whoami-rajatthe idea was to have an empty type i.e. not being able to update it and i think Eric's concern was on the __DEFAULT__ type15:31
hemnaI don't understand the concern with making __DEFAULT__ immutable15:33
hemnamakes no sense to me15:33
whoami-rajati don't have any concerns but there might be a reason to not do it in first place that I'm not able to recall15:34
whoami-rajatbut again, i don't have any issue with doing it15:34
smcginnisIt's a bug that we allow it to be modified. It's a bug that we show it to users through the API.15:35
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openstackgerritAlex Deiter proposed openstack/cinder master: Creating snapshot on NFS backend fails
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jungleboyjsmcginnis, eharney Why do I feel like we have been through this before?
eharneyjungleboyj: because it's a big feature gap that we should care about :)17:15
jungleboyjI thought we had talked about this before, but now that I think about it, it was for resizing volumes, not Quiesing17:16
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smcginnisThat's a nova spec, but it might require some work on the Cinder end.18:00
smcginnisI know at least some storage that needs to be prepared ahead of the quiesce to flush intenal cache and things like that so the actual snap can complete in time before the host needs to unqueiese.18:00
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jungleboyjYeah, I know it was a Nova spec, but it goes along with something that has been requested on the Cinder side for quite some time as well.18:18
jungleboyjThe Nova piece would need to happen first.18:18
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Move make_initiator_target_all2all_map out of vutils
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: tests: remove self.injected
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openstackgerritAjitha Robert proposed openstack/cinder master: Add multiattach in Nimble driver
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