Wednesday, 2021-08-11

opendevreviewWenping Song proposed openstack/cyborg master: DNM: test tempest
opendevreviewWenping Song proposed openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin master: Add description check for device profile create
opendevreviewEric Xie proposed openstack/cyborg-specs master: Add Xilinx FPGA driver specification
opendevreviewEric Xie proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add xilinx fpga driver
brinzhang_xinranwang, swp20: hi11:57
chenkehi all11:57
swp20hi all11:58
chenkeseems all guys are online.11:58
brinzhang_lack of xinranwang, may she is eating ^^11:59
brinzhang_do you all at home?11:59
xinranwangHi all!11:59
xinranwangI am coming 11:59
chenkeI talk use my phone.12:00
xinranwangit's good to see you all here 12:00
xinranwanglet's start the meeting12:00
xinranwang#startmeeting openstack-cyborg12:00
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xinranwang#topic roll call12:00
xinranwang#info xinranwang 12:00
chenke#info chenke12:00
*** swp20 is now known as songwenping12:00
brinzhang_#info brinzhang_12:00
songwenping#info songwenping12:01
xinranwang#topic new PTL election season12:02
xinranwangI hope you all see the mail talking about the new PTL election 12:02
songwenpinghave you alreay send the email?12:03
xinranwangI'd like to step down and let others take this chance. 12:03
chenkeI didn't saw it.12:03
xinranwangsongwenping:  I mean the mail from the community 12:03
xinranwanglet me forward it to you 12:04
chenkexinran had make great contributions to our cyborg project12:04
brinzhang_we can have the same decision, than to have a mailist12:04
brinzhang_yes, a harwork girl, a beautiful girl ^^12:05
xinranwangbrinzhang_:  I didn't send any mail out, I mean the mail from helena12:05
xinranwangchenke:  what's your email addr12:05
brinzhang_xinranwang: yeah12:05
xinranwangI have forward the mail to you guys.12:06
xinranwangplease check it.12:07
brinzhang_ack, thanks12:07
songwenpingi may take some time to receive.12:07
xinranwangno hurry, the elecion just starts 12:08
chenkeoffline just 12:09
chenkenow ok for me.12:09
chenkeplease go on.12:09
xinranwanghow do you think about the candidate, any nimination or self-nomination?12:09
brinzhang_dont worry, there is nothing above 12:09
chenkeI think brin and wenpeng are all good.12:10
songwenpingbrin is ok.12:10
xinranwangyeah, everyone did a great job.12:10
brinzhang_thanks for your approbate, I would like to try 12:11
chenkecool.  12:11
songwenpingbrin has more experience12:11
xinranwangI also think brinzhang_ is good, he has a lot of experience of openstack community. 12:12
chenkeactually brin had contributed to cyborg for  long time.12:12
xinranwangand a lot of connection with other projects.12:12
chenkehi xinran. will you continue for cyborg´╝č12:13
brinzhang_we are all ok in the community, and there is also need all to have work together12:13
xinranwangchenke:  sure, I will continue contributing cyborg :)12:13
chenkeCool. 12:13
brinzhang_I think yes, we need some drvier frm Intel ^^12:14
brinzhang_xinranwang: right? and we want to get some suport from you too12:14
chenkeOK. Hope our guys can make cyborg more stronger.12:14
brinzhang_sorry, slowy for me 12:15
xinranwangbrinzhang_:  sure, we can have futhue cooperation. I am not leaving cyborg, don't worry. lol12:15
chenke@brin I saw your chinaday topic. Maybe We will meet in xinran' neijing12:15
brinzhang_need all your together, and we also need to cultivate fresh blood in cyborg12:16
xinranwangchenke:  you have a topic too?12:16
chenkezhurong has a topic. I will talk his topic12:16
xinranwangok, good that we have an agreement about the candidate.12:17
xinranwangchenke:  cool, will zhurong come too?12:17
brinzhang_chenke: yes, and xinranwang also is a speeker of that topic, but there is not covered her name, because of the author of the article12:17
chenke@brin yes! We all plan to it.12:17
brinzhang_and there is wenpingsong too ^^12:17
chenkecool. then we can have a dinner at that time.12:18
xinranwanghope we all can meet in beijing lol12:18
xinranwanglet's move on 12:18
brinzhang_the china day will continue two days, one online, and one day offline12:18
xinranwang#topic new time slot12:18
xinranwangI have send out a mail to the maillisting, the new time slot is 12:00-13:00 UTC, which is 20:00-21:00 Beijing Time 12:19
chenkeIt's Ok for me.12:20
xinranwangbrinzhang_:  will you come to beijing, or just stay online?12:20
brinzhang_I have seen, I think that ok12:20
xinranwangso we could have less conflict than the working time12:20
brinzhang_xinranwang: Obey organizational arrangements12:20
xinranwanggot it 12:21
brinzhang_I would like going to beijing, offline may more intersting 12:21
xinranwanghope you all can come to beijing 12:21
songwenpinglet's meet at Beijing soon.12:21
xinranwang#topic pending patches12:21
brinzhang_if possible, wenpingsong and I all go to beijing haha12:22
chenkeping 12:23
chenkegames. right?12:24
xinranwangsorry I didn't get enough time to review all patches. 12:24
brinzhang_I saw there is not many patches in
xinranwangdo you have any patch wanna to highlight here?12:24
brinzhang_we can review it recently12:25
songwenpingsome specs need to review, about PMEM and xlinux FPGA driver12:25
xinranwangsongwenping:  ok, got it 12:26
songwenpingand one question about mysql version12:26
chenkeXilinx driver's author . I didn't konw. Do you all guys know him or her?12:26
songwenpinghi is from Inspur in beijing12:27
chenkeoh. your teammates.12:27
songwenpingwe are not one subcompany12:27
songwenpingthey also use cyborg12:28
brinzhang_IMO, the highlight can say: Improve the accuracy of placement resource updates, and there is we will be contribute PMEM driver to Cyborg(but they are on the way)12:28
xinranwanghope eric can join our meeting and introduce his team a bit 12:29
xinranwangsongwenping:  how is going on with oslo db12:29
xinranwangI saw the zuul failed here, with the version conflict12:30
brinzhang_recent weeks, I will update the docs for the API and the microversion docs too, may leaves from yumeng12:30
xinranwangcan we use oslo.db>=8.4.012:30
xinranwangbrinzhang_:  cool 12:30
songwenpingtempest also failed for the patch:12:30
brinzhang_this patch you update the oslo.db version >=10.0.0
xinranwangsongwenping:  I have test the tempest in local and it works well12:32
brinzhang_the mainly question is how to maintain the stable branch's oslo.db version, right?12:33
brinzhang_xinranwang, songwenping12:33
songwenpingit's wallaby and victoria failed12:33
xinranwangI think so12:33
songwenpingussuri and master is ok12:33
brinzhang_xinranwang: the stable branch cannot update the local db version, so it will be ok always12:34
xinranwangmaintain the old version's oslo db12:34
brinzhang_how about asking for gmann, he is an expert in this area12:34
brinzhang_gmann: are you around?12:35
xinranwangit's a good idea12:35
songwenpingall failure case is test_create_device_profile_conflict 12:35
xinranwangit seems he is not around 12:35
xinranwangyes, only when there is an db error, it failed12:36
brinzhang_gmann: we update the oslo.db's version to 10.0.0, it keep the same with nova, but there is some failed case in stable branch, such as
xinranwangchenke:  maybe chenke can help look at it? he has the experience of tempest as well12:36
brinzhang_gmann: do you some suggestion for this issue?12:36
chenkehi xinran12:37
brinzhang_xinranwang: we can left some comments for him, I think after he is online, he will reply us ^^12:37
songwenpingIMO, this has no relation with the oslo.db's version12:37
xinranwanghi chenke, we got some tempest issue, could you please help on it12:38
chenkeagree brin. Thank xinran. I will check tomorrow.12:38
xinranwangbrinzhang_:  yeah, sure.12:38
songwenpingthe reason is mysql's version is update, the conflict exception message is changed.12:39
songwenpingchenke: let's discuss offline.12:39
chenkeplease add my review about that patch12:40
songwenpinghope you can give help12:40
brinzhang_ok, songwenping, let's have a look tomorrow12:40
xinranwangcool, thanks guys 12:40
xinranwangplease involve me in the discussion as well 12:40
songwenpingchenke: done12:40
xinranwanglet's move on12:40
brinzhang_chenke has some experience, plase look into and give some suggestion12:41
songwenpingtwo patches: and
chenkethanks 12:42
songwenpinglet's move on12:43
xinranwangI think the first one is related to tempest error, no ?12:44
xinranwangit is a workaround12:44
xinranwanganyway, we will continue discuss tmr with chenke please involve me:)12:46
brinzhang_I think yes, it's blocked the new patches12:46
xinranwang#topic  AoB12:46
xinranwanganything else you wanna bring up here?12:46
songwenpingwe cannot backport any patches12:46
songwenpingone suggestion12:46
brinzhang_dont worry, we can have a solution for it ^^12:47
songwenpinghow about two releases will be elected PTL once, so as not to control the progress of the project due to frequent changes to the PTL.12:47
chenkeI don't agree.12:48
brinzhang_I think yes, if we frequently changes the PTL, there are many thing will be lost12:48
xinranwangpong, we saw your message12:49
brinzhang_if one project changed the PTL at each release, there will a bad effect in community12:49
xinranwangnomarlly, it is one election per release12:49
chenkeyes. 12:50
xinranwangI think we should always have the election to keep the community open12:52
songwenpingok, let's go normarlly.12:52
brinzhang_of course, we can have a vote at each release12:52
brinzhang_we are all want the cyborg better and better, right~12:52
chenkeMore open more better12:53
brinzhang_any other topic?12:53
brinzhang_I have to dinner12:54
brinzhang_it's too later :(12:54
songwenpingnothing from myside12:54
chenkeoh ? so latter12:54
xinranwangof course we need a election at each election. 12:54
chenkeI want konw. wenping and brin are in the same team?12:55
brinzhang_no, we are at same company12:55
xinranwangand all of us should vote according to the contributions, experinece etc12:55
brinzhang_good advice^12:55
chenkeok. Will learn more when we meet in Beijing.12:56
xinranwangso! please keep contributing cyborg!12:56
brinzhang_all, and we also need to cultivate new blood 12:57
songwenpinghope to see u soon!12:57
chenkeok. 12:57
xinranwangdo you have anything else you want bring up?12:57
chenkeno for me. thanks12:57
brinzhang_nothing for me12:57
xinranwangif nothing else, let's wrap up the meeting12:58
xinranwang#endmeeting 12:58
opendevmeetMeeting ended Wed Aug 11 12:58:11 2021 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)12:58
opendevmeetMinutes (text):
chenkeok. bye12:58
xinranwangbyebye guys12:58
gmannbrinzhang: xinranwang hi15:09
gmannbrinzhang: for stable branch testing on cyborg-tempest-plugin master, we use stable branch version of cyborg and oslo.db as 8.5.0 not 10.0.015:10
gmannonly cyborg-tempest-plugin master and its deps master will be used and rest all from stable branch only15:11
gmannlet me check the failing job15:11
gmannwe can see oslo.db 8.5.0 is used for stable/wallaby job
gmannand no oslo.db in tempest venv which is expected so that it will use system level installed version oslo.db 8.5.0
gmannso i think cyborg-tempest-plugin failure is something else not the oslo.db 10.0.015:20
gmannahh it is with depends-on which revert the oslo.db version in cyborg 15:21
opendevreviewGhanshyam proposed openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin master: DNM: Testing stable jobs
gmanntesting here ^^15:24

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