Wednesday, 2019-05-08

tojuvoneBtw, testing now with using the downloading feature as well as live migration. Now should just build the devstack plugins for the same06:53
tojuvoneAnd we needs multinode for that. At least controller + 3 compute to make sense06:54
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openstackgerritTomi Juvonen proposed x/fenix master: Add live migration support
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tojuvoneAnalyzed why live migration might have failure first and if cannot configure Nova this might be a bug need fixing.10:33
tojuvoneThe thing is that the live migration target host has earlier had a member of the same antiaffinity group that the isntance we are currently migratin to this host10:35
tojuvoneantiaffinity filter will fail still some time, while host is empty10:36
tojuvoneI have seen similar problems since couple of year testing this, but at that time problem was permanent10:36
tojuvoneNo it works after a time10:37
tojuvoneEarlier I had a piece of code hacked in nova antiaffinity scheduling, where I always update the antiaffinity group and it then worked10:37
tojuvoneNeed to seek more if update can be faster in Nova by configuration or need to make a bug10:39
tojuvoneThis is crucial for Fenix optimizing the rolling upgrade10:40
tojuvoneso earlier group member was moved away from target host only 25s before attempt to move other member to this host11:06
tojuvonethis live migration will fail still 70s after the instance have been moved away from target host and then live migration start to work again11:07
tojuvoneI am expecting this hits from some 60s DB sync interval11:07
tojuvoneI will try changing db_check_interval=20 if it helps and test it11:10
tojuvoneoh.. that is not the correct one. Hope I want some config option for this in nova11:12
tojuvoneLet's see: track_instance_changes=true and scheduler_instance_sync_interval=3011:26
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