Thursday, 2019-05-09

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tojuvonewell, seems the nova conf does not offer anything useful. Looking if SIGHUP for scheduler updated the cache09:18
tojuvoneby fast, this seems to do the trick and it is fast10:16
tojuvonegeneric solution might not be that straight forward as currently I need to ssh from container to host to issue 'sudo docker kill -s SIGHUP nova_scheduler'10:21
tojuvoneThere are bugs reported to nova with similar problems when migration simultaneously instances belonging to same antiaffinity group10:22
tojuvoneThat hist Fenix, when this kind of optimiztion will be done10:23
tojuvoneThis current upgrade case would not easily happen in real world, as host upgrade would take enough time for cache to be correct10:24
tojuvoneNot to mention the host should mostly be even restarted or at least the services. Bug is only when simulating upgrade without any real action on host10:37
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