Friday, 2019-05-10

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openstackgerritTomi Juvonen proposed x/fenix master: Add live migration support
tojuvoneBtw, this is workaround example for live_migration to work on same antiaffinity group within ~70sec, before periodic Nova cache update:
tojuvoneExample if for Fenix and OpenStack services running in Docker in OPNFV Doctor testing env03:31
tojuvoneThis is handling at least some of this, while as I commented there, it might not handle it all:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1821755 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "live migration break the anti-affinity policy of server group simultaneously" [Medium,In progress] - Assigned to Boxiang Zhu (bxzhu-5355)03:48
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hyunsikyangHi tojuvone05:15
hyunsikyangAre you there?05:15
tojuvonehi hyunsikyang05:21
hyunsikyangHow are you?05:21
tojuvoneFine, jsut havent had time to sleep the jet lag, but it is weekend soon :)05:21
tojuvoneand you?05:21
hyunsikyangSo did I, but today is good:)05:22
hyunsikyangAnyway Thank you for your explanation about BP05:22
hyunsikyangBut I have a question aobut your comment:)05:22
tojuvoneok, shoot05:22
hyunsikyang"Yes, you are right. If tacker is not going to support it doesn't belong here. Even if would, it would be a series of BPs and it would then be mentioned to be worked separately.05:23
tojuvoneSo obviously Tacker do nto implement any VNF upgrade at the same05:24
tojuvonethis means one would not mention it05:24
tojuvoneif mention it would...05:24
tojuvoneyou would mention it by saying some future work with another blueprint05:25
tojuvoneso bigger chagnes might be series of blueprints05:25
hyunsikyangI thought that even it doesn't support it now, it is need to mention it05:25
hyunsikyangas a perspective of VNFM05:25
tojuvoneyou can mention...05:25
hyunsikyangI understood.05:25
tojuvonebut then it needs some right section where it is "possible future work"05:26
tojuvoneor soemthing like that05:26
tojuvonethere might be example somewhere as done Nova BPs05:26
tojuvoneseems in nova-specs in "proposed change" you can have a sentence that can tell about some possible future blueprint05:34
hyunsikyangSorry. I had a meeting suddenly...OK. I will add comment :)06:49
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