Wednesday, 2017-01-04

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tbhspzala, raised the bug
openstackLaunchpad bug 1653992 in TOSCA Parser "Log the warning instead of raising an exception if input are not passed for tosca template raising" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to bharaththiruveedula (bharath-ves)15:33
spzalatbh: Hi15:35
tbhspzala, Hi15:35
spzalatbh: Happy New Year! and thanks, sounds good15:35
tbhthanks and wish you the same Sahdev!15:36
tbhso mostly the fix will be logging rather than raising exception?15:36
spzalatbh: thanks! Yep, let's do that15:39
spzalatbh: hopefully that will be quick and also I don't prefer to force input values in the template itself15:40
spzalatbh: user may planned it to provide later via command line using heat-translator or other orchestrator15:40
spzalatbh: one more thing here15:41
spzalatbh: in the template you used in the bug I guess if you provide a 'default' value that will work without error right?15:42
spzalabut that's what can break Tacker because old Tacker templates don't have default?15:42
spzalabobh_: good morning15:47
spzalatbh: there? :-)15:54
tbhspzala, sorry just went afk15:57
spzalatbh: :-) np at all15:57
bobh_spzala: Good morning - I have to run to a meeting - can I catch up with you after?15:57
spzalabobh_: Sure, no rush15:57
spzalabobh_: thanks!15:57
tbhspzala, I didn't provide default to input15:57
spzalatbh: right, but I was wondering that if you do provide then it may not fail15:58
tbhspzala, yup, it won't fail15:58
spzalatbh: OK but that's where it can break some old templates I guess15:58
tbhspzala, exactly15:58
spzalatbh: OK sounds good then I just wanted to double check15:59
spzalatbh: on a side note, do you have a minute to look at another Tacker related bug15:59
openstackLaunchpad bug 1652928 in Heat Translator "Fails to translate the derived polices" [High,New] - Assigned to Sahdev Zala (spzala)15:59
tbhspzala, morning Kangaraj was talking about it, some one is working on it I think15:59
spzalatbh: well, what I need to know is 'what the problem is" ?16:00
tbhspzala, though we are passing scaling policy, those resources are not converting into HOT16:01
spzalatbh: since you and bobh knows both projects Tacker and TP/HT, you can help16:01
spzalathat was the reason to pinging bobh :-)16:01
tbhspzala, I can see the issue in 0.6.016:01
spzalatbh: I understand that but if you look at my comments I mentioned 4 ways the parser can understand the custom types16:02
spzalaand I don't know how Tacker passes and why parser can't get the definition16:02
spzalaif I use parser as such it works fine16:02
spzalatbh: can you quickly test it with latest tosac-parser?16:03
tbhspzala, yup doing that16:03
spzalatbh: awesome thanks16:04
tbhspzala, this is how tacker passes to tosca-parser(in imports section)16:04
tbhI will let you know if I find some clue16:05
spzalatbh: Thanks! so in the init of in tosca-parser is where it should resolve the imports at the end16:06
spzaladef __init__(self, name, template, entity_name, custom_def=None):16:06
spzalatbh: as you try it, and see a failure error from TP please provide me that too16:07
tbhspzala, sure16:07
spzalatbh: thanks!!16:07
spzalatbh: as you know we delayed the 0.7.0 release by few days and now plan is to have parser release on Monday and then HT release 0.7.0 next day16:08
spzalatbh: since we don't have lot of time I am doing whatever I can to solve this .. I appreciate your help here16:08
tbhspzala, oh okay,sure I will try to find the root cause16:09
spzalatbh: thank you much!!16:09
tbhspzala, np :)16:11
spzalatbh: :)16:12
spzalatbh: bobh_ has a good comment .. please look at the end of the bug when you get chance16:12
spzalatbh: thanks!16:13
tbhspzala, ping16:23
spzalatbh: pong16:23
tbhspzala, if you see this
tbhspzala, we are getting 'groups' for each scaling16:24
spzalatbh: sure16:24
tbhspzala, but here
tbhspzala, targets are in "properties"16:25
tbhspzala, so targets are empty in this case and it returns empty list for policies in topology_template16:26
spzalatbh: I see, targets should be at the same level as property16:26
tbhspzala, yes that's the difference I found16:26
tbhspzala, so because of this it is considering any scaling policy16:27
spzalatbh: OK cool but the bug is saying that the template translation fails because it can not resolve 'tosca.policies.tacker.Scaling'16:27
spzalatbh: if you can please look at bug description which is not much16:28
tbhspzala, yes but in the morning meeting kanagaraj was saying he didn't get the error16:28
spzalatbh: so if you move the targets in template does that produce expected result?16:28
tbhspzala, let me give the conversation16:28
spzalatbh: oh seems like he forgot updating bug discussion16:29
tbhspzala, yup it worked, I mean scalingpolicy in HOT16:29
spzalatbh: I guess that was main discussion that custom types were no resolved16:29
spzalatbh: cool, that's good to know16:29
spzalatbh: so the main problem with the template is it's not giving expected result and you already found possible cause in use of 'targets'16:30
spzalatbh: can you please try moving targets out of properties16:32
spzalatbh: :) unless you already did16:32
tbhspzala, yup tried16:32
spzalatbh: :) OK that's what I thought you might16:32
tbhspzala, at "06:08:34 "16:33
spzalatbh: OK looking16:33
spzalatbh: it's taking time to load16:33
spzalatbh: not yet loaded16:34
tbhspzala, sure16:34
spzalatbh: yup I see it16:35
spzalatbh: oh well16:35
spzalatbh: so I guess we just need to focus on making sure that the template you are using provides expected translation16:36
spzalatbh: makes sense right?16:36
tbhspzala, right16:36
spzalatbh: what happens when you modify targets to the way it should be?16:36
tbhspzala, can I paste the template with "targets" at right position?16:37
tbhspzala, I mean in the bug details16:37
spzalatbh: with template examples we have, it produces asg_res.yaml and works correctly16:37
tbhspzala, this is the output I got
spzalatbh: oh I guess I am mixing up something :)16:37
spzalatbh: bug detail of this ?16:38
openstackLaunchpad bug 1652928 in Heat Translator "Fails to translate the derived polices" [High,New] - Assigned to Sahdev Zala (spzala)16:38
spzalatbh: it's loading16:38
spzalatbh: so looking at it did produce a translated template16:40
spzalatbh: did it create SP1_res.yaml?16:41
spzalatbh: did we get expected translation?16:41
tbhspzala, yes it create16:42
spzalatbh: nice16:42
spzalatbh: so what's the problem now? sorry fill me please16:42
tbhspzala, as "targets" is not in the correct place in scaling resource, tosca-parser ignores those policies to parse16:43
spzalatbh: I see, so that's something the template needs to be fixed16:43
tbhspzala, that's the problem in the template16:44
spzalatbh: Yup16:44
spzalatbh: glad that I asked to help out :-)16:44
spzalatbh: do you want to add a comment detailing your findings in the bug?16:44
spzalatbh: If you want I can add, but adding by you would be proper16:45
tbhspzala, anything is fine for me16:45
spzalatbh: Cool, thanks!!16:45
spzalatbh: :) go ahead add it. Let me add a line that you are going to add your findings16:46
spzalato keep the communication in line for references16:46
tbhspzala, ok16:46
spzalatbh: or just go ahead add your comment16:46
spzalatbh: :)16:46
spzalatbh: :) small things16:46
tbhspzala,  : )16:47
spzalabobh_: thanks to tbh: finding seems like we are good on TP/HT side .. custom types are working fine as he confirmed. He did find an error in template and going to add his comments.16:49
spzalabobh_: updating so that you don't spend time on it if you don't look at the comment tbh: is going to add16:50
spzalabobh_: thanks for your help  on it again!16:51
tbhspzala, bobh_ just added the comment16:51
spzalatbh: awesome!! Thanks a bunch again Bharath!16:51
tbhspzala, np :)16:51
spzalatbh: :)16:52
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/heat-translator: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritMerged openstack/heat-translator: Removes unnecessary utf-8 coding
tbhspzala, pushed the code for the get_input validation
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spzalatbh: hi18:44
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spzala_tbh: reviewed and also added some comments in the bug to make arguments for this work stronger ;)19:55
tbhspzala_, in the bug details?19:57
spzala_tbh: yes19:57
tbhspzala_, just now saw the comments, thanks for the comments!19:58
spzala_tbh: :) OK, you are welcome. Thank you for the quick patch.19:58
spzala_tbh: So I guess we are all set or close to release 0.7.0 of parser and translator19:59
tbhspzala_, yup I think so19:59
spzala_tbh: I will be testing stuff myself but I would like to get some help from you from Tacker perspective before the release19:59
spzala_tbh: some quick one19:59
spzala_tbh: like running tox19:59
spzala_tbh: I will reach out to you on that by Friday20:00
tbhspzala_, sure will do that20:00
spzala_tbh: thanks!! :-)20:00
tbhspzala_, ywc :)20:01
spzala_tbh: :)20:01
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