Thursday, 2017-01-05

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spzalaHi guys16:00
spzalabobh: topol_: tbh: tbh_: aloga: Happy New Year!16:00
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spzalasridhar_ram: good morning16:22
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tbhhi spzala16:35
tbhsorry for the late16:35
spzalatbh: no worries, I saw you 'afk' status :-)16:36
spzalatbh: seems like folks are still in new year mood :)16:36
spzalatbh: and there wasn't much to discuss16:36
tbhspzala, still the inertia is there16:36
spzalaThe priority is release 0.7.0 and the main issue for now is to confirm from sridhar_ram that is not a problem16:38
openstackLaunchpad bug 1652928 in Heat Translator "Fails to translate the derived polices" [High,New] - Assigned to Sahdev Zala (spzala)16:38
spzalatbh: other than that it looks good so far16:38
tbhspzala, any response from kanagarajM16:39
spzalatbh: nope :(16:39
tbhspzala, just now he commented16:40
tbhin the bug page16:40
spzalatbh: ahhh nice let me check16:40
spzalatbh: cool, hopefully we will hear from him soon16:44
spzalatbh: anything else that you want to discuss?16:45
spzalatbh: If you can grab the latest HT and TP and try run tox with Tacker now when you get chance (today or tomorrow) that would be very helpful.16:45
spzalatbh: so that if anything comes up we can fix it before Monday16:46
tbhspzala, sure16:46
spzalatbh: I am also testing with tox and few manual tests16:46
tbhspzala, nothing much from my side16:46
spzalatbh: thanks Bharath! Just fyi
openstackLaunchpad bug 1641734 in Heat Translator "get_operation_output translation is broken" [High,New] - Assigned to Sahdev Zala (spzala)16:47
spzalathat's the bug I ran into while testing HT and TP for 0.7.0 few days back16:47
spzalaI have taken care of it for now and will be fixing it right after TP 0.7.0 release16:47
spzalabefore HT release so that Tacker don't run into any long failing issue (it's just one test case)16:48
spzalajust giving you heads up16:48
tbhspzala, oh you already worked on it16:48
spzalatbh: sounds great ... thanks again and ttyl :-) I am gonna go for early lunch today :)16:49
tbhspzala, sure ttyl16:49
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tbhspzala, ping18:54
spzalatbh: Hi19:07
tbhspzala, currently tacker uses TOSCATranslator().translate()19:07
tbhspzala, this makes the unit tests fail19:08
spzalatbh: ah19:08
tbhspzala, once I convert from translate to output_to_yaml()19:08
tbhall tests are passing19:08
spzalatbh: that's cool19:09
spzalatbh: thinking but I think I would change the output_to_yaml to translate19:09
spzalatbh: on a side note, I am going to look for another issues kanagaraj mentioned in the bug in my non-tacker environment19:10
spzalatbh: I know you are busy but if you get chance please look at his latest comment in bug19:11
spzalatbh: and if you think of anything please let me know19:11
tbhspzala, changing to translate make life easy from tacker point of view :)19:11
spzalatbh: you can add fix too if you it19:11
tbhspzala, sure will look into that19:11
tbhspzala, currently leaving from office19:12
spzalatbh: :) sure and translate is a legacy name too19:12
spzalatbh: sure, no worries whenever and if you get chance19:12
spzalatbh: back to home?19:12
tbhspzala, yeah just starting now19:13
spzalatbh: OK cool19:13
spzalatbh: thanks!! and be safe.19:13
tbhspzala, sure, ttyl19:13
spzalatbh: tty later when get back on irc19:14
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tbhspzala, ping20:11
spzalatbh: pong20:12
spzalatbh: that was quick  :-)20:12
tbhspzala, just came :)20:12
tbhspzala, I just saw the comment20:13
spzalatbh: :) cool20:13
tbhspzala, one of the comment is not having output20:13
spzalatbh: oh the bug comment - sure the one on output didn't make sense to me20:13
tbhspzala, but outputs section is not there in tosca template20:13
spzalatbh: because ... yes20:13
spzalatbh: exactly20:13
spzalatbh: the other one seems valid do to me except odd thing is description has null something I was thinking to fix already20:14
spzalatbh: but though it looks valid, as he mentioned it shouldn't be produced in this translation at all20:15
spzalatbh: I guess as he said it's alarm wasn't mentioned in the template20:15
tbhspzala, ok, the other comment I am not much aware of whether to include or not ... or it is specific req from tacker20:15
spzalatbh: well what I understood is he said the tacker template doesn't have anything for Alarm so it shouldn't created in the translated template20:16
spzalatbh: seems more like valid to me if that's the case20:17
tbhspzala, but more of our testcases I can see we are not mentioning any alarm in tosca20:17
tbhspzala, like this
spzalatbh: true20:18
tbhspzala, but one more issue20:19
spzalatbh: if I recall, while translation we found that for triggers to fire we need alram20:20
spzalatbh: sure .. :) ?20:20
tbhspzala, if we add outputs section in the same template, I can see the outputs in the parent template but not in SP1_res.yaml20:20
spzalatbh: on alarm, I don't see trigger in his template so we shouldn't produce Alarm I guess that's what he says?20:21
tbhspzala, is that expected or do you think it will work?20:21
tbhspzala, yes20:21
spzalatbh: to me that looks like valid scenario, the use of 'outputs' is to provide user whatever the template author wants to display20:22
tbhspzala, ok20:22
spzalatbh: and the having output in parent can serve that purpose well so seems reasonable to me20:22
spzalatbh: could be wrong .. need to check more20:23
tbhspzala, then it's fine20:23
spzalatbh: what did you use to add outputs?20:23
spzalatbh: :)20:23
spzalatbh: but I guess what I said makes sense in general20:23
spzalatbh: since I am not aware of Tacker nfv types attributes20:23
spzalatbh: nice20:24
tbhspzala, output
spzalatbh: cool20:25
spzalatbh: or outputs I am not sure why he expected it in the child template20:25
spzalatbh: let me reply him on that20:26
spzalatbh: I didn't looked into the second issue much ..thought I will fix the 'translate' issue you mentioned first20:27
spzalatbh: and going to update a patch on it in few mins20:27
spzalatbh: so that if we ask him to try any fix he can use translate as such20:27
tbhspzala, makes sense20:28
spzalatbh: :) thanks.. getting a call at work but will get back to you soon20:28
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spzalatbh: back ..20:51
spzalatbh: :)21:02
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openstackgerritSahdev Zala proposed openstack/heat-translator: Provide support for legacy translate api
openstackgerritSahdev Zala proposed openstack/heat-translator: Provide support for legacy translate api
openstackgerritSahdev Zala proposed openstack/heat-translator: Do no create Alarm when triggers not part of policies
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