Tuesday, 2018-02-20

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ktibiHi mgoddard, can I use the feature of dougzsumski about grafana for add dashboard in my grafana deployed by kolla ?10:45
mgoddard_Hi ktibi: thanks for bringing this up, it has made me realise that the feature is too closely tied to monasca at the moment. We can fix that, then it will be useful for you too10:48
ktibi;) indeed monasco noy deploy yet by kolla :/10:54
mgoddard_not yet...10:56
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diranerpiHi @mgoddard_11:08
diranerpii'm still working on my pull request https://github.com/stackhpc/kayobe/pull/12211:09
diranerpiAnd i have a difficulty to understand exactly the problem with it ! Because my playbook run when the overcloud hosts is configured, so the first boot will complete successfully (after provision overcloud).11:13
mgoddard_hi diranerpi, by problem do you mean my comments in the review?11:49
mgoddard_the method you linked does look very simple11:54
mgoddard_If you really want to disable cloud-init, it must be optional though - it works, and we use it11:55
ktibianyone have already use tempest and cephGW for swift unit tests ?12:16
ktibioups wrong channel ;)12:16
diranerpiHi mgoddard_, i will make it optional12:55
mgoddard_diranerpi: and default to enabled please :)12:55
mgoddard_diranerpi: are you using CentOS 7.4?12:56
diranerpiyes i'm12:57
diranerpiyes i use CentOS 7.412:57
mgoddard_diranerpi: ok. I still recommend using cloud-init, but will accept the change to disable it12:58
diranerpiok thanks !13:03
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