Wednesday, 2018-02-21

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ktibihi mgoddard13:30
mgoddard_hi ktibi13:30
ktibido you know if I can override this conf with kayobe ?13:30
mgoddard_I think so, let me look13:30
mgoddard_here is where you need to look:
ktibithx :)13:34
mgoddard_hi all, I'd like to cut a stable/pike branch and probably also stable/queens. If there are changes you would like merged before I do this, please submit them before the end of the week15:44
mgoddard_Also, we are planning to become an OpenStack-related project. This will mean that the git repo will move to, with a mirror at We'll also start using gerrit for reviews instead of github PRs. This will hopefully happen in the next few weeks15:45
mgoddard_One nice side effect of this is that we will be able to use zuul etc. for testing our changes15:46
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