Tuesday, 2022-04-19

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opendevreviewWenping Song proposed openstack/python-keystoneclient master: remove unicode from code  https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/python-keystoneclient/+/76911507:57
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dmendiza[m]#startmeeting keystone15:00
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dmendiza[m]#topic Roll Call15:00
dmendiza[m]Courtesy ping for ayoung, bbobrov, crisloma, d34dh0r53, dpar, dstanek, hrybacki, knikolla, lbragstad, lwanderley, kmalloc, rodrigods, samueldmq, ruan_he, wxy, sonuk, vishakha, Ajay, rafaelwe15:01
d34dh0r53o/ lurking as I have conflicting meetings15:01
dmendiza[m]d34dh0r53: I might skip this if no one else shows up then15:03
dmendiza[m]Hi y'all!15:03
dmendiza[m]OK, let's get started15:03
dmendiza[m]As usual our meeting agenda is over here:15:03
dmendiza[m]#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/keystone-weekly-meeting15:03
dmendiza[m]#topic Review Past Meeting Action Items15:06
dmendiza[m]link https://meetings.opendev.org/meetings/keystone/2022/keystone.2022-04-12-15.00.html15:06
dmendiza[m]Ugh, it's all stuff I need to do15:06
dmendiza[m]#action dmendiza[m] to look into updating the keystone-stable-maint group15:06
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dmendiza[m]#action dmendiza[m] to clean up core reviewers group, notify ML15:07
dmendiza[m]#action dmendiza[m] to set up a doodle poll to review OAuth 2.0 patches15:07
dmendiza[m]#topic Liaison Updates15:09
dmendiza[m]I don't have anything this week15:09
dmendiza[m]#topic OAuth 2.015:11
dmendiza[m]h_asahina: any updates this week?15:12
h_asahinaWe've submitted docs about OAuth2.015:12
h_asahinaPlease kindly review it :)15:12
dmendiza[m]Excellent, I'll take a look this week15:13
h_asahinathank you15:13
dmendiza[m]#topic Secure RBAC15:14
dmendiza[m]I don't have any updates.  15:14
dmendiza[m]I think gmann is still working out a time to meet to further discuss Heat (and more generally Service-to-service interation)15:14
gmannyeah, most probably I will send email today about heat team availability 15:15
dmendiza[m]Sounds good15:15
dmendiza[m]OK, moving on15:16
gmannricolin is in Asia TZ but let's see if we can find the best time for all of us15:16
gmannyeah, I will check with him on email or so15:18
dmendiza[m]#topic Bug Review15:23
dmendiza[m]#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/?orderby=-id&start=015:23
dmendiza[m]No new bugs in Keystone15:23
dmendiza[m]#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-keystoneclient/?orderby=-id&start=015:23
dmendiza[m]No new bugs in python-keystoneclient15:28
dmendiza[m]#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystoneauth/+bugs?orderby=-id&start=015:28
dmendiza[m]ditto keystoneauth15:28
dmendiza[m]Actually, I take that back15:29
dmendiza[m]I don't think we've talked about this one:15:30
dmendiza[m]#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystoneauth/+bug/196879315:30
dmendiza[m]> Incorrect endpoint URL generated for integer project ID15:30
dmendiza[m]#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystonemiddleware/+bugs?orderby=-id&start=015:31
dmendiza[m]Looks like one new bug in keystonemiddleware15:32
dmendiza[m]#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystonemiddleware/+bug/196894815:32
dmendiza[m]> Invaild uuid unknown in service_info15:32
dmendiza[m]Sounds more like a pycadf issue15:43
dmendiza[m]I'll try to take a look15:43
dmendiza[m]#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/pycadf/+bugs?orderby=-id&start=015:43
dmendiza[m]no new pycadf bugs15:43
dmendiza[m]#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ldappool/+bugs?orderby=-id&start=015:44
dmendiza[m]and no new ldappool bugs15:44
dmendiza[m]#topic Open Discussion15:44
dmendiza[m]anything else y'all want to talk about?15:44
h_asahinaIf there's no remaining topic, can I conrirm the status of a doodle poll setup for the review meeting quickly?15:44
h_asahinaIf you're busy, I'll try to arrange it.15:45
dmendiza[m]I've not sent a doodle poll yet15:45
dmendiza[m]yeah, that'd be great if you could set one up15:45
h_asahinaokey. I'll try and send the link by email.15:46
h_asahinaBTW, I've google translated the Korean part on the etherpad and insert it to just after the Korean part.15:46
h_asahinause it if it works, remove it otherwise.15:47
h_asahinathat's all from my side.15:47
dmendiza[m]Thanks h_asahina !15:48
dmendiza[m]Sounds like that's all for today15:48
dmendiza[m]thanks for joining, everyone!15:48
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