Thursday, 2014-08-21

xgermandone updating the wiki: - since 99% of what we do is Octavia we probably should merge that :-)00:00
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rm_you|stayed at work too long >_<02:41
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dougwigwhat is this 'too long' of which you speak?03:53
rm_youif it's dark when I leave the office, I was probably there too long <_<03:54
rm_youmight want to remember that next time you work a 40 hour weekend03:54
dougwigsince my family is off camping, i've had to remember to leave the lights on when i leave in the morning, else it's too dark to see my front door when i get home.03:55
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bloganjschwarz: i added what you wanted to talk about to the agenda for the meeting today13:54
jschwarzblogan, thank you very much :)13:55
jschwarz#openstack-meeting, right?13:57
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jschwarzthanks for having me guys :)14:59
jschwarzI'll take care of that ML early next week15:00
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dougwiggood morning.16:53
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openstackgerritDoug Wiegley proposed a change to stackforge/octavia: Should we move Octavia meetings to IRC?  +1 yes, -1 webex
dougwigjust because we made the decision in the very format that people had objections to as exclusionary, let's vote outside of voice?17:10
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dougwigzuul is obliterated right now.17:58
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sbalukoffBy the way, +1 to dougwig's voting / polling on where to hold the weekly meetings. Thanks for setting that up, Doug!18:57
dougwigi fully expect voice to win, but at least we can stop answering the question.19:05
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sbalukoffdougwig: There might be people out there who have no capability to connect to webex, or who haven't felt comfortable asking us for the webex meeting credentials.19:06
sbalukoffI will be annoyed if we get a bunch of people voting "on principle" and then not actually showing up to the IRC meetings. If that happens, I might call for a vote in the IRC meetings to move back to webex. :/19:07
dougwigthat's exactly why i set it up.  i heard nothing but objections outside of webex, so let's find out.19:07
sbalukoffYep! It's a good way to (hopefully) put the issue to bed in a fair way.19:07
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blogandougwig, sbalukoff: if i +2 that, would that count as 2 votes?19:13
dougwigi could then +2/+A it, and we could call it decided.19:13
bloganthe measure has passed19:13
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sbalukoffAaw, please don't break democracy, guys!19:15
dougwigwe're kidding, of course.19:22
rm_workcurrently 3/2 for IRC :P19:22
dougwigthough it would be funny to have a DO_NOT_MERGE file at the root of our repo.19:22
dougwigyou know how you can tell that zuul is crushed today?  the neutron channel has no gerrit spam.  :)19:26
sbalukoffOk, no fair getting jenkins to vote for IRC. ;)19:28
xgermanI am pretty sre jenkins prefers irc. Never saw jenkins on webex...19:34
sbalukoffSilly robot. Meetings are for people!19:35
dougwigsbalukoff: i'm pretty sure you're taking those objections too literally.  minutes are not transcripts, and leave a woeful amount of room for bias.  and it'll all come down to preferences/numbers in the end anyway.19:36
xgermansbalukoff, wait until the machines rise and have their won meetings...19:37
sbalukoffdougwig: I'm not, actually. The requirement to have a full log of what everyone says in the meeting is being arbitrarily introduced here and isn't a requirement in other places where the OpenStack community collaborates.19:40
dougwigi'm hearing it as a preference, not a requirement.19:41
sbalukoffAlso, I'm annoyed at people who have not contributed meaningfully in the project (and as far as I can tell, don't intend to) poo-pooing the way we want to do things when we really are trying to be open about it.19:41
dougwigone of those two (i think it was salv?) mentioned wanting to be involved on the ML.19:42
sbalukoffYes, in the last few days he's mentioned this, I invited him to join us in any way (ML discussion, IRC, webex meeting), and so far he's only showed up to voice dissent on the mailing list. :/19:43
sbalukoffThat he has yet to show up in this IRC channel is telling, IMO.19:44
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dougwiganyone get the feeling that sbalukoff has strong feelings on this issue?19:56
xgermanis there an issue sbalukoff doesn't have strong feelings19:58
sbalukoffI have a strong aversion to bad smells (both literally and figuratively). If I think I smell bullshit, I have a tendency to have a strong reaction to it. ;)20:00
sbalukoffIn any case, I'm defintely willing to go with whatever the group wants here. If we move to IRC, so be it. I just want people actually participating and contributing, eh.20:10
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blogansbalukoff: is that why you have a strong reaction when I show up?20:13
blogansbalukoff: did you happen to get a hold of ctracey?20:16
bloganabout the launchpad20:16
sbalukoffblogan: Aah! Thanks for the reminder. I'll poke him now.20:17
bloganhe has been poked20:18
TrevorVSo I would vote on the IRC/Webex thing, but I don't really have a preference either way :)20:18
bloganctracey: it seems launchpad is not set up for blueprints and bugs20:18
bloganctracey: also can you add other people as admins to it?20:19
sbalukoffHaha! I was just poking you on the company IM system, ctracey20:19
ctraceylooking now20:20
sbalukoffTrevorV: It's perfectly OK to abstain from voting if you don't have a preference.20:20
sbalukoffBut you can add yourself as a reviewer there if you want to get e-mailed when other people vote or have the audacity to disagree with me. ;)20:20
TrevorVsbalukoff, Yeah, that's what my team suggested.  See, I do have a preference to which application for video conferencing, but that's not on the table :D20:20
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sbalukoffAlso, did this IRC channel ever get added to the auto-logging set up like the other ones?  (That is to say, is one of these bots recording everything we're saying so it can bite us in the ass months or years from now?)20:22
ctraceythis is like navigating an American Ninja course with a blindfolf20:22
ctracey...gimme a min20:22
blogani have the audacity to disagree with you and now i'm in financial ruin20:22
sbalukoffNote that I think having auto-logging of this channel would be good.20:22
sbalukoffblogan: Tsk, tsk. Should have listened! ;)20:23
bloganit would be good20:23
ctraceyi thought we did log this onw20:24
sbalukoffctracey: That's possible. I have no idea where I would look for the logs of this channel, though.20:26
sbalukoffWhere are the logs of the other channels kept?20:26
bloganwould anyone object to renaming the lb_algorithm of the pool to just algorithm? or is that too vague for a user to not know its meant ot be a load balancing algorithm?20:26
bloganits all there in all its glory20:27
sbalukoffblogan: I would go for the more descriptive name.20:27
sbalukoffGood lord, they're tracking what I say on the internets!20:27
sbalukoffblogan: Haha!20:28
sbalukoffWhere's my tin-foil hat?20:28
blogansbalukoff: that means the NSA has competition20:28
ctraceysbalukoff and blogan added an "octavia-core" team20:28
ctraceycan you try to get in now?20:28
sbalukoffI see a 'configure bug tracker' link. Should I go ahead and click that now?20:29
blogani just enabled blueprints20:29
bloganthanks ctracey!20:29
sbalukoffOr would I be exploding someone else's work?20:29
sbalukoffI'mma click it!20:29
ctraceytotally not obvious20:29
bloganclick it!!!20:29
sbalukoffAhaha! I feeeel the pooooweeeeerrr!20:30
sbalukoffAnd now we have a bug tracker.20:30
ctraceyim ready to start writing code20:32
ctraceytotally annoyed by the other nonsense20:32
ctraceyno good deed goes unpunished20:32
sbalukoffctracey: Go for it! Have you seen the etherpad blogan put together for the 'where to get started' discussion yesterday? That's probably a good place to start.20:33
ctraceyi need to bang some python out for Monday's meetings in SAT20:34
ctraceyafter that I will find some cycles20:34
bloganthat etherpad is just something i drafted up at night, it is just what I thought could be accomplsiehd and what needs more discussion.  I'm pretty sure most of the things need a little bit more discussion20:34
ctraceyand this project could in-fact be used for Octavia anyway20:34
bloganctracey: oh yeah you're going for the ops meetup here20:34
bloganfirst blueprint20:34
ctraceyis that like the new "/. first post" ?20:35
bloganexcept a bit more useful?20:36
sbalukoffOk, I've got to go AFK for about an hour, y'all. Chat at you after lunch. :D20:36
bloganhmm, am I the approver?20:36
sbalukoffAlso, ctracey:  Go vote here:
bloganor does the PTL dot eh approving20:37
bloganjust approve yoursel for now20:37
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sbalukoffOk, BBIAB20:39
xgermanwhat governance is that if you approve yourself!20:41
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dougwighmm, i think i need to go scare up some IRC votes.21:10
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blogandougwig: just put it on the ML without the [octavia] tag, you will get a lot of +1s21:15
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dougwigi'm just tweaking sbalukoff, but he's not here to tweak.21:16
bloganyeah i know21:17
bloganhe did a bit of scaring though, jessie proudman from bluebox voted -121:17
blogani can only imagine sbalukoff cornered him somewhere21:17
bloganand i know xgerman cornered min to vote his way21:18
xgermanno :-)21:18
bloganwe're quickly devolving into a two-party system!21:18
bloganand lobbying has already begun21:18
xgermanbut I am thinking to corner 250,000 HP employees to vote my way21:18
bloganthats the way to think big21:19
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xgermanalso, I started benchmarking:
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xgermanwe will use HP's mighty Public Cloud :-)21:21
bloganyou're the best evangelizer21:21
blogandougwig: you were doing the initial skeleton structure setup correct?21:23
dougwigyes.  i was going to submit a gerrit review and let people pick it apart.21:24
dougwigif it's blocking you, go nuts, though.21:24
bloganxgerman: you're going to test the instance with multiple listeners in one process, versus instance with one listener per process?21:24
blogandougwig: just wondering if you were going to do the first octavia.conf file21:24
bloganbecause I've got something to add already21:24
dougwigit was going to look something like o/db, o/common, o/tests, o/vm, o/vm/drivers, o/controller, o/{agent,network}/{,drivers}21:25
bloganthe review i have up has teh o/db one done already21:25
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bloganbut if you do it should be an easy merge21:26
dougwigi was going to survey a few projects and pull in common stuff as a first pass, and etc/proj.conf is one of them.21:26
bloganokay, i'll just add it to mine and we'll deal with the conflicts when they pop up21:26
blogannot going to be any crazy merge conflicts21:26
bloganthen again there may not be any conflicts21:27
blogani don't think you should call that directory vm though, because using a container should be an option21:27
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dougwigand i figure any name is just an initial guess.  i can call it vm-FUCKYOUMAKEASUGGESTION, and it'll make my intention clearer.  :)21:31
bloganfirst pick apart complete!21:31
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bloganoh definitely, and these first pieces of code are all going to be people's guesses adn the reviews will be the place for the discussions to happen about what everyone's assumptiosn were21:32
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sbalukoffI like that directory name.22:31
sbalukoffSeriously though, I don't see much difference between /vm and some other name, even if it's describing a container. (The difference, for the purposes of what we're going to be writing, should just be semantic anyway.)22:33
sbalukoffAlso, that was totally Jesse doing his thing. He's also looking to contribute code to Octavia and is asking about structure / where to start.22:34
sbalukoffI've pointed him in the right directions and will try to get him into this channel on a regular basis, too.22:34
blogansbalukoff: suuuurrrreee22:41
blogani do think the vm directory is a bit specific though22:42
sbalukoffCall it 'appliance' ?22:42
bloganthat would work, even works for hardware22:43
sbalukoffSince it's the stuff to create the Octavia VM / appliance, whether or not it's technically a VM?22:43
sbalukoffJust FYI guys: I'm out of the office tomorrow through Sunday. I expect this place to be a burning ruin by the time I get back. :)22:46
sbalukoffFor some reason Jesse wants to get his devstack working before joining the channel and stuff. I'm all like, "Pshaw! We don't actually write code in Octavia, so you're good."22:47
sbalukoffAnd apparently I'm getting punchy before leaving on vacation for a few days. XD22:48
bloganonly just now?22:48
sbalukoffWell, slightly punchier, I guess?22:48
ctraceysbalukoff: can you add dougwig ?22:48
sbalukoffctracey: Er... to what? The octavia-core thing?22:49
dougwigwho is jesse, btw?22:49
dougwigand yes22:49
ctraceyYes. I want to make sure that someone other than me can do it as well22:49
sbalukoffJesse Proudman. I think he's my boss.22:49
sbalukoffBut I'm not honestly sure now-a-days.22:49
sbalukoffctracey: I shall try.22:49
bloganill do it if you want22:49
bloganactually not sure i can22:50
bloganthen again this thing is not obvious on how to do a lot of tings22:50
sbalukoffI'm not seeing an obvious way to add team members.22:51
sbalukoffctracey: Should there be a link for us to do this on this page?
sbalukoffBecause I ain't seeing a link to add new members there.22:51
sbalukoffCraig: It looks like you're the only administrator on this team:
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