Friday, 2014-08-22

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ctraceysbalukoff: updated00:03
ctraceySorry was in a meeting00:03
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sbalukoffctracey: Sweet! I can add Doug.00:21
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openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed a change to stackforge/octavia: Initial migration for database structure
bloganping dougwig05:01
bloganwe're going to probably need the openstack/common modules05:02
dougwigI was thinking that too05:03
bloganwould you mind adding that to what you're doing?05:03
blogani decided not to add the /etc05:03
bloganfor the migration05:03
bloganat least not yet05:03
dougwigSure. And ok05:03
rm_youI've started nitpicking my OWN patches that have +2s on them T_T05:11
blogandoesn't bode well for us05:11
blogan(as in, you'll nitpick the shit out of octavia reviews)05:11
rm_youwas just about to look at that one05:12
rm_youthat you just updated05:12
bloganthat one could probably use some nitpicks and probably some "why do we need this column" or "this column's name is stupid"05:12
rm_youscript_location = %(here)s/alembic_migrations05:13
rm_youdoes that work?05:13
bloganyeah its alembic's notation05:13
blogana variable alembic recognizes05:13
blogansee my "Implements" line in the commit message?05:14
bloganoh yeah, updated the launchpad blueprint05:14
rm_you5 comments and I haven't really gotten to code yet :)05:17
blogandear god05:18
* rm_you puts on his grammar nazi hat05:18
blogani didn't mean it as a challenge!05:18
rm_youdid this already pass pep8/hacking?05:19
rm_youhmm weird05:20
rm_youthought you were supposed to have two blanks inbetween functions (when not in a class) and anything else05:20
rm_youbut there's only one after run_migrations_online05:20
rm_youbefore you hit the if05:20
rm_youthough that should be inside an "if __name__ == 'main':05:21
rm_youI believe05:21
bloganthats auto-created by alembic05:21
rm_youweird, alright05:21
blogani fixed as much pep8 as I saw, but I'm sure I missed some05:21
rm_younot standard practice, but i guess they know what they're doing?05:21
rm_youerrr and i mistyped above, it's if __name__ == "__main__":05:22
bloganhowever the fact that it passed makes me believe that the hacking rules we copied automatically ignored it05:22
rm_youso "" is generated code?05:22
rm_youyou just threw the license on top and called it good?05:22
rm_youk, i'll not nitpick that file then I guess05:22
bloganpretty much05:22
rm_youthe blank lines at the end of the multi-line comments are also weird05:23
bloganwell fixed some obvious pep8's but that double line there is definitely something that shoulda been caught05:23
rm_youis "initial_create" yours or generated?05:24
bloganno it does run in that file, at least it complains about no license05:24
bloganthe name?05:24
rm_youthe code in it05:25
bloganoh yeah thats mine05:25
rm_youI thought hacking required a blank line at the end of python files >_>05:25
bloganso the README, and that migration are the only 2 that I really did anything in05:25
rm_youi don't even understand anymore05:25
rm_youactually that's just plain PEP805:26
bloganyou might be right, i think stephen just copied a tox.ini, its possible it had those ignored05:26
bloganyep running flake8 catches those05:27
bloganthe no newline05:28
bloganbut tox does not05:28
rm_youbad tox.ini i think05:28
rm_youlet me look05:28
rm_youI can make a patch :P05:28
blogannothign sticks out05:29
rm_youcommands = flake805:31
rm_you           doc8 specs doc/source octavia \05:31
rm_you           CONSTITUTION.rst HACKING.rst README.rst ROADMAP.rst05:31
bloganwhatever flake8 tox is using is wrong, using the venv tox created and using the flake8 does not catch it05:31
rm_youI think it's only checking those files05:31
rm_youit's supposed to just be05:31
bloganoctavia is the directory05:31
rm_youcommands = flake8 {posargs}05:31
bloganand its checking that05:31
bloganthat is probably right though05:32
rm_youhmm yeah i guess your thing is in that05:32
bloganyou're thats how it should be, but don't think that will solve the problem05:32
blogantox has flake8 2.1, the flake8 i just installed has 2.205:35
rm_youstill looking05:35
bloganand hacking 0.905:35
bloganive got nothing on this05:39
rm_youwell it definitely runs on the file...05:41
rm_youmaybe I'm just wrong about the rule?05:42
rm_youor it is only Warning level05:42
blogani don't think so05:42
blogani do remember it05:42
bloganflake8 2.2 does catch it05:42
rm_youheh yeah pep8 1.5.7 catches it05:45
rm_youpep8 1.5.6 does not05:45
blogansuper minor version change05:46
rm_you1.5.7 (2014-05-29)05:47
rm_youCheck the last line even if it does not end with a newline. (Issue #286)05:47
rm_youok so05:48
rm_youif I go BACKWARDS it also works05:48
rm_youin test-requirements.txt05:48
rm_youchange the hacking line to05:48
rm_youand it works05:49
bloganforward on pep8, backward on hacking05:49
rm_youwell, I think older hacking pulls in older pep8?05:49
rm_youmust not suffer from that bug05:50
bloganoh eyah, that probably makes sense05:50
rm_youthat was a lot of time wasted for nitpicking a single blank line :P05:50
blogantime well spent05:50
rm_youwhich appears to be the only issue in the entire repo05:50
bloganis it enough of an issue to downgrade the hacking version05:51
rm_youlol no05:51
bloganthen when it gets reintroduced, it'll have to be fixed then05:52
bloganim going to bed05:52
rm_youlol k05:52
rm_yousee you tomorrow05:53
blogansee ya05:53
rm_youuhh openstack blueprint lookup got borked? :/05:55
rm_youis what the CR auto-links to, but it does not find
rm_youit used to work :(05:57
rm_youthey must have broken something when they messed with the gerrit layout stuff recently05:58
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bloganlooks like the IRCians are going to lose the vote15:30
bloganits almost like I voted for Ralph Nader, threw my vote away15:30
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xgermanyou just ned to run a better campaign :-)15:31
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bloganneed some eyes on
dougwigi've been waiting for the object model arguments to firm up.15:36
dougwig(fwiw, btw, a10's model has pools has 1:n on listeners.)15:37
dougwigit's trivial to use that to create 1:n on lb's.  not the other way around.15:37
bloganso pools can be shared in a:10s model?16:06
bloganlol a:1016:06
rm_workyeah because THUNDER16:07
rm_work(who decided to name it A10 THUNDER? :P)16:07
dougwigyes, pools are shared.16:20
dougwigpools, hm, lb/vip are all root objects.  listener/vport is owned by an lb.16:21
dougwigif you haven't voted on octavia webex vs IRC, please do so:
dougwigi expect we'll close that vote on monday or tuesday.16:21
bloganits a runaway now16:21
dougwig7 to 5 is a runaway?16:22
dougwigrm_work: that'd be marketing.  and our soft appliances are vThunder.16:23
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bloganits a runaway!16:28
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