Thursday, 2014-08-28

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rm_mobilesbalukoff: hey04:15
rm_mobileI'm in Seattle. Did you guys have lunch plans tomorrow? I'd be down to meet up if you don't yet04:16
blogan_he doesn't want to eat lunch with you04:16
blogan_i must not be aware of yet another meme, some potato room04:18
rm_mobileYou should see the LoC I pumped out while on that plane04:18
blogan_Looks of Condescending?04:19
rm_mobileTwo major CR updates and a brand new 175 line CR04:19
rm_mobileLines of Code :P04:19
blogan_i know04:19
rm_mobileLooking for a link for you for that meme now <_<04:19
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rm_mobileHopefully not SUPER offensive <_<04:21
rm_mobile... Pretty offensive04:22
blogan_well its out there now04:22
rm_mobileYou are laughing, don't lie :P04:26
blogan_is this what you call humor?04:27
rm_mobileAnd yet, the state of life in some countries is very sad :(04:27
blogan_im just amazed at some of the things that become memes04:27
rm_mobileYeah it's a little ridiculous04:28
rm_mobileWhy are you still on T_T04:29
rm_mobileWhy do I bother asking04:29
blogan_why are you on your mobile when you're on eto?04:29
rm_mobileWell, ostensibly trying to talk to sbalukoff04:29
rm_mobileSince he said to poke at him when I was here, and I think he gave me a number but I must have not put it in my phone :/04:30
blogan_tomorrow I'm going to figure out pricing for flights and hotels to see where we come in at04:31
rm_mobileYeah hotels are really not bad right now04:32
rm_mobileWe need to book early04:32
blogan_well the one's that openstack suggests only have one king size bed04:32
rm_mobileI can put the hotel on my card, so we get free internet this time <_<04:32
blogan_though over they're htey usually just make the king bed by putting together two twin mattresses04:32
rm_mobileI'll look too when I get to a computer04:32
rm_mobileWhen I looked up hotels just via Google, it looked like two person rooms were around $26004:33
blogan_two beds?04:34
rm_mobileI'll double check, but obviously those rooms exist :P04:34
blogan_plus it'd be nice to have the hotel close to the convention center04:34
rm_mobileYeah the hotel I looked at was basically in it04:34
rm_mobileIt's right next to the Arc de Triumph04:35
blogan_says the person who is anal about spelling and grammar04:35
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rm_mobileI'm not French04:37
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rm_mobileDamnit, went through a tunnel04:37
rm_mobileDid I miss anything?04:38
rm_mobileSo there's a couple of good food related places very close to there that we will need to go04:41
blogan_you goign to be on irc tomorrow?04:42
rm_mobileProbably somewhat04:42
blogan_you wanted to put both the rooms on your card right?04:43
blogan_get them rewards04:43
rm_mobileAnd free Wi-Fi04:43
blogan_what hotels is that for?04:43
rm_mobileAny under the Starwood umbrella04:44
blogan_well perhaps we should just put you in charge of finding the hotel and booking the rooms04:44
rm_mobilePrimarily Sheraton, Westin, The W, Four Points04:44
blogan_well looks like you'd want to get the Le Meridien, since that is under starwood04:48
blogan_and that is one openstack got blocks for04:49
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rm_mobileAloft, Meridien04:52
blogan_rm_mobile: le meridien is the one you want04:52
rm_mobileDamn tunnels04:52
blogan_rm_mobile: its the one openstack got blocks for04:52
blogan_looks like you can get 2 beds and 2 rooms through the starwood website04:53
blogan_make sure it covers wifi though for your card04:53
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dougwigit's europe, fuck wi-fi.  get a $10 prepaid sim card when you get off the plane.05:08
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sbalukoffrm_you rm_work|away: I'd totally be up for lunch with you tomorrow, eh!08:52
sbalukoffBut... I'll e-mail you. XD08:53
jschwarzsbalukoff, hi :)08:53
sbalukoffHi jschwarz! I'm about to head to bed.08:57
jschwarzsbalukoff, so I won't hold you off - nn :)09:06
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jschwarzsballe_, morning ^^14:02
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sballe_Hey Getting back to the design sessions... Let's start a discussion on the mailing list so we all agree on wha sessions we want and where they fit in this new structurre14:30
sballe_I'll send an email and we can dicuss further on the ML14:30
blogan_sballe_: sounds good, i nominate you to send that email14:30
sballe_blogan_, I volunteer14:31
blogan_motion passes!14:31
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weigreenhello, i install lbaas on ubuntu1204 when i start neutron-lbaas-agent, it get the error: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'rpartition'14:34
weigreendoes anyone know who to fix this ?14:34
dougwigcan you pastebin the entire exception?14:36
weigreen  this is my log14:39
weigreeni found this but i cannot make sure isn't this make the problem14:41
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weigreensorry, please ignore line 3, 4 in the log14:45
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sballe_blogan_, done14:49
blogan_weigreen: i've run into that before, and it has to do with not having a setting in your lbaas_agent.ini14:50
blogan_can you post your lbaas_agent.ini?14:50
weigreen  -> lbaas_agent.ini14:52
blogan_weigreen: is that located at /etc/neutron/services/lbaas/lbaas_agent.ini?14:54
blogan_weigreen: try enabling the line that has the interface_driver set to use the OVSInterfaceDriver14:57
blogan_i hate that error message14:58
blogan_i gotta go, if that doesn't work I'll look into it more later14:58
weigreenblogan: no, it's located at /etc/neutron/lbaas_agent.ini14:58
weigreenthank i will try it14:58
blogan_weigreen: and try putting that ini file in this directory (i was wrong up there): /etc/neutron/services/loadbalancer/haproxy/l14:59
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weigreeni tried put it at /etc/neutron/services/loadbalancer/haproxy but it does not work15:07
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weigreenblogan: i found out that maybe it cannot found the config file?15:33
weigreeni and line15:33
weigreenconf.interface_driver = 'neutron.agent.linux.interface.OVSInterfaceDriver'15:33
weigreenin the /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/neutron/services/loadbalancer/drivers/haproxy/namespace_driver.py15:34
weigreenand he wont get that error15:34
weigreenwhere is the default config file need to be?15:35
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rm_mobilesbalukoff: hey16:06
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rm_workdougwig: sure, but the amount of data I use would crush a $10 prepaid SIM :P16:21
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dougwigrm_work: they have this thing called competition in the cellular market.  $10 is unlimited.16:39
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rm_workI was there last year and the $10 prepaid was like... not much16:39
rm_workthough I think I have like $3 left on one16:40
rm_workalso registering them was a PITA :P16:40
rm_worksince they require an address and I suck at French street names16:40
dougwigdo some research on the 2nd tier carriers (which aren't like our 2nd tiers.)  every time i go to london it's crazy cheap.16:40
rm_workI also didn't have great luck actually getting data to work on my N4, took a couple of tries. I'm definitely a fan of wifi if possible, is the point :P16:41
dougwigyeah, it's just a lot less common over there, and usually requires a subscription, because cell is so ubiquitous.16:42
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blogan_i dont even know if my phone will work with another sim card17:19
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mlavalleblogan_: you around/17:34
rm_workblogan_: it probably won't >_<17:35
rm_workI have an extra or two that should tho17:35
rm_workblogan_: or you could upgrade to a Nexus5 or something :P17:35
xgermanblogan, you cna tell them you are traveling abroad and they shoudl unlock17:36
rm_workor just stay on hotel / convention wifi17:36
rm_workxgerman: i'd worry about what bands it supports17:36
blogan_mlavalle: here17:36
xgermanmost phones have the basic gsm17:36
mlavalleblogan_: are you at Castle in the afternoon?17:36
rm_workxgerman: he's on some fourth-rate carrier here that offers exactly one phone, and it isn't a flagship or anything... >_>17:36
blogan_rm_work: actually i still have my nexus 417:36
blogan_mlavalle: at castle17:36
rm_workblogan_: ah then bring that17:36
xgermannexus 4 will work17:36
rm_workyeah N4 should be fine17:37
rm_worki have N900 / N950 too17:37
blogan_bringing that puppy with me17:37
xgermanBUT I am with T_Mobile so I have free data oversees + free sms17:37
rm_workthat are all unlocked / international17:37
blogan_i used to have tmobile17:37
rm_workxgerman: oh what? I am tmobile also, wtf is that plan17:37
blogan_then i went really cheap17:37
rm_workI have their top tier unlimited everything pkan17:37
xgermanI have their cheapest family plan - simple choice17:37
rm_workcosts me like $90/mo, i hope i have whatever you're talking about already17:37
mlavalleblogan_: I'll stop by around 3 to catch up with you. I had surgery last week and got a little bit disconnected. Want to define next steps in tempest testing17:38
xgermanthey now offer free data and SMS in a ton of foreign countries17:38
rm_workxgerman: nice I will call them about it to make sure it's on my plan17:38
rm_workthanks for the tip17:38
rm_workI can switch to skype-calling while i'm there17:38
xgermanwell, the data is slow -- but "free"17:38
xgermanthey don't give you free LTE or 4g data17:38
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xgermanit's more 3G17:39
blogan_mlavalle: sorry to hear that, but the next step is in limbo at this point17:40
blogan_mlavalle: not limbo, just awaiting further orders17:40
rm_workxgerman: 3G is fine <_<17:41
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rm_workat least it isn't EDGE17:41
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xgermanok, cool17:41
mlavalleblogan_: so, LBaaS v1 will be kept in the official api in Juno and LBaaS v2 will continue as experimental?17:42
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blogan_mlavalle: yes, and v2 will be in the incubator17:42
mlavalleblogan: ok, so I will continue with the development of the scenario tests. I am going to take the scenario test for v1 and just convert it to v217:43
blogan_that should work17:44
mlavalleblogan_: in that case I will deprive you from seeing my sweet face later today…. sorry17:44
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blogan_mlavalle: lol maybe i wanted to see your face17:51
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rm_mobileGood lunch :)20:45
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rm_worksbalukoff: any other recommendations for food right around your office? I'll need places for several more meals over the weekend and that place was awesome21:01
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sbalukoffrm_work: Yeah, so just about everything you could eat within a 6 block radius of our office will be good. You can't be this close to Pike Place Market making food and *not* be excellent and expect to survive.21:03
sbalukoffIf you see the food trucks in a parking lot on 2nd and Pike one of these days, eat there. They're excellent.21:03
sbalukoffJaponessa (on 1st and Union) has good sushi.  It's actually a Japanese + Mexican fusion place (it works! Trust me! I recommend the "El Matador" roll.)21:05
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sbalukoffEtta's (just north of the market on the same street) has excellent seafood.21:06
sbalukoffThere are a number of great little shops in the market itself.21:06
*** barclaac has joined #openstack-lbaas21:06
sbalukoffI like "European Sisters" for sandwiches.21:06
sbalukoffAnd there's this place that does great Filipino food kiddie-corner from Britt's Pickles.21:07
sbalukoff(You should totally have a pickle from them, too-- I like the full sour ones. They use a live culture to brine their pickles and the difference is obvious from the typical store-bought variety.)21:07
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sbalukoffThe Peroshky place in the market is also a favorite for good reason.21:08
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rm_workah yes21:09
rm_workPiroshky Piroshky is on my "must visit" list every year21:09
sbalukoffBut, I don't really recommend the Pike Place brew pub. It's pretty average (and you shouldn't settle for average around here.)21:10
sbalukoffOh yes! You should totally go to the Pink Door (on Post Alley) for italian one of these evenings. They do a live trapeze show twice a week. And the food's good, too. :D21:10
rm_workI think I've heard of it21:10
sbalukoffIt's right across from Kell's, (Irish pub), I think.21:11
blogan_sbalukoff: what exactly is "kiddie-corner"?21:12
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sbalukoffAnd if you're not taco'ed out, El Borracho on 1st has excellent gourmet tacos.21:12
blogan_that'd be like you coming to san antonio to eat seafood21:13
sbalukoffblogan_: It's the same thing as "gegenuber" in German.21:13
sbalukoffSo...  on a graph, the 1st quadrant is kiddie-corner with the 3rd quadrant.21:13
sbalukoffNot quite across.21:13
rm_workit's a regional thing21:14
sbalukoffOk, heh!21:14
rm_workthere's like 6 words for it in the US21:14
rm_workand you can tell almost down to the city on a couple of them21:14
blogan_i thoguht it was caddie-corner21:14
rm_workit is one of the questions on the NY Times language quiz21:14
sbalukoffblogan_: You might be surprised at the quality of our tacos around here. ;)21:14
rm_workeveryone take that21:15
rm_workit's freakily accurate21:15
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rm_workkitty-corner kitacorner catercorner catty-corner "kitty cross" "kitty wampus" "diagonal"21:18
rm_workare the options :P21:19
rm_workor "other"21:19
blogan_thankfully no "kiddie-corner"21:19
sbalukoffHeh. Kitty Wampus.21:27
sbalukoffI thought that was a term for what happens to an asleep cat when you push her off the back of the couch.21:28
blogan_is that that cat equivalent of cow tippin21:28
sbalukoffBy the way, I love my cats. But they are exceedingly stupid.21:28
sbalukoffAnd responsible for most of the evils in this world.21:28
sbalukoffblogan_: Slightly less dangerous than the latter, but yes. :)21:29
sballe_blogan_, ping21:38
blogan_sballe_ pong21:42
sballe_blogan_, Regarding the affinity stuff. Let's investigate the server group more. The solution that sahara used was pre- server groups so I am hoping it is ready for use. I just wanted to check with our nova lead.21:42
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rm_worksballe_: I don't know if I will have the time today to type up a full response to your email earlier about design sessions, but the part about "putting Octavia into Neutron-Incubator" is a bit concerning...21:43
blogan_sballe_: well the server groups will work for making sure we get affinity for HA, but when it comes to colocation and apolocation of a loadbalancer, I think using SameHosts and DifferentHosts works better21:44
rm_workhas that thread actually started yet? I don't see it (i see that you wanted to do the discussion in two threads)21:44
sballe_rm_work, I didn;t start the second threat21:44
rm_workI guess maybe I will wait for someone else to start it and respond when I can (I am on ETO/PTO right now anyway... not sure why I am on here discussing work things T_T)21:45
sballe_ok I'll start it21:46
rm_workbut i can say that I am *not* a fan of putting the two together, is the simplest form of what i'd answer :)21:46
sballe_I just want to discuss the pros and cons21:46
rm_workalso, I think the subject of those emails is still not quite right, heh (LBass)21:46
*** barclaac has quit IRC21:46
rm_workhad to look quite a bit to find it :P21:46
sballe_yeah I know21:46
rm_workit looks like Octavia design sessions would be day1? according to the other thread about design session format (since we are incubated?)21:47
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*** sbfox has joined #openstack-lbaas21:48
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sballe_yeah but here is the catch. If Octavia is not part of Openstack incubator project. Does it even belong there?21:49
*** mlavalle has joined #openstack-lbaas21:49
rm_workwell, it is "Openstack incubated" I believe, just not "Openstack-Neutron incubated" since we are very much not attached to Neutron21:49
rm_workbut I thought according to what mestery and others indicated that we WOULD start out as essentially guaranteed incubation21:50
rm_workmestery / markmcclain could correct me there if that was an incorrect assumption21:50
sballe_but lbaas v2 is would be incubated not Octavia. Octavia is on stackforge21:50
blogan_I'm sure it can exist on the Networking program21:50
rm_workbut I seem to recall that from the discussions earlier / at the hackathon21:50
rm_workyeah, but Stackforge is where incubated projects live!21:51
blogan_I dont remember staring out as guaranteed incubation21:51
rm_workthat's normal for us to be in stackforge as an incubated project IIRC21:51
rm_workblogan_: yeah it's possible I heard what I wanted to hear and not the reality :)21:51
sballe_yeah but you have to apply for incubation... A stackforge project is not an incubated project21:51
sballe_LIbra is on stackforge and never made incubation21:52
rm_workyeah, but I thought part of the discussion to come out of the earlier talks was that we would be at least "looked upon favorably" for a quick incubation21:52
rm_workthat might be closer to accurate21:52
rm_workthen again, whether we can trust that, who knows21:52
rm_workbut I hope that is going to be the case21:52
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rm_workI think we hold out for incubation as a standalone product21:52
rm_workrather than try to tie in with neutron-lbaas-v221:53
sballe_then Octavia has a good chance to never become an openstack project21:53
rm_workbecause the amount of caveats and strings attached that would come with that is just too much for me to want to deal with21:53
rm_workI think if we work at it hard enough it shouldn't be a problem21:53
sballe_and Octavia to me is tied to LBaaS v2 anyway to eventually become its own project21:53
rm_workI mean, Libra was pretty much just HP driving it, wasn't it? Octavia has significantly more support behind it already21:53
rm_workI would be interested in hearing mestery's take on the issue21:54
sballe_Let me start the email on the ML so we capture all these good points21:54
* mestery reads scrollback ...21:54
mesteryIs there a tl;dr? ;)21:54
rm_workand maybe I am being overly optimistic, but I don't forsee incubation for Octavia as a standalone project to be unlikely21:54
rm_workmestery: pretty much the line i just said :P21:54
mesteryrm_work: hahahahahah21:55
mesterySo, is the question about where octavia should live?21:55
rm_workthere will be a ML thread, so you can save official responses for there I suppose, but the question is whether we hold out for Octavia to be incubated on its own into Openstack, or whether we try to bundle Octavia in with LBaaS-v2 in Neutron-Incubator21:55
sballe_working on it'21:56
rm_workI'm a strong proponent of the former21:56
rm_workbut there is concern that incubation on its own is less than assured21:56
mesteryThat's an interesting question21:56
mesteryWhat does the team here think?21:56
rm_workI think the ML is going to be the official "vote" on the subject, including pro/con arguments21:56
rm_workbut I'm definitely for Octavia being standalone21:57
rm_workI gather sballe_ is for Octavia joining Neutron-Lbaas in the incubator?21:57
mesteryAt first glance, I would agree rm_work.21:57
blogan_if we can guarantee openstack incubation then i'm all for that21:57
rm_workI don't know about others, I think sbalukoff probably has an opinion, seeing as how he has opinions on things :)21:57
blogan_i think sballe_ is for Octavia being in Openstack in any form21:58
rm_workbut yeah, it comes down to "how sure is it that Octavia will be successfully granted incubation status"21:58
sballe_rm_work, I am open to both ideas I just want us to discuss it and know why we chose one over the other21:58
mesteryrm_work: hahahahahaha21:58
mesterysballe_: ++21:58
sballe_rm_work, blogan_ and also we need it to end up as an openstack project21:58
rm_workblogan_ / sballe_ : err, i think you are more correctly quoting her actually yes :P21:58
rm_workyeah that's fair sballe_21:58
sballe_rm_work, mestery blogan_ e this thread to the mailing list :-)21:59
sballe_so we move this to ...21:59
mesterysballe_: ++22:00
rm_worklol that list of tags is so long22:00
rm_workit's so long that it takes up the entire length of my viewport for email titles T_T22:00
sballe_:-) gmail is filtering the email for me and this time it worked22:00
sballe_I guess I forgto the subject... I am still getting us to gmail22:01
rm_workmestery: who all votes on incubation requests? the technical committee?22:03
mesteryrm_work: Yes, the TC is the place22:04
rm_workand we need how many votes out of how many voters?22:04
sballe_rm_work, it is a lot of work. I was watching designate work to become incubated and they did a lot of talking to all the TCs about hwat they needed to do.22:08
rm_workIt's definitely a major political process22:08
sballe_Note that they didn;t make it the first time they applied22:08
mlavalleblogan_: is this still good
rm_workone which we should start working toward *immediately*, I think, if we plan to do that22:08
sballe_mestery, feel free to add your 2 cents to the thread on the ML :)22:12
rm_workI might prefer to hear from mestery with regard to his thoughts on the *feasibility* of both options, before I really commit to one or the other22:13
sballe_rm_work, mestery +122:13
rm_workI'm definitely in favor of standalone, but I have had less experience with the actual process than others here, so if it is really not feasible to do it that way, I could be convinced the other way22:13
blogan_mlavalle: yes it is22:14
mlavalleblogan_: :-)22:15
sballe_mlavalle, thanks for the pointer. I will tyr it out too22:17
mlavallesballe_: it works great :-)22:17
sballe_mlavalle, cool!22:18
mlavallesballe_: just blindly follow the steps and you'll get a shinny neutron with LBaaS v222:18
rm_workI should write a deploy script...22:19
sballe_mlavalle, perfect and if it doesn't give me the shinny neutron lbaas v2 blogan_ will fix the instructions ;-)22:19
sballe_or maybe rm_work :)22:19
rm_workfor some reason, writing BASH deployment scripts is one of my guilty pleasures22:19
mlavallesballe_: maybe you already have one, but if you need it, I can share with you my local.conf22:19
sballe_I'd like to your local.conf just in case22:20
* mlavalle creating a gist for sballe_ 22:20
rm_workfor example, Devstack + Barbican + Tempest:
sballe_Talk to you later.. It is dinner time here on the East Coast :-)22:22
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*** barclaac has joined #openstack-lbaas22:22
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sbalukoffHi guys, Sorry-- was dealing with another issue when the above conversation took place.22:36
sbalukoffI'm not in favor of moving Octavia into Neutron incubator, or under the Neutron umbrella at all at present. It will probably fit well under a 'Networking' project umbrella, but that project has yet to be formally conceived, and governance, workflow, integration and other issues have yet to be even remotely worked out.22:37
sbalukoffI think both Octavia and Neutron will be better off if we remain separate for the time being.22:37
xgermanyeah, put that in an e-mail22:38
sbalukoffI will.22:38
sbalukoffAs far as "openstack incubation" (which is a VERY different beast than neutron incubator), I think that should be the goal of course. There's not much point to this project if we aren't trying to get there.22:39
* rm_work agrees22:39
xgermanwell, we made the decision to go on stackforge before Neutron incubation existed. So it makes sense to re-evalaute our decision22:39
sbalukoffBut I also understand the code needs to be fairly mature to get there. And seeing as how the only actual code we have right now are a few database migrations, I take that to mean we are far, far away from being ready for that right now.22:39
*** dkehn_ has joined #openstack-lbaas22:39
sbalukoffxgerman: My opinion is still that we don't want to be under Neutron-incubator governance right now, nor does neutron-incubator really want to govern us.22:40
rm_workyeah, I am a little worried we are mixing "incubated project" and "move into neutron-incubator" together and assuming they are the same thing, and they perhaps are very different beasts22:40
rm_workwhich is basically what sbalukoff just said I think, looking back :P22:41
*** dkehn_ has quit IRC22:42
xgermanyeah, we probably need some more fact gathering ;-)22:42
*** dkehn_ has joined #openstack-lbaas22:42
sbalukoffAnd we need people to follow through on the action items from the meeting.22:42
*** dkehnx has quit IRC22:42
sbalukoffI feel like we spend so much time on the "what ifs" on this project lately that we're not actually getting anything practical done.22:43
sbalukoffAnd now's the time for actually getting shit done. :/22:43
sbalukoff(As odd as that sounds, from me, I know.022:43
*** sbfox has quit IRC22:44
*** sbfox1 has joined #openstack-lbaas22:44
xgermanyep. agreed22:44
*** sbfox1 has quit IRC22:44
*** sbfox has joined #openstack-lbaas22:44
dougwigsballe_ asks an interesting question.  my first reaction was to think, of course it shouldn't be under neutron incubator, as out of tree driver backends to neutron lbaas are fairly well understood, so we don't *need* that level of integration for octavia.  on the other side of the coin, one thing we do need to learn before incubation is how to be part of22:44
dougwigopenstack.  right now, there are parts of it we sort of hate, and i get a feeling of a strong sense of bucking the "stupid" and moving forward.  how much is "stupid" and how much is us not knowing our asses from our elbows, I don't know, but we'd learn that quicker in the neutron incubator than on our own.22:44
dougwigsbalukoff: +122:44
xgermandougwig +122:45
xgermanyeah, also sbalukoff asked for the discussion ro happen now instead of the summit ;-)22:46
sbalukoffAlso understand that when / if "LBaaS" gets spun out of Neutron, it's not going to be Octavia.  Octavia is supposed to be an operator-grade implementation. I see "LBaaS" becoming some other project ("OpenStack LBaaS" or some other name people vote on), and Octavia will be one driver to provide the service there.22:47
rm_workyeah, I feel like the summit is very late for those discussions to happen22:47
rm_workthough I guess it's... only two months out?22:48
xgermanyep, and things are still evolving with the Neutron incubator22:48
dougwigi think it's too soon to talk about neutron incubator, as it's not released yet, and way to soon to talk spinout, as we need some working code.22:48
sbalukoffOh, man, you're right, it's a little over two.22:48
xgermanin the beginning one of our gaols was to have Octavia become the Neutron LBaaS reference implementation22:49
sbalukoffxgerman: It probably will be.22:49
sbalukoffBut again, it's an implementation, it's not Neutron LBaaS itself.22:49
rm_worksbalukoff: err well, it's like day two of November22:50
xgermanyep, but we need to figure out what the ebst way is to hitch those wagons together22:50
rm_workand right now it is essentially september22:50
rm_workmaybe 8.5 weeks? >_>22:50
sbalukoffxgerman: It's already figured out. Octavia will have a Neutron LBaaS driver.22:50
sbalukoffrm_work: Yep.22:50
rm_workah yeah I answered before finishing reading :P22:51
xgermanyep. so practically we remobe the Neutron LBaaS haproxy driver and ask people for testing to install the Octavia project22:52
sbalukoffxgerman: When Octavia is ready for that, yes.22:52
xgermanok, and the Neutron incubator is for code WIP so...22:52
dougwigit's not for WIPs.  it's for incomplete/experimental implementations.22:53
sbalukoffNeutron incubator has yet to land. It's probably going to take some time for it to mature. I don't want to be a guinea pig.22:53
dougwigneutron incubator discussions are like iPhone rumors.  just wait for the dang thing to be published.22:54
sbalukoffdougwig: +122:54
xgerman+1 -- hence I think figuring that out ina few months is fine :-)22:54
sbalukoffIn any case, please don't let uncertainty around this delay work you would otherwise do on Octavia22:55
sbalukoffThat's what Octavia needs most right now.22:55
xgermanno, absolutely not.22:55
xgermanAs I said I just want us eventually re-evaluate where we put our stuff as our environment changes22:56
xgermanafter all those Neutron people keep us on our toes ;-)22:56
sbalukoffThey certainly keep us guessing. :/22:57
dougwigsbalukoff: first round of comments on 0.5 submitted.23:04
sbalukoffdougwig: Please tell me I got a -1?23:04
dougwigyou did23:04
sbalukoffYou do like me!23:04
blogan_Just to put my two cents in. I totally agree on not focusing on things that are no clearly defined yet and focus on the things we can control and what really matters23:04
sbalukoffOh crap, late for a meeting.23:05
blogan_im out as well23:05
blogan_sure ill be on later23:05
dougwigi'm sitting in an airport.23:05
dougwigalso in a meeting.23:05
blogan_you're always sitting in an airport23:05
dougwigsigh.  too true.23:06
*** Zebra has joined #openstack-lbaas23:06
rm_workdougwig: >_< i hope you have some sort of excellent milage program :P23:15
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