Tuesday, 2014-12-16

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openstackgerritmin wang proposed stackforge/octavia: amphora driver interface v0.5 changes  https://review.openstack.org/14194800:14
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pattabii see a check for Member in activate_linked_entities methof (plugin.py) as if obj.status != constants.INACTIVE ==> What does this mean and when the Member status can be INACTIVE ?02:44
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openstackgerritSusanne Balle proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Reordered neutron import statements in files  https://review.openstack.org/14197003:37
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/neutron-lbaas: Kill oslo-incubator files  https://review.openstack.org/14142705:38
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openstackgerrityangzhenyu proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: A bug of delete error status lb vip.  https://review.openstack.org/14173806:45
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nmagnezihello, I just check lbaas with ipv6 and seems like the haproxy fails to bind the ipv6 vip ip08:50
nmagneziwhich makes this unusable with ipv608:50
nmagneziis this a known issue?08:50
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openstackgerrityangzhenyu proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: A bug of delete error status lb vip  https://review.openstack.org/14173809:43
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openstackgerritIhar Hrachyshka proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Cleaned up requirements.txt  https://review.openstack.org/14206310:54
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openstackgerrityangzhenyu proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: A bug of delete error status lb vip  https://review.openstack.org/14173813:05
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mesteryblogan dougwig: Is this one done yet? https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/lbaas-api-and-objmodel-improvement15:05
mesteryI have it marked Kilo-1, just verifying.15:05
mesteryWhen you have time ;)15:05
dougwigBlogan is chasing down a sqla issue before we can merge15:06
mesterydougwig: Will it go in today yet?15:07
mesteryKilo-1 is soon15:07
mesterydougwig: ^^^15:07
mesteryblogan: ^^^15:07
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dougwigAsk us in a few hours? :)15:08
dougwigMy guess is that it's a few days off from being tested fully15:08
dougwigIt's the first use of the new services alembic chains, which is having some hiccups15:10
dougwigmestery: ^15:15
mesterythanks dougwig15:15
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mesterydougwig: If that's the case, I'll move it to Kilo-2 then.15:33
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kobishey is there an lbaas weekly today?16:05
sballeI was wondering taht myself16:20
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TrevorVHey good morning any and all that are around!  How goes it?16:41
TrevorVNot a single email was shared :P16:49
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rm_workuhh, morning17:00
rm_workjkoelker: you be around today? today is NETWORKING DAY17:00
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jorgemrm_work: hey17:01
jorgemrm_work: Can you hear me or no?17:02
rm_worki'm in the vidyo17:02
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jorgemrm_work: Do you think there is anything we can tackle on our end? It was really hard to hear/see during certain things yesterday17:06
rm_workmight be better not in the VC room? :P17:06
jorgemrm_work: steal me one!17:06
blogan_jorgem: we'll probably break down all of this into tasks/specs later today or tomorrow17:07
jorgemdon't think so we tried on our laptops directly as well17:07
blogan_johnsom is breaking down the controller spec into each individual component17:07
jorgemblogan: gotcha, anything we can review on our side?17:07
jorgemI'm just really looking for something we can do in parallel17:07
jorgemblogan: maybe you can sit next to adam so I can hear you today?17:10
jorgemI'm assuming the mic is on his laptop?17:10
blogan_jorgem: we will eventually need to do some tempest tests for octavia, but there's not much to test for that other than the API having correct statuses for hte fake simulated controller17:10
jkoelkerrm_work: I am17:10
blogan_jorgem: but at least getting the framework setup would be good17:10
bedisWhat's the link for the google hangout chatroom ?17:11
jorgemFor vidyo ==> Guests: Click the room link to join:  https://vc.rackspace.com/flex.html?roomdirect.html&key=XcQsqz9ssEOJcLKez71TsBjBJXg17:11
blogan_bedis: i think we're just using vidyo right now, i dont know the link17:11
blogan_what jorgem said17:11
jorgemNot sure who has the google hangout link17:11
TrevorVAll:  Hangout link is availble in the octavia mid-cycle ethernet17:12
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rm_workjkoelker: ok cool, excellent17:14
johnsomjorgem There are some blueprint stubs for the controller parts.  I need to update those based on the comments from yesterday.17:14
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sbalukoffHowdy folks!17:15
sbalukoffWe're going over front-end network topology17:15
rm_workjkoelker: alright we'll need you17:16
TrevorVsbalukoff Just buy me a plane ticket and get me a hotel room and I'll do notes from here on out17:16
jorgemrm_work: lol when you type it cancels the audio17:17
rm_workworking on getting a camera up on the whiteboard17:17
jorgemis there a mic on the camera you can switch to?17:17
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rm_workit *is* the mic on the camera <_<17:17
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TrevorVrm_work its not while you're typing, its just cutting in and out right now17:17
TrevorVAre you sure this mic is working as intended?17:17
rm_workI can try the mic on the laptop instead17:18
TrevorVSorry it was me typing17:18
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TrevorVI forgot to mute... No one said they could hear me when I was talking, so I muted17:18
rm_workthe whiteboard is on the Hangout camera17:18
jorgemohhhh haha17:18
TrevorVOr I didn't mute again I mean17:18
mwang2 http://bit.ly/Octavia-Hackathon17:19
rm_workjkoelker: you17:19
jorgemTrevorV: silly man17:19
rm_work*you'll need to tell us if we're putting this up on the board wrong17:19
mwang2can you guys log in google hangout to see the white board17:19
TrevorVJorge and I are the only ones in the hangout linked in the octavia meetup etherpad17:20
TrevorV There it goes17:20
jorgemI think rm_work is setting up camera for whiteboard17:20
TrevorVSo I'll probably diagram these up on another draw.io, so if something is unclear, be prepared for questions :D17:21
rm_workjkoelker: we neeeeed you17:23
rm_worki am flailing here17:23
jorgemjkoelker: Do you have the google hangout link?17:23
jkoelkeri do not17:23
jkoelkerwas grepping the scrollback for the etherpad link17:23
jorgemjkoelker:  http://bit.ly/Octavia-Hackathon17:23
jorgemjkoelker: Also you can join my vidyo room17:23
TrevorVjkoelker can't see... lundquist is in the way of our diagram ha ha17:24
TrevorVnvmd, he moved :D17:25
jkoelkerworking on trying to vidyo to not crash ;)17:25
rm_workjkoelker: the whiteboard is on the Hangout anyway17:25
rm_workjust joint hat17:25
rm_work*join that17:25
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TrevorVKoelker is in the hangout rm_work17:26
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jwarendtNotes to be take on https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/octavia-meetup-notes-12-16-201417:27
TrevorVrm_work jorge is trying to get your attention verbally17:28
rm_workjkoelker: so we're trying to express what networks are where17:28
jorgemI don't think you can hear me rm_work17:28
rm_workcannot hear anyone17:28
rm_worklooks like everyone is mic-muted on hangout?17:28
TrevorVYeah, he's talking in vidyo17:29
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rm_workjkoelker: you hear us?17:30
jkoelkeri can17:30
jkoelkeri'm a big fan of the 3 vifs for the amps17:31
jkoelkerthat way we dont' have to do any sort of ovs trickery or anything on the hypervisors to segment out traffic17:31
TrevorVBy the way blogan_ I added a question to the notes about life-cycle management that left me confused, could you check that out momentarily?17:32
jkoelkeri can17:33
jkoelkerrm_work: ^17:34
rm_workso does it look... right?17:34
jkoelkerit does17:35
rm_workso let me get Dustin back over here17:35
rm_workand you can listen to his questions17:35
rm_workjkoelker / jorgem: BBG network: http://i.imgur.com/MfqVHO817:40
rm_workjkoelker: wait, weren't we trying to do isolated networks to member nodes?17:42
rm_workfrom the HAProxy Amphora to the backend node17:42
jkoelkeras long as its a separate "network" we can go either way17:42
rm_workI may have switched Servicenet and Isolated Network in my diagram17:42
rm_workcan you actually tell which one says Servicenet? :P17:43
jkoelkerseparate network being separate vif in the amp17:43
rm_workwhat network does the FLIP connect to the Amphora with?17:43
jkoelkeri see that as 'Servicenet || IsolatedNet'17:43
jkoelkeran external network17:43
jkoelkerwe for us, we are going to do 1 of two things, either it will be an stt tunnel network isolatednet running ontop of the tunnelnet transit network17:44
jorgemrm_work: So are we assuming one "management network (hidden from customer)"? Are there security concerns with that?17:44
jkoelkeror it will be true publicnet trucnked down to the hypervisor and the hypervisor will advirtise the routes up17:44
rm_workI don't think so17:44
rm_workthat's what I remember from our discussion with Koelker last time17:44
jorgemrm_work: so ONE mgmt network per customer? per lb?17:45
rm_workwe don't want each Amphora to have a public IP though, right?17:45
rm_workjorgem: per DC17:45
jorgemwe use FLIP for that17:45
rm_workone management network per DC17:45
rm_workit's a provider level network (like Servicenet), but just for us17:45
rm_workcan we get 6666666666? :P17:45
jorgemrm_work: hmm so no security concerns with one network? jkoelker?17:46
jkoelkernope, unless tenants will have access to the amps17:46
rm_workit's really our only option IIRC, since none of the other options scale well17:46
rm_workyeah, no tenant access to amps, so should be fine17:46
jkoelkerwe can restrict it out in ovs so it can only reach the controllers17:46
jorgemwould that be compliant for financial sites? or do they require complete isolation?17:47
jorgemI know that's one reason certain customer don't use CLB 1.017:47
jorgemeven though the hypervisor doesn't allow packet sniffing17:48
jorgemjkoelker: ^^17:48
jkoelkerthe traffic will be isolated through haproxy's config17:48
jkoelkerso if it only allows taking trafic from the external net and then emiting via the private network17:49
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jkoelkerthen externally there isn't a way to hop onto the management17:49
jkoelkeri think the issue with CLB 1.0 is that it uses servicenet wich is shared on the backside of the LB17:49
jorgemjust making sure, thx17:50
rm_workcan jkoelker hear the things i'm agreeing with17:50
jkoelkeri kinda can17:51
jkoelkerits pretty choppy17:51
jkoelkerhavn't heard anything that is incorrect so far17:52
TrevorVI just love starting a diagram https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwuszeFIBGUsTjhCX25oOWdnSjA/view?usp=sharing and then you guys just erase it17:53
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rm_workthis one is better17:54
rm_workjkoelker: new diagram, more standard networking notation17:55
rm_worklook correct?17:55
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rm_work^^ updated17:56
TrevorVWow, that diagram just changed ridiculously17:57
jkoelkerrm_work: can you take a pick of what's on the right side of the hangout board?17:57
jorgemits the same17:57
jkoelkeri can't make it out, but lines and boxes look right-ish17:58
rm_workjkoelker: ^^ just linked17:58
rm_workno that is not right17:58
rm_workffff phone17:59
jorgemrm_work: Can we get pics for all three please?18:00
rm_workworking on it18:00
jorgemrm_work: when you get a chance. I'm going to go grab some food truck action ;)18:00
rm_workphone crapping out on imgur share18:00
jorgememail is fine too18:00
TrevorVrm_mobile rm_work I'm making the diagram shortly18:02
TrevorVVia the link I sent earlier18:02
TrevorVIf you could get pictures of the diagrams from Bluebox and HP as well, I'll make those as well18:02
TrevorVMaybe I can help identify the differences18:02
rm_workjkoelker / jorgem ^^^18:03
rm_workTrevorV: ^^18:03
rm_workthat is ours18:03
TrevorVThat's got a LOT less labeled than the previous out18:03
TrevorVWhat is the first picture you sent?18:03
rm_workI am sending up-to-date of all 318:09
jkoelkerrm_work: +1 lgtm18:09
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TrevorVthx rm_work18:13
rm_workdid the email arrive?18:14
rm_workforwarded to you koelker18:14
rm_workwas having issues with that character on my phone so my email client couldn't find you :P18:15
TrevorVgerman johnsom you're in front of the camera18:16
jwarendt <jwarendt> Notes to be take on https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/octavia-meetup-notes-12-16-201418:18
jkoelkerso the deal is on the backside of the l4 router, a gw is faked out on each of the amp's hypervisors18:18
jkoelkerthat captures traffic destined for it, and encaps it up to the l4 FLIP system18:19
jkoelkerrm_work: ^18:19
jkoelkerlogically the gw could be considered on teh l4 system, but its not really there18:19
jkoelkerwhat is there is a tunnel endpoint that accepts the traffic18:20
jkoelkerdecaps it, then applies the packet nat rules18:20
jkoelkerthen emits them upstream to the "interlink"18:20
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jkoelkeryea it basically ring hashing against the l4 tuple to figure out what amp to send it to18:22
jkoelkersoooo, its "routing"18:22
jkoelkerbut i don't know if i'm going to decrement the ttl and all that18:23
jkoelkeri might do that on the hypervisor18:23
jkoelkerthink of encap as vlans on steriods18:23
jkoelkeri *could* have the public ip,18:25
jkoelkerbut i'd rather not ;)18:25
TrevorVjkoelker not sure if they're reading this18:25
jkoelkerthe public ip would just have to be configured as an alias, but then all the phun of traffic sourcing comes into play18:25
TrevorVrm_work Did you notice jkoelker messaging?18:25
jkoelkerTrevorV: yea i'm just brain dumping so next time rm_work gets a chance to look ;)18:26
jkoelkercorrect, every lb will have its own isolated network on the "front" side18:26
jkoelkerso for internal load balancers, we would do a similar thing, just with tunnels on bolth sides of the FLIP system18:27
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TrevorVCould someone ask Min to mute her microphone?  She's echoing18:28
rm_workdlundquist: ^^18:28
rm_workTrevorV: done18:29
dlundquistjkoelker: Could you look this over and make sure I'm on accurately describing your setup: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/octavia-meetup-notes-12-16-201418:32
jkoelkerdlundquist: totes, reading now18:37
jkoelkeryep lgtm18:38
TrevorVSuddenly so quiet18:38
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rm_workalright, networking OVER (apparently)18:53
jkoelkeri'm gonna diconnect from the hangout ping me if ya'll need anything18:55
rm_workdoes this work?18:59
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TrevorVrm_work Could you have one of the HP people look at the diagram right now?19:02
TrevorVTheirs doesn't make sense to me as I wrote it from your image19:02
*** orion_ has quit IRC19:02
TrevorVrm_work wtf is this?19:02
TrevorVYour google doc?19:03
TrevorVI mean your draw.io what is it?19:03
rm_workFSA for Amp states19:03
TrevorVIdk what FSA stands for19:04
dlundquistFinite state machine19:04
Gayathrican we start pointing our third party CIs to openstack/neutron-lbaas19:04
TrevorVThanks dlundquist19:04
TrevorVThough sounds like it should be FSM19:04
Gayathrii see my CI working with openstack/neutron with all the splits now19:05
TrevorVI don't like that word.19:05
rm_workTrevorV: you don't like a lot of things :P19:05
TrevorVrm_work No one cares what you think in this case19:05
TrevorVdlundquist are you BBG or HP?  I forget :(19:06
dlundquistTrevorV: FSA is finite state automata, FSM is flying spaghetti monster19:06
markmcclainso here's a state diagram we've used for service vm-y stuff19:06
TrevorVGotcha. Thanks dlundquist19:06
jorgemrm_work: what are you all looking at? link?19:14
dougwigmark's link, up two lines19:15
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rm_workBTW we're at whiteboard -> Hangout19:24
rm_worknot sure if you guys are just idling both19:25
*** orion_ has joined #openstack-lbaas19:31
*** orion___ has joined #openstack-lbaas19:33
TrevorVI'm not idling19:35
TrevorVI'm working on those diagrams19:35
*** orion_ has quit IRC19:35
rm_workTrevorV: well, you're idling by my definition, ie mics/video muted19:35
rm_workyou may not be physically idle19:36
TrevorVI would contribute if I thought I had something to say, which I don't.19:36
rm_workright, like I'm idling in about 20 IRC channels right now :P19:37
TrevorVdlundquist https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwuszeFIBGUsTjhCX25oOWdnSjA/view?usp=sharing could you check the section pertaining to your network diagram and fill in some necessary bits I might have missed?19:37
dlundquistTrevorV: taking a look19:38
TrevorVrm_work THAT definition is accurate... Unless you're actively checking them for information and would talk in them if you felt necessary.  I don't call it idle if you're actively paying attention to it19:38
TrevorVThat would be like saying sitting in an audience at a play or going to the movies is being idle...19:38
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rm_workare you watching both simultaneously? :P19:39
rm_workI guess maybe two streams isn't hard19:40
TrevorVI put *or* not *and*19:40
TrevorVI was just saying "actively watching/paying attention" is not "idle" in my definition, and never will be19:41
TrevorVPassive, I'll say passive, not idle.19:41
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TrevorVIs lunch break now?19:54
TrevorVOkay, muting19:54
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-lbaas19:56
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rm_workjorgem: hanging up, picking up again after we get back from lunch20:00
jorgemrm_work: k20:01
jorgembuh by20:01
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TrevorVNetwork diagrams are as updated as I could approximate, could you guys check it for me when you're able?20:21
*** apuimedo has quit IRC20:22
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rm_worklooking now -- not sure what you managed on the HP one but I am guessing I may have to tweak it since technically there was a second diagram interfering with the main one and it wasn't exactly clear :P21:02
*** ajmiller has quit IRC21:05
rm_workoh looks like i framed that pic better than I thought21:06
rm_workah nm one thing was part of the other diagram, and looked so much like part of this one that i even confused myself :P21:10
*** apuimedo has joined #openstack-lbaas21:11
*** apuimedo has quit IRC21:16
rm_workTrevorV: I like that you even captured the squigly dashed line on the BBG diagram, rofl21:18
rm_workEXACTLY captured21:18
*** mwang2 has quit IRC21:21
*** mwang2 has joined #openstack-lbaas21:21
rm_workpicked back up21:21
rm_workjorgem / TrevorV: about to start whiteboarding again on the Hangout, and Vidyo is picked back up21:27
*** orion___ has quit IRC21:32
*** orion___ has joined #openstack-lbaas21:32
*** orion____ has joined #openstack-lbaas21:34
*** kobis has quit IRC21:36
*** orion___ has quit IRC21:36
TrevorVHeh rm_work you did like that squigly line right?  It took me a minute :D21:41
TrevorVrm_work we just finished foosaries21:41
rm_workyeah was lulz21:41
TrevorVjumping back in hangouts21:42
rm_workis someone trying to talk to us?21:42
rm_workwe can barely hear... something21:42
TrevorVYeah, idk who it is... I'm muted21:43
ajmiller_I'm muted too.21:44
TrevorVTopic being "life cycle management" again?21:45
rm_workthis is the "delete amphora" op21:45
TrevorVYeah, I follow that much, just double checking if they were bringing up a specific issue with it or just detailing it in general21:45
TrevorVOr... specifically detailing it i mean...  Idk whatever defining the task is lulz21:46
rm_workwe're arguing about what "delete" means, and whether it's async or sync21:47
TrevorVI think it should be async (like our API)21:47
TrevorVAlso, what is the circle with crossed double arrows symbol?21:47
rm_workthat's what we're proposing21:47
rm_worksounds like to do that we need to do some unplugging/cleanup first21:47
rm_workTrevorV: router -- could also use "Cisco - Routers"21:48
TrevorVThough they have the symbol wrong from what I saw.. two arrows point inward, two point out.21:48
TrevorVBut thanks21:48
rm_workit was quick shorthand21:48
TrevorVJust making sure21:49
TrevorVAre you editing right now?21:49
rm_workreplaced one of them as an example21:49
TrevorVI'll fix it21:49
TrevorVGot it21:51
*** sbfox has quit IRC21:52
rm_workYou have another one in the BBG diagram just labeled "router" :P21:54
*** sbfox has joined #openstack-lbaas21:55
rm_workI am not clear on exactly what is happening there with his squiggly line, but they're both routers21:55
TrevorVRight, I just made it like the picture was... picture has the circle labeled "router" so I left it alone lulz21:57
TrevorVSo correct me if I'm wrong rm_work but this is all going to be done by the same person or multiple people in the same code file right?22:10
rm_workall of what22:11
TrevorVThe operations for lifecycle management22:11
rm_workno idea22:15
rm_workcould be split probably22:15
rm_worksome will be in driver code, some in network code, some in worker code22:15
TrevorVBrandon is terrible at naming things, and he's worse at speaking up when rm_work names something stupid... Like overlord. or amphora.22:15
rm_workso, ignore that I said "no idea", i have some idea22:15
rm_workStephen named Overlord :P22:16
TrevorVBut you like it22:16
TrevorVstinkin sbalukoff22:16
rm_workand Amphora is *awesome*22:16
rm_workshut your face, anti-Amphora blasphemer22:16
TrevorVI will never accept it22:16
TrevorVI don't follow the problem that's being discussed right now...22:20
TrevorVIs there a problem being discussed?22:21
*** markmcclain has quit IRC22:22
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-lbaas22:22
*** markmcclain has quit IRC22:24
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-lbaas22:24
rm_workTrevorV: there is, and I am starting to wonder whether I get it either22:24
rm_workwe have two solutions and we're deciding which one22:24
*** markmcclain has quit IRC22:25
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-lbaas22:26
dougwighey, i came up with amphora.22:29
TrevorVdougwig.  No.  Just, no.22:33
dougwigdid you see the debate that happened before it?22:33
dougwigi was fine with "vm", which was the original.22:34
rm_workdougwig: i take it as a compliment, pretty much anything good, TrevorV dislikes22:34
rm_workdougwig: so if TrevorV dislikes it, you probably did something right :P22:34
TrevorVrm_work That's so far from the truth it hurts.  Except when it comes to food, then you might be able to assume that response.22:35
TrevorVWhen it comes to naming conventions, the decisions were made regardless of my complaints or out from under me in general, not that I had a lot of swing in the votes or anything.22:36
rm_workbased a great deal on your food preferences, yes :P22:41
TrevorVYes, I figured22:43
TrevorVAlright, I'm out for the day, see you guys again mañana22:44
*** orion____ has quit IRC22:58
*** sbfox has quit IRC23:04
*** apuimedo has joined #openstack-lbaas23:07
jorgemrm_work: blogan: I'm out too. Please email me any updates if possible.23:12
blogan_jorgem: okay23:12
rm_workjorgem: toodles23:12
*** jorgem has quit IRC23:12
dougwig#vote Keep the name Amphora? Yes No23:34
*** apuimedo has quit IRC23:35
*** sbfox has joined #openstack-lbaas23:36
*** amotoki has quit IRC23:47
blogan_xgerman: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/136950/23:48
*** ajmiller_ has quit IRC23:49
*** jwarendt has quit IRC23:52
openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Merge feature/lbaasv2  https://review.openstack.org/14124723:54

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