Wednesday, 2015-10-21

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openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia: Bypass listener check on cert deploy during create
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: REST Amp Agent: Compare lower case MAC Addresses
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openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed openstack/octavia: REST Amp Agent: Handle interfaces file too
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openstackgerritStephen Balukoff proposed openstack/octavia: Adding introduction and quick start docs
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openstackgerritBogdan Tabor proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Switch to using neutron.common.utils:replace_file()
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dougwigHello from the airport.16:00
johnsomLeaving or Arriving?16:00
xgermandougwig lives at the airport - welcome home16:01
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xgermandougwig, blogan:
manishghi folks, I'm looking at LBaaS APIv2.0 and had a basic question. why does adding a member requires to have a port (  Isn't port already part of listener attributes which is associated with a pool (and pool_id is already passed in member-create).  Or is it that pool could be associated with multiple members and yet when a real is16:04
manishgattached it could be connected to only one of them (and thus necessitating the need to pass port#)?16:04
xgermanI think port is optional and only need if your member is on a different subnet16:04
bloganmanishg: the listener port is the frontend, the port in which traffic coming to be load balanced, whereas the member port is the ports in which teh loadbalancer will send the load balanced traffic to those members16:04
bloganxgerman: no its not, protocol_port is required16:05
xgermanah, must have confused it with the port on pool16:05
bloganxgerman: no port on pool :)16:05
xgermanwasn’t there some proposal?16:05
johnsomport as in TCP port16:05
xgermanmanishg terminology16:06
manishgblogan: doesn't listener have the protocol_port also ?
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bloganmanishg: yes but thats the port in which the load balancer is listening, with the vip16:07
xgerman1) this is not the official API doc16:07
manishgso, looks like this is for the frontend (VIP port), and the real could use different one.16:07
bloganmanishg: but the members themselves needt o also be listening to receive load balanced traffic16:07
openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed openstack/octavia: Adding new network driver for containers
manishgblogan: got it.  thanks!  So this gives flexibility to consolidate frontend ports into single port in members or map to different ports.  makes sense.  thanks.16:08
bloganmanishg: yes16:08
openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed openstack/octavia: Updates for containers functionality
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dougwigxgerman: flight for Tokyo takes off five minutes before meeting.  If you can, please have folks review the Lbaas summit ether pad.16:12
manishgblogan: another question related to port# , is it expected that all members of pool will use same set of protocol_ports?  At least, that's how we deploy them, so curious if there are requirements to support otherwise (the current approach seems to accommodate heterogenous members [listening on various ports] also).  With this approach a member identifier = REAL+port (so same REAL listening on multiple ports =16:13
manishgmultiple members).16:13
xgermanit’s upon there16:13
johnsomdougwig Safe travels16:13
manishgxgerman: thanks for the link to the api doc.16:13
xgermanyeah, make sure to refer to that16:13
dougwig johnsom: ty16:13
xgermanmannish you can mix & match on the backend16:13
bloganmanishg: if you set up a server to listen on port 8080 and another on port 80, and you add thsoe 2 as members to a pool with those same ports, it'll still work16:14
blogandougwig: are you flying out of san jose?16:14
manishgblogan: yep.  If a VIP is setup with two frontend ports 8080 and 80, and I add a server (with IP, IP-1) to listen on 5050 and 50 then it would be two different members in table (=> needs two member-create), right?  IP-1 / 5050 and IP-1 / 50 ?16:16
xgermanif your vip is listening on two port you need two listeners...16:17
dougwigblogan: Seattle16:18
manishgxgerman: ah, was looking at the other doc... that has a concept of a listener.16:19
manishgin the doc you sent, the protocol/port_number is part of vip itself.16:20
manishgso is the other doc older (and hence deprecated) or something that is in the works?16:20
xgermannope, the docs I sent are official and being maintained… the wiki not so much16:21
xgermanwe have two APIs LBaaS V1 and V2… both are on the official docs (with V1 being deprecated for Liberty)16:21
xgermanso in V2: Loadbalancer gets the VIP; Listener the port; and then pool and then meber16:22
blogandougwig: too bad, if you're flying ANA you might have been able to get on the R2D2 plane16:22
xgermanI am on JAL16:22
blogani'm on ANA flying out of Houston so it'll take me like 4 hours to even get out of the US16:23
manishgxgerman: so with v2 API, looks like you could have a pool with two listeners (two ports) and a member could still use a single port (that is like in v1 two ports => two members isn't true).16:23
xgermanyep, with v2 you can do that ;-)16:24
manishgok, got it.  so with v2 also member really is IP + port.  so if a server (REAL) wants to listen on two ports it is considered as two members (and so two member-creates with individual ports).16:25
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xgermanwell, you can have the members listen on one port and then just make the loadbalancer listen on two; or add the member twice with different ports...16:28
manishgxgerman: is lbv2 integrated with heat, do you know?  current code in heat looks like it's using lbv1 and also it is assuming the creates are sync (I think).  There was some work on async being done by blogan I think.  Does the backend now support async/ sync or is it assumed to be sync.  Some pointers are greatly appreciated.16:29
bloganmanishg: thats in progress16:29
xgermanbana_k is working on heat16:29
bloganmanishg: the heat integration16:29
bloganmanishg: what do you mean by async vs sync?16:29
bloganmanishg: the drivers?16:30
manishgblogan: async / sync - the drivers .  so after create API call returns is it assumed the backend is programmed by the driver(s)? or does it return a "create_pending" and the caller checks state before next operation. (e.g. if there was a need to do an update, etc.)16:31
bloganmanishg: thats still driver dependent16:32
bloganmanishg: i would like to just make it so that all drivers are async, but just have had higher priorities16:32
manishgblogan: ok. but from lbaas API point of view, what are the expectations?  Does it support 'status == create_pending' etc, ?  If async is supported then does the driver go back and update the db to reflect 'active' state (once backend is all set)?16:33
bloganmanishg: yes it does for all drivers16:34
bloganmanishg: its just that with some drivers the create request may immediately respond with a status of ACTIVE16:34
bloganbut take longer16:34
bloganif that makes sense16:34
bloganmost are async though so you'll get a PENDING_CREATE16:34
bloganmanishg: for an async driver, it is the driver's responsibility to call a method "successful_completion" whenever the operation is finished successfully16:35
bloganwhich does the status updates16:35
manishgblogan: ah, okay.  thanks!  that helps. so driver could 1) just say 'ACTIVE' but not really program the backend yet, 2) say 'ACTIVE' and be sync (that is will block API and program backend 3) return PENDING and later change to ACTIVE when done programming.16:36
bloganwhat i want some day is to not have the drivers have to worry about that, and thats handled automatically16:36
bloganmanishg: correct16:36
bloganmanishg: ml2 does similar doesn't it?16:36
bloganmanishg: meaning it automatically updates teh db, doesn't leave it to the drivers16:37
manishgblogan: cool.  I'll look at the code.  I think the 'successful_completion' idea is good. ml2 just supports sync right now due to some other expectations from nova side (for some of the operations).16:37
manishgblogan: although ml2 has been wanting to move to async model, there are other priorities :(16:38
manishgand it hasn't happened yet.  we had a 2 day meetup where we discussed in detail what could be done, etc.  we'll see how it goes.16:38
bloganmanishg: ah okay, yeah i didnt want to the drievrs to have access to teh db as that would cause an inconsistent experience, but didn't have the time to do it the correct way sooo that was a safe middle ground16:38
bloganmanishg: ha yeah i know how that goes16:38
manishgblogan: yeah, this is a safe option and allows the option to go async for the drivers.  I'll see if ml2 can do this.16:39
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bloganmanishg: sounds good, let me know if you need anything else16:40
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manishgblogan: thanks a lot.  this was very helpful.16:41
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bloganmanishg: you were the guy who gave me my first run down on taskflow in atlanta i think16:42
blogannot sure if you remember16:42
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manishgblogan: yeah.  and we hosted the ml2 meetup for async couple of weeks ago for ml2 here at yahoo.16:45
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bloganmanishg: ah, i need to get more involved with ml2 honestly, its something we need to look into possibly using16:45
manishgblogan: ml2 is also thinking of using taskflow but it's going slow...16:46
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bloganmanishg: i will say I have come to the conclusion that i do not like taskflow, my opinion is not shared by everyone though16:51
bloganmanishg: i like the functionality of it, but the readability, and ability to write the code easily is just too much of a pain16:52
manishgblogan: for ml2 I'm not sure what the option will be.  I think there is a need to something async but not clear on what that would be.  We did talk about TF quite a bit. but no conclusion.16:53
manishgblogan: yeah, some of the other folks in ml2 also expressed that there should another layer on top of TF that makes some of these tasks simpler.16:54
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bloganmanishg: yeah, i'd rather just write readable, reusable code and write a decent rollback mechanism16:57
blogantaskflow is great at that, but i just have come to the opinion that its not worth the trouble for that16:57
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manishgblogan: we'll see how it goes in ml2 and what we decide. will keep you posted.16:59
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rtheisWhen deploying DevStack with q-lbaasv2 and Octavia enabled, is the q-lbaasv2 screen service necessary?  Creating a load balancer seems to work fine without it running.18:16
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bloganrtheis: the qlbaasv2 screen is just for the agent, which is indeed not used when using Octavia19:02
rtheisblogan: thank you19:04
rm_workredrobot: please review my comments,cm19:20
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openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed openstack/octavia: REST Amp Agent: Handle interfaces file too
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manishgin v2.0 APIs member-create takes a subnet-id.  If vip is already setup, pool is already setup then what is the purpose of the optional subnet-id?  (there is no need for allocation of any new VIP, etc.)20:41
rm_workinternal customer networks need to be plumbed20:42
rm_work^^ generic answer20:42
rm_workI think there is a more detailed answer20:42
rm_workit's for the backend member20:42
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rm_workif you add one on a new subnet, it would not be reachable20:42
rm_workunless you specify that20:42
openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Bypass listener check on cert deploy during create
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manishgrm_work: if I create VM on a neturon subnet then it should already be reachable within that domain, right?  So if LB is in the same domain and underlying network is already plumbed I guess I don't need it, right?20:45
bloganmanishg: this is the reason i'd like subnet to be optional, if the subnet isn't provided, then the user assumes the member can be connected bc the LB is already on that subnet or L320:46
bloganbut right now its required20:46
blogannow if a user wants to add a member ona  totally different subnet, it does make sense to put the subnet20:47
manishgblogan: thanks. our case is where LB is on L3 and can reach the VM.  Trying to understand the usecase of subnet then - so if a VM is on subnetA and LB on another subnet, subnetC.  Then there will a shared subnetB in the middle from which the addresses will be allocated to VMs? (and network appropriately plumbed to get those pkts to VM) - not sure if I understood it correctly.20:50
rm_workso when you create an LB20:50
rm_workyou get a VIP on a public network segment20:50
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rm_workthen when you add members, Octavia plumbs the subnets for those members as well20:51
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bloganrm_work: doesn't have to be public network segment, coudl be a tenant network20:51
rm_workif you provide 5 members, 3 on user-subnet-A and 2 on user-subnet-B, then it will plumb those two20:51
rm_workok sure20:51
manishgrm_work, blogan: thanks.20:52
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rm_workyeah it really should be optional20:54
rm_workif you for instance don't plan to support private customer subnets20:54
rm_workin that case there is no reason to need to provide a subnet-id because everything is plumbed by default20:54
manishgrm_work: yeah, that's why I was confused about the need of a subnet in the request.  But realized the other use-cases after you mentioned it.20:56
rm_workcool, yeah as long as it is clear now :P took me a couple of times too20:56
manishgyeah, if you have tenant subnets, etc. things are little more complex.  We use it for large private cloud (all networks shared networks!) - so life is much simpler from networking point of view :)20:59
manjeetsblogan: ping21:06
manjeetsfor creating a listener if protocol value is given in lowercase it return an exception21:07
bloganmanjeets: yeah that sounds right, technically, not sure how much of a bad user experience it is21:08
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manjeetsshould'nt it be upper and lower case both accepted ?21:09
xgermanou can always file a bug and we will take it under consideration...21:10
bloganmanjeets: perhaps, i would defer to precedence on this one, does security group accept both?21:10
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manjeetsit weird in security group ICMP and icmp both are acceptable but http, udp., tcp are only accepted21:11
manjeetsexcept icmp all are lower case21:11
manjeetssorry i just tested in security group TCP,tcp,UDP,udp all are accepted21:14
manjeetsblogan: in sec_group both are acccepted21:14
bloganmanjeets: okay then yeah we should accept b oth tehn21:14
manjeetsi can do that21:14
manjeetsit should be converted to uppercase all the time for tests not to break ?21:15
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bloganmanjeets: well real question is, does the API accept both lower case and upper case or is the client you're using that does the translation?21:16
manjeetsI think Api only accepts uppercase we can convert it in client itself21:17
manjeetsI'll check out anyway I filed the bug will fix it if it is in client side or api
openstackLaunchpad bug 1508688 in neutron "lbaasv2- Only uppercase string for protocol are accepted while creating listener" [Undecided,New]21:23
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xgermanmangiest thanks + great for willing to fix21:24
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crc32xgerman: can you send me the lab invite for the meeting at 5:30 CST?21:37
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crc32xgerman: can you send me the lab invite for the meeting at 5:30 CST?22:19
xgermanI thought I did carlos.garza@racksoace...22:22
xgermansent at 2:47 pacific22:22
johnsomSummit hands-on-lab prep walk through in 10 minutes on Google hangout:22:23
*** diogogmt has quit IRC22:24
rm_workxgerman: hangout link?22:31
*** fnaval_ has quit IRC22:31
rm_workit's on my personal calendar not my work one apparently22:31
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/neutron-lbaas: Fix default device_driver entry in lbaas_agent.ini
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johnsomrm_work I could use some python3 help.23:39
rm_workI can try23:39
johnsompython3, import hashlib, import base6423:39
rm_workcurrently just watching rsync to USBs23:39
johnsombase64.b64encode(hashlib.sha1(b'foo').digest(), '_-')23:39
rm_workah is it giving you the encoding error23:39
johnsomTypeError: 'str' does not support the buffer interface23:39
johnsomWorks fine in py2723:39
rm_workbase64.b64encode(hashlib.sha1(b'foo').digest(), b'_-')23:40
rm_workworks for me in py323:40
rm_work3.3 and 3.423:41
rm_workonly change is b'_-'23:41
johnsomI cut that from my window straight to you23:41
rm_workneeds to be bytes23:41
rm_workbasically, bytes ALL THE THINGS23:41
johnsomThanks!  I overlooked that.23:41
rm_workeasy to do23:42
rm_worktook me 1000 times of fixing manual instances23:42
rm_workto really get it :P23:42
rm_work... since that is basically what i had to do23:42
rm_workor if you want cross-compatible23:42
rm_workyou need to use an encoder23:42
johnsomThat I hope is the last issue with VRRP and session persistence23:42
rm_workor a decoder23:42
rm_workit's like...23:42
*** manjeets has quit IRC23:42
rm_workstr.encode('_-', 'ascii')23:43
rm_workyou don't want to put b'string' directly23:43
rm_workin actual polyglot code23:43
rm_workjohnsom: ^^23:44
rm_workand that works on random passed-in args23:44
rm_workjust always run stuff through str.encode(var, 'ascii')23:44
johnsomI was using six but boiled down my problem to that code snippet23:44
*** crc32 has quit IRC23:45
rm_workdon't need six for most of this23:45
rm_workI believe23:45
rm_workit is a bit overkill23:45
*** harlowja_ has joined #openstack-lbaas23:45
johnsomShow me a fly, I have a sledgehammer23:45
xgermanrm_work they will send an e-mail tonight to the participants of the Octavia lab23:48
xgermanalso added Logs + database23:48
xgermanwonder if blogan has some network troubleshooting tips we should share23:48
*** harlowja has quit IRC23:49
*** ducttape_ has joined #openstack-lbaas23:54
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-lbaas23:55

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